Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Diabetes (Diabetes)

Diabetes is a disease that can affect anyone. The disease which is often referred to as diabetes is not only suffered by the elderly, but people at a younger age can also be at risk of developing this disease. Diabetes itself is a disease of increasing blood sugar levels due to the body’s inability to produce the insulin hormone in the body and the inability of the insulin hormone to work properly. The hormone insulin is a hormone that acts as a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels.

If the insulin hormone is not digested or regulated enough, then the insulin hormone can spread throughout the body and can even cause blockages and so on. Diabetes causes the patient’s urine to become slightly thick and sweet due to high blood sugar levels.

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Type of diabetes

There are two types of diabetes, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is caused when the body cannot produce insulin at all. While type 2 diabetes is due to the body’s inability to produce levels of the hormone insulin which is useful for regulating blood sugar levels, as well as the inability of the hormone insulin to carry out its duties.

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Diabetes can occur due to a bad lifestyle, obesity, heredity and hypertension even due to lack of exercise. If a person has diabetes, then he really needs to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. In fact, patients also need to frequently check with the doctor.

Because diabetes sometimes confiscates the patient’s freedom in food, it feels like the patient needs treatment to be more free. In addition to treatment carried out by doctors, it turns out that patients can also take traditional treatments such as consuming papaya leaves to help reduce diabetes.

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Benefits of papaya leaves for diabetes

Papaya leaves are leaves produced by the Papaya tree (Carica Papaya L.). This tree, which is a plant from Mexico, can grow to a height of 5-10 m with generally unbranched trunks. Papaya leaf itself is in the form of a single large leaf, has a leaf and has a complete leaf section. Papaya leaf shape is round with a tapered tip and a long and hollow stalk. Judging from the arrangement of the leaves, papaya leaves are leaves that have spines and do not look symmetrical when folded in the middle of the leaf.

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Even though papaya leaves taste bitter when consumed, they have rich nutritional content and are very beneficial for the body. The following is the nutritional content of papaya leaves.

Table 1. Nutritional Content of Papaya Leaves

Content Quantity (per 100 grams)
Vitamin A 18250 SI
Vitamin B 0,15 mg
Vitamin C 140 mg
Calories 79
Protein 8,0 gr
Fat 2,0 gr
Carbohydrate 11,9 gr
Calcium 353 mg
Air 75,4 gr

Papaya leaves also contain chemical compounds consisting of alkaloids and sapoins. In addition, papaya leaves also contain enzymes papain, karpaim alkaloi, pseudocarpin, glycosides, carposid and saponins. The variety of nutrients in papaya leaves has the ability to cure diseases, one of which is diabetes.

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Papaya leaves contain compounds that can control blood sugar levels to keep them stable. Of course, besides that you also have to balance it by maintaining your diet. Papaya leaves can be used as an ingredient for diabetes in the following way.

  • Prepare 3 pieces of young papaya leaves and 5 pieces of betel leaf that meet the veins
  • Clean the two leaves
  • Mash the two types of leaves and add half a glass of water
  • Squeeze and strain the herb
  • Drink this concoction twice a day in the morning and evening

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Thus is the information that we can convey about the benefits of papaya leaves for diabetes. Hope it is useful!

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