25 Benefits of Matoa Fruit for Health and Beauty

One of the plants that both fruit, leaves, and stems are rich in benefits is matoa. Plants belonging to this type of fruit have a fragrant smell like durian and a sweet, legit and refreshing taste like rambutan and longan. Physically a plant that has a Latin name pometia pinnata It is similar to kedondong, oval in shape with a smooth and hard outer skin and reddish brown in color. Although hard, this fruit can still be opened with bare hands. This fruit that comes from the Papua region is sold at a fairly expensive price in the market which is commensurate with the wealth of benefits. The wealth of benefits is supported by its excellent nutritional content such as vitamins C and E and antioxidants.

Benefits of Matoa Fruit

The fruit of the matoa plant is delicious to eat as well as rich in health benefits. Here are some of the benefits that we can get from eating matoa fruit:

  1. Increase stamina Various daily routines and problems faced drain a lot of energy so that adequate rest and food intake is needed to restore stamina. One type of food that is good for consumption to increase stamina is matoa fruit. (Also read: honey benefits)
  2. Prevent coronary heart disease Unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking and consumption of high cholesterol foods are blamed for coronary heart disease. To prevent this dangerous disease, it’s a good idea to replace your chip snack with matoa fruit. Sweet, fresh and healthy. (Also read: benefits of peanuts for the heart)
  3. Source of natural antioxidants The richness of antioxidants in matoa fruit can be used as a source of natural antioxidant intake for the body. Instead of taking antioxidant supplements whose quality is not known, it is better to consume natural fruits that have clear benefits. (Also read: corn benefits)
  4. Prevents the development of free radicals The content of antioxidants in matoa fruit is very useful to inhibit the development of free radicals in the body. As a result, the body is protected from various bad effects of free radicals such as heart disease and premature aging. (Also read: turmeric benefits)
  5. Good for skin health Eating matoa fruit is also very good for maintaining healthy skin. Especially in helping the regeneration of skin cells so that dead skin cells can be immediately replaced by new cells.
  6. Prevent and deal with stress Not only good for physical health, eating matoa fruit is also very good for mental health. Where by consuming this fruit can prevent or overcome the stress that hit. (Also read: 18 health benefits of laughter)
  7. Treating hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids attack the most private parts of the human body so that they are not only painful but also embarrassing. To treat this disease, there are many types of medicinal plants that can be used, one of which is matoa fruit. (Also read: benefits of soursop leaves for hemorrhoids)
  8. Promotes digestion Eating matoa fruit is also very good for digestion, starting from food processing, absorption of food juices, to the disposal of waste substances so that the stomach feels better and the body gets maximum nutritional intake. (Also read: 12 benefits of papaya fruit for health and beauty)
  9. Moisturizes and makes skin supple With a very high vitamin E content, matoa fruit is very good for moisturizing and making the skin more supple. This is supported by the ability of vitamin E to maintain water content in the skin so that the skin looks more youthful. (Also read: benefits of olive oil for beauty)
  10. Brighten skin Some parts of the body such as the face and hands usually have a darker skin color because they are often exposed to various pollutants and sunburn. To restore the brightness of our skin, we can take advantage of the matoa fruit which is rich in vitamins C and E. (Also read: rose water benefits)
  11. Prevent acne Diligently eating matoa fruit which is loaded with vitamins C and E can also prevent acne so that the skin looks cleaner. (Also read: benefits of nature e)
  12. Protects skin from UV rays Ultraviolet rays such as UVA and UVB can damage the skin which not only interferes with appearance but also causes dangerous diseases such as skin cancer. To prevent this, we must protect the skin, one of which is by eating matoa fruit. (Also read: benefits of sunscreen)
  13. Neutralize cancer Cancer cells that eat away at the body can be neutralized so that it is more benign and easier to cure by consuming matoa fruit. (Also read: 15 benefits of rat taro for cancer and health)
  14. Speed ​​up wound healing Consumption of matoa fruit is also useful for accelerating wound healing so that the wound is dry and healthy as usual. (Also read: 25 benefits of binahong leaves)
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Benefits of Matoa Trunk/Wood

The matoa trunk/wood is no less useful for health or other purposes. Here are some of the benefits of matoa stems/wood:

  1. Treating wounds Wounds that affect the skin can be treated using bark from matoa wood. This method is used by the Priangan community in West Java.
  2. Overcoming fever To reduce high body temperature when we have a fever, we can use boiled water from the bark of matoa wood as bath water. (Also read: paracetamol benefits)
  3. Building material The trunk of the matoa tree which is quite large and hard can be used as material for making houses or buildings, such as being used as house poles.
  4. Boat building materials The hard and strong tree trunk is also very good for making boats.
  5. Furniture making materials So far, we may only know certain woods such as teak and trembesi in making furniture. However, matoa tree wood can also be used as a material for making furniture so that we have more choices in making furniture. (Also read: the benefits of rattan for life)
  6. As firewood Some people also often use wood or matoa sticks as firewood for cooking food. According to them, the taste of food produced by burning firewood is more delicious and fragrant than using a stove. (Also read: 10 benefits of teak wood for human life)
  7. As charcoal for grilling In addition, the wood of the matoa tree can also be used as charcoal which is used when grilling foods such as grilling shrimp, fish, or crabs. (Also read: benefits of charcoal)
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Benefits of Matoa Leaves

As with other medicinal plants, the leaves of the matoa plant are also widely used as traditional medicines to treat various diseases including:

  1. Treating kidney stones The hard material that forms and clogs the kidneys can cause several complaints such as urine mixed with blood, pain in the waist, pain in the groin, and so on depending on the severity. To shed kidney stones, we can take advantage of ingredients from matoa leaves. (Also read: 15 benefits of chayote for health)
  2. Treating gallstones In addition to kidney stones, another blockage problem that attacks the body’s organs is gallstones. As the name implies, this disease is the formation of hard material such as stones that occur and block the bile ducts. This disease can also be overcome by consuming a decoction of matoa leaves. (Also read: benefits of corn silk)
  3. Minimize the risk of diabetes Matoa fruit is famous for its sweet flesh. Consuming this fruit can help reduce the risk of diabetes because the intake of sugar obtained from matoa fruit is more natural and healthy.
  4. Treating hypertension People with hypertension can try drinking matoa leaf concoction when their blood pressure is very high so that their blood pressure returns to normal. (Also read: the benefits of beluntas leaves for hypertension)
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Thus the various benefits that can be obtained from the fruit, stems, and leaves of matoa. Not only in terms of health and beauty, it turns out that this fruit is also very good for use as raw materials for buildings, boats, and even furniture.

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