Benefits of Ginger for Lovebirds and Chirping Birds

Who does not know the ginger plant. Ginger has been known for a long time among the wider community to make a drink that can warm the body and overcome some of the health problems experienced. In addition, ginger is also known as a spice or kitchen spice that can add to the delicacy of food. Ginger can also remove the fishy smell when cooking meat or fish. Those are some of the benefits of ginger that are often used in everyday life. However, in addition to having many benefits for humans, ginger also has benefits for one type of parrot, namely the lovebird.

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Here are some of the benefits of ginger for lovebirds:

  1. Eliminate Hoarseness in Lovebirds

Like its properties for humans, ginger has the benefit of clearing the sound of lovebirds. In addition, by giving steeping ginger to lovebirds, it can help eliminate the hoarseness experienced by lovebirds. Although the benefits for the throat are almost the same as the benefits for the human throat, the dose of ginger consumption between humans and lovebirds is different. If for humans, steeping ginger can be drunk every day, steeping ginger water for lovebirds should only be given twice a week with a distance of once every 3 days.

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  1. Preventing Lovebird Regurgitation While Traveling Long Distances

Birds that have hooked beaks, such as lovebirds often experience regurgitation or motion sickness when taken long trips. The hangover experienced by this type of bird is caused by shaking, flatulence and also colds. Giving a few slices of ginger can help reduce regurgitation in parrots, especially lovebirds.

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  1. Lovebird Food Supplement

Ginger concoction should not be given too often to lovebirds. But apart from making it as an ingredient, ginger can also be ground into ginger powder and mixed with bird feed. However, the ginger given must be dry ginger powder. To dry ginger powder, previously grated ginger can be roasted to dry evenly.

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From the benefits of ginger for the lovebird, it is also necessary to pay attention to how to process it. There are several ways to make a potion for lovebirds, namely:

  • Concoction with roasted ginger. One way to give ginger to lovebirds is to burn the ginger before making the ingredients. The roasted ginger is then crushed so that the juice in the ginger can come out. Then heat the water until it boils and add the roasted ginger to the boiling water. After waiting for a few minutes, then you can add brown sugar according to taste. After everything is mixed evenly, remove the ingredients and strain so that the water is clean. After cooling, this potion can be given to lovebirds.
  • Boiled red ginger. If you previously made a ginger concoction that was burned first, the red ginger to be made a potion can be directly boiled without being burned first. Red ginger is boiled in water until it boils. Then in the boiling can add two tablespoons of pure honey and lime that has been squeezed. After stirring evenly, this herb is then removed and filtered so that the water is clean. When it is cold, this concoction water can be given to lovebirds.
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Giving certain ingredients such as ginger for lovebirds has the benefit of keeping lovebirds healthy and having good chirping. However, in giving ginger concoction to lovebirds, it should not be done arbitrarily, it must be given according to the dose. Because, if not, it will not solve the problems experienced by lovebirds, but instead can cause other unwanted problems.

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