Efficacy, Processing, and Mishandling of Goat Meat

Goat meat is visually the same as beef, but if we look in more detail, beef and mutton are very different. It takes special precision to distinguish between beef and mutton. If your family only enjoys one type of beef or mutton, you should know the characteristics of mutton and beef, this is because not everyone can eat mutton, while for beef, everyone can eat it. Eating goat meat is indeed a taboo for someone with certain diseases, even if he wants to eat goat meat there must be special rules, to distinguish it can only be done when the meat is still raw. Here are the differences between mutton and beef:

  1. To distinguish beef and mutton you can smell it from the smell. Goat meat has a distinctive pungent odor while beef does not smell too strong.
  2. From the color of the meat, mutton is pink and beef has pale red flesh.
  3. Beef has yellow fat, the texture of the meat is hard but not stiff, while goat meat has hard and chewy fat, the fat is yellowish white.
  4. Judging from the texture of the meat, beef has larger fibers and the fiber lines are more visible, while mutton has small fibers so that the fiber lines are not visible.

The tips above are very useful for your family where one of your family members is affected by hypertension or high blood pressure. These tips will help you to distinguish between beef and mutton, so you can minimize the entry of goat meat into the digestive tract of your family members who suffer from hypertension. Although goat meat is avoided by people with hypertension, it turns out that goat meat has many health benefits. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of goat meat for health.

Benefits of Goat Meat for Health

Goat meat has a delicious taste and of course savory. Goat meat also has a lot of vitamins and has several substances that are useful for the body. Substances contained in goat meat are iron, choline, selenium and the most dominant is vitamin B. We know that vitamin B is a vitamin that is very useful for the body and health. The benefits of goat meat for the body and health are as follows:

  1. The content of B vitamins in goat meat serves to help burn fat in the body. Many think that eating goat meat can cause obesity, actually not all of the information is true. Goat meat will be useful in burning fat in the body as long as the portion is not excessive plus the fat in goat meat is not eaten.
  2. Goat meat has selenium and choline, both substances are very effective in warding off cancer as long as the cooking method is correct, if you make goat satay. Try not to burn your satay too much, burnt food will be carcinogenic or cancer-causing.
  3. Goat meat also has enough calories for the body, so the body will feel a lot of energy.
  4. For people with low blood pressure, consuming goat meat every day can increase blood pressure in the body. That way the blood pressure in the body will return to normal.

Some Mistakes When Eating Goat Meat

Although the benefits of goat meat are very important for the body and health, you should not be careless or careless when eating it. When you are about to eat something, everything has etiquette and rules to follow. Likewise, when you are going to eat this mutton, there are some rules that you must obey. The rules you must run so as not to cause mistakes for your body.

  1. We know that goat meat should not be consumed by people with hypertension, this is because goat meat is a trigger for increasing blood pressure in the body. When eating it you must know the rules or ethics when eating the goat meat. If you have normal blood pressure, you must consume goat meat in a reasonable portion, don’t overdo it because excessive portions can make your blood pressure high.
  2. Do not mix goat meat with drinks that trigger high blood pressure. After eating we will drink, but what matters is the type of drink you will consume. Don’t drink coffee after eating mutton, try to drink only water.
  3. After eating goat meat, don’t wash your mouth with fruit that triggers high blood pressure, such as durian. Durian fruit is also a fruit that is taboo for people with high blood pressure. We can’t imagine what it would be like if the triggers for high blood pressure met each other. Of course it will make the body down.

Handling Goat Meat So The Odor Doesn’t Overwhelm

For some people, they may be reluctant to consume goat meat even though they know some of the health benefits of goat meat. This is because the smell of goat meat is more pungent when compared to the smell of other meats. But now you don’t need to worry anymore because you can get rid of the smell of the mutton that you are going to consume, here’s how:

  1. Before cooking raw meat, you must first boil the meat. This applies to all raw meat, as well as this goat meat. To get rid of the smell, you can boil the mutton using radish to taste, then half an hour later you can remove the radish from the mutton stew.
  2. The second tip is that you can mix 5 grams of mutton with green beans.
  3. The third way you can boil mutton mixed with the powder that is usually used to make curry, the curry powder used must be adjusted to the amount of meat to be boiled.
  4. The fourth way you can use lime juice when boiling it, besides that you can also coat raw mutton using lime juice and let it sit for 20 minutes.

The above are some ways to deal with the smell of goat meat. Hopefully with these tips, the mutton that will be processed will be more delicious and of course the smell of mutton will not disturb your smell as long as you eat the mutton.

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