10 Benefits of Cranberry Fruit for Body Health

Hearing the word Cranberry, we can definitely imagine that this fruit has a sour taste because it belongs to the Berries or Berry class. True, Cranberries are included in that class and have a sour and sour taste. This fruit has a fairly expensive price in Indonesia because most people here do not have many who maintain this fruit plant.

Nutritional Content of Cranberry Fruit

CranberriesContains many nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin B Carotene, Vitamin C, Low Calorie, Lutein, Folate, Potassium, and Magnesium makes this fruit has many benefits for our body.

Not only for the body, but in New York, America, this fruit can be used as material for making clothes as well as clothing such as jackets and scarves. Then what are the benefits of cranberries for the health of our bodies? Here he is:

  1. Cranberries Effectively Avoid Diabetes

Cranberries do not contain a lot of sugar but have Vitamin C which can help us avoid diabetes. Consuming this fruit sufficiently can prevent diabetes, aka a deterrent. Compared to Strawberries, Cranberries contain less sugar.

  1. Cranberry Fruit Effectively Repels Bad Bacteria
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Consuming cranberries can also help expel bad bacteria in our bodies. Because Cranberries also contain various types of flavonoid compounds pro-anthoyanidins which is able to reject bad bacteria both that want to enter the body and in the body.

  1. Cranberries For Skin Health

Berry flocks do provide good effects and benefits for our bodies, especially the skin. Cranberries can provide the additional intake needed for the skin and it can nourish the skin as well as regenerate it. In addition, it can reduce wrinkles and make the skin firmer.

  1. Cranberries Avoid cancer

Cranberry fruit which contains many nutrients can help us to avoid cancer. This fruit contains Vitamin C which is very much so that it becomes an antioxidant in our body. In addition to cancer, this fruit can also prevent us from other dangerous diseases such as tumors and anti-inflammatory.

  1. Effectively avoid high blood pressure

High blood pressure is difficult to avoid because it refers to a person’s emotions. This is also influenced by lifestyle, one of which is food intake. Cranberries can improve blood flow and standardize our HDL. This is related to cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

  1. Kidneys are good
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Cranberries can also help the kidneys work better and then expel bacteria through urine. Clean urine indicates that our kidneys are healthy as well as the intake in our body which is also good. Not a few who experience kidney disease due to poor food intake and lifestyle. Try consuming this fruit every day or regularly.

  1. Promotes digestion

The content of Vitamin C helps our digestion to be smooth. And Cranberries contain lots of Vitamin C. Consuming this fruit will make food intake well processed in our stomach and intestines.

  1. As a dental

Dental or something that can help teeth healthier can be obtained by consuming Cranberries. According to experts from the University of Rocheter Medica Center, Cranberries are suitable for making toothpaste as well as an additive for chewing gum because they contain dental ingredients.

  1. Overcoming poisoning
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Because Cranberries can repel bad bacteria, consuming this fruit can also overcome poisoning. Health experts also say that Cranberries can be an intake for those who have recently experienced poisoning from both food and drugs.

  1. Help diet

Cranberries have a delicious taste when processed or eaten directly. On the other hand, because of its low calorie content, this fruit is suitable for a diet menu like other fruit from the Berry class. Those of you who are on a diet please consume this fruit regularly.

There are many ways to make this fruit or process this fruit to make it taste better but maintain its nutrition. In America this fruit is often made as a mixture of smoothies, a mixture in the Oat Meal menu, and used as a mixture of cake toppings and cakes cake. Even Cranberries will always be served in the form of muffins and pies at parties in America or at entertainment events. That’s why they say that this fruit cannot be separated from having fun.

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