8 Benefits of Almond Powder You Should Know

Many people really like almonds because it tastes delicious and is a gluten-free food so it is appropriate to be used as a low-carb diet food. Besides being able to be consumed by roasting, almonds are also usually made into powder, almond milk benefits or flour where the almond powder contains more than 100% of your daily vitamin E needs. Almond powder is also very good for consumption because it is gluten-free and is a natural food source of energy that is associated with heart health, certain types of cancer and also blood sugar. For the full benefits of almond powder, you can see in the following review.

  1. Maintain Heart Health

In almond powder, more than 65% of the fat content in it is good fat which is very good for lowering high cholesterol in the body so that it is healthy heart can be maintained in its entirety. Scientists also say that almond powder is very good for lowering the risk of coronary heart disease by keeping blood vessels in a healthy state. Only by consuming 50 grams of almond flour every day and done regularly for a month can already maintain the health of your heart.

  1. Prevent cancer
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Almond powder is also known to be very good for preventing some cancer cells such as colon cancer. In addition, consuming almond powder regularly can reduce the risk of other cancers because the high healthy fat content in almonds is closely related to anti-cancer abilities so that it can be used as food. cancer solution delicious and best.

  1. Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics

In a 2006 study proved that almond powder will reduce postprandial glycemia or glucose levels in the blood after consuming food, oxidative damage and insulin. Almond powder is one of the smart choices to be consumed in prevention diabetes while reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and high cholesterol.

  1. Overcoming Obesity

For those of you who are obese or overweight, consuming low-calorie foods such as almond powder is very good for weight loss reaching 62% within 24 weeks and 56% more fat loss compared to people who consume carbohydrates even though fat benefits it is quite a lot for the body. A low-calorie diet using almond powder will overcome the obesity problem associated with metabolic syndrome.

  1. Improve Brain Function
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Almond powder is also said to be one of the best foods for the brain due to the unique nutrients in almonds. Almond powder can positively affect neurological activity as well as reduce cognitive and nourish muscles and nerves. This is why adults are advised to consume almond powder several times a week to prevent brain disorders like dementia and alzheimer’s.

  1. Keeping Skin Beautiful

Almond powder is also a very high source of vitamin E, contains catechins, epicatechins and also very high flavonols including the compounds quercetin, kaempferol and isohamnetin which are good for preventing skin cancer and damage caused by oxidative stress from poor diet, pollution and also exposure to sunlight. harmful UV and skin beauty solution thorough. While the healthy fats in almonds are very good for increasing circulation, healing wounds faster and also keeping the skin well hydrated.

  1. Improve Digestive Health
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The healthy fats and gauze-forming molecules in almond powder contain probiotic components that are excellent for digestion, overcoming have a cold, detoxification and also increases the growth of good bacteria in the gut. With this, the body will absorb nutrients better and prevent malnutrition.

  1. Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Bones

Almond powder is also a high source of minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus which are essential nutrients for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. This almond powder nutrition will prevent tooth decay, whiten teethprevent cavities, reduce the risk of fractures and also prevent osteoporosis.

The benefits of this almond powder turn out to have extraordinary properties not only to fight various dangerous diseases, but also to maintain healthy skin and strengthen teeth and bones so it is very good for daily consumption, especially in your diet menu.