Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Chronic Gout

Gout is a disease that affects many people. Diseases caused by the body breaking down too many purines. It is possible that young people can also suffer from gout. The pain caused by gout that sometimes heals on its own makes some people underestimate gout. In fact, if left alone, and uric acid becomes more severe, it can lead to kidney disease which can endanger health. In addition, gout can also lead to coronary heart disease. Before the occurrence of acute gout, it is necessary to pay attention to if there are some symptoms of gout.

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Signs and Symptoms of Gout

Gout usually causes several signs that if you pay close attention, prevention can be done so that more severe gout does not occur. Some of the symptoms of gout include:

  1. Pain in the joints accompanied by aches, pains and tingling sensations.
  2. There is swelling in the joints and inflammation then causes the joint area to be red.
  3. Pain is usually experienced when you wake up or when you go to sleep.
  4. The pain is caused not only once or twice, but the pain is repeated.
  5. When gout has started to get worse, the joints will feel pain when moved.

Some of the symptoms above need to be considered and avoided from the causes of gout. Gout is caused by several factors that can actually be avoided so as not to get gout.

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Causes of Gout

Gout is caused by the production of uric acid in the body that is too high. Another thing that causes gout is the lack of the ability of the kidneys to process the removal of uric acid quickly, causing uric acid to build up. The cause of high uric acid production in the body is usually due to several things such as the following:

  1. Gender

Compared to women, men have a greater risk of developing gout. The hormone estrogen that is owned by women can help lower uric acid levels in the body. In addition, the hormone estrogen is also able to expedite the disposal of uric acid through the kidneys. Uric acid levels in men will experience a high increase during puberty.

  1. Age factor
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It is undeniable that age is one of the main factors for developing gout. Gout is experienced by women during menopause.

  1. Consuming Several Types of Drugs

Taking certain drugs can lead to gout. Some drugs that can trigger gout include thiazides, aspirin, cyclosporine, levodopa and niacin.

  1. Diet

Diets carried out by some people usually consume some foods that can trigger gout. Foods consumed during the dien usually contain purine substances that can trigger increased production of uric acid in the body. Some of these include meat, offal, canned fish, anchovies, asparagus, cauliflower, beans, and mushrooms. Some of the foods above can cause high levels of uric acid in the body.

  1. Excessive alcohol consumption

Gout can be caused by regular alcohol consumption. Two glasses of alcohol a day for men and one drink for women can cause gout.

  1. Relationship With Other Diseases

One disease with another can cause a relationship so that one disease can trigger the emergence of another disease. Several health problems such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, psoriasis, anemia, and kidney disorders can trigger gout.

Some of the causes of gout that can be avoided should be avoided so that gout does not occur. If you have gout, it needs to be treated and given treatment so it doesn’t get worse.

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Treating Gout with Soursop Leaves

If you don’t want medical treatment, traditional gout treatment can be done. Traditional gout treatment can be done by using an ice pack for about 20 minutes on the painful joint. Another way is with traditional medicine. One of the traditional medicines that are believed to be able to treat gout is to use soursop leaves. The content in the benefits of soursop leaves for gout has proven to be effective for treating gout.

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Ingredients in Soursop Leaves

Soursop leaves are known as one type of leaf that has properties for various types of diseases. Some of the nutritious content possessed by soursop leaves include:

  1. Chemical compounds in soursop leaves are very effective in killing bacteria, viruses and can be used for the regeneration of damaged cells.
  2. In addition to chemical compounds, soursop leaves also contain several substances that are very effective for treating several types of diseases. Some of these substances include acetogenin, annocatalin, gentisic acid, annomuricin, caclourin and linoleic acid. Acetogenin can even kill cancer cells in the body.
  3. Other compounds present in soursop leaves are glycosides, tannins and various other compounds, namely alkaloids and flavonoids.
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Because it has several ingredients as mentioned above, soursop leaves function to function as antiviral, antibacterial, aiding the digestive process and antimicrobial.

How to mix soursop leaves to treat gout is as follows:

  1. Take 6 to 10 pieces of soursop leaves that are still applied, then wash until clean. Washing is done on running water.
  2. Cut the soursop leaves into several parts. The goal is that the substances contained in soursop leaves can come out and blend with water.
  3. Boil the soursop leaves in about 400 ml of water.
  4. Wait until only half of the cooking water is left. Wait for it to cool and then it can be consumed afterwards.
  5. To get optimal results, this boiled water can be drunk regularly every day.
  6. If you don’t like the taste, you can add 2 teaspoons of honey to make it a little sweeter.

In addition to treating gout, soursop leaves can also be used to treat diabetes. Although uric acid can be above, but it would be even better if you avoid some things that can lead to the appearance of gout.

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How to prevent gout

Some ways that can be done so as not to be attacked or can reduce gout include:

  1. Do not consume foods that produce a lot of purine substances. This is because one of the triggers for gout is purines. Some foods that should be avoided by gout sufferers are: types of fish such as sardines, tuna, trout, other than that what needs to be avoided are animal liver, broth, offal, meat, lobster, clams, all types of beans, cauliflower, and several other types of foods that contain purines.
  2. If you are used to drinking alcoholic beverages, you should reduce the level of drinking. Or even better to avoid alcoholic beverages or stop drinking alcohol for people who are used to drinking alcohol. Alcohol contains purines which can trigger gout.
  3. Consume 12 glasses of water a day. It is more advisable to drink water that contains alkaline. Water can help the kidneys work and cleanse of some substances that are considered unnecessary. So that it will be easier for the kidneys to get rid of the uric acid in the body. That way, uric acid levels will be normal and avoid gout disease.
  4. In addition to drinking 12 glasses of water a day, another drink that can reduce uric acid levels in the body is by consuming milk. Milk is believed to reduce uric acid levels in the body. By drinking milk, it can reduce uric acid levels to 0.24 mg/dl.
  5. Maintaining a normal body weight can also help prevent high uric acid levels. Having fat and body that is too large and has a high fat content will usually cause uric acid in the body to also rise. For this reason, having a stable weight can reduce the risk of developing uric acid in the body.
  6. Consumption of vitamins can also help maintain health to avoid gout. Multivitamins and vitamin C are very important to prevent the body from gout attacks.
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From some of the causes of gout to how to cure gout with traditional medicine using soursop leaves, maybe it can be a reference so that the gout suffered by many people can be overcome without chemical drugs. In addition, soursop leaves are also easy to find around the yard, especially for people who live in rural areas. If it is difficult to get fresh soursop leaves. Treatment can be done with soursop leaves that have been mixed into herbal medicines and are often found in herbal medicine stores. However, even though treatment has been carried out, it must also be considered that things can trigger gout. So that the treatment that has been done is not in vain.

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