17 Benefits of Ivory Salak for Health and Beauty

Indonesia as a country that is rich in flora diversity, of course, has a unique type of fruit, salak is one of them. Salak is a fruit that grows in the tropics from Indonesia. In addition, the thick fleshy fruit and has an easily recognizable skin type is classified as an easy fruit to harvest. Salak can be harvested 2x to 3x harvest in a year. However, did you know that there are many types of snake fruit? The various variants can be seen from the differences in skin, meat, and even taste.

Salak Gading may not be too familiar to Indonesian ears, generally the most popular salak for sale and trade is Salak Pondoh, Salak Gondok, and Salak Pineapple. In contrast to other ordinary salak which generally has a sweet taste and yellowish white skin, Gading Salak actually has a clean white skin color and a less sweet taste that tends to be sour. Even so, Salak Gading is not in doubt in terms of benefits in the world of health and beauty.

Here are some Salak benefits Ivory:

1. Maintain heart health

For those of you who have a history of heart disease, then Salak Gading is one of the fruits that must be consumed. Salak Gading contains calcium which is good for heart health, especially in maintaining blood pressure and preventing blood clots. Read also: Benefits of Salak Skin.

2. Rich in Protein Content

The protein content in Salak Gading provides many benefits for the health of the body, including the process of bone formation and hormone responsiveness in controlling millions of cells in our body. Read also: Benefits of protein.

3. Increase Stamina

Vitamin C and Vitamin A contained in Salak Gading meat are also able to increase stamina in the body. So Salak Gading is a fruit that is suitable to be taken as a provision for your trip or preparation for your various solid activities. Read also: Benefits of Salak Coffee Beans.

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4. As a Diabetes Drug

Not only the fruit is rich in benefits, who would have thought that the skin of the Salak Gading fruit could be used as a powerful medicine for diabetics. How to use it is quite easy, namely by boiling the peel of Salak Gading which has been cleaned, then making the filtered stew as tea to drink. Read also: Benefits of Pondoh Salak Fruit.

5. Rich in Fiber

The fiber contained in Salak Gading is no less large than the fiber contained in bananas, apples, etc. Fiber is also useful for maintaining and facilitating digestion. Smooth digestion will make it easier for the body to absorb the energy produced by the food consumed. Read also: Benefits of Salak Seeds.

6. Myopic Eye Solution

The cause of nearsighted eye disease is a lack of vitamin A in the body. So consuming Salak Gading is the right choice for those of you who want to maintain eye health and treat nearsightedness, because the content of vitamin A contained in Salak Ivory meat is relatively high. Read also: Benefits of Ari Salak Skin.

7. Treating Amenia

Having a history of anemia is certainly very disturbing your daily activities. Anemia or lack of blood can make the body weak or lack of energy, and trigger other diseases to appear. The iron contained in the Salak Gading fruit is the right solution to treat anemia. Iron triggers the growth of blood cells to stabilize blood circulation in the body. Read also: Benefits of Beets for Anemia.

8. Reduces Nausea

The next benefit of Salak ivory is to reduce nausea. For women who are pregnant, Salak Gading is highly recommended to be consumed regularly. Salak Gading contains ingredients that can reduce nausea that is often felt by pregnant women. Read also: Benefits of Suri Cucumber for Pregnant Women.

9. Prevents Stomach Acid

For those of you who like sour food, but have stomach acid disease, of course it will be very torturous. But do you know? Salak Gading has acid levels that can be tolerated, making it suitable for consumption by those of you with a history of stomach acid disease. Not only that, Salak Gading is even able to treat and prevent stomach acid disease. Read also: Benefits of Breadfruit Leaves for Stomach Acid.

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10. Good for Fetal Health

Besides being useful for reducing nausea in pregnant women, Salak Gading also has a major effect on fetal growth while in the womb. The content of iron, calcium, pectin is able to maintain and ensure the process of bone formation and baby’s memory goes well. Read also: Benefits of Eggs for Pregnant Women.

11. Prevents Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases that many people fear. But who would have thought that preventing this disease would not cost a fortune. In addition to maintaining a lifestyle, consuming Salak Gading is also able to prevent you from getting cancer. The content of vitamin C contained in Salak Gading helps the body’s cells to regenerate and maintain a healthy body condition. Read also: Benefits of Jengkol for Cancer.

12. Boost the Body’s Immune System

The condition of a good immune system is very influential as a filter from viruses and diseases that will attack. Maintaining the immune system can of course be done with many things, one of which is eating foods that contain lots of minerals that are good for the body, such as Salak Gading which contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and other minerals. Read also: Benefits of Training the Body’s Endurance.

13. Strengthens Bone Condition

The calcium and iron contained in Salak Gading are good for maintaining bone condition, so Salak Gading is highly recommended for children in their infancy and the elderly. Read also: Benefits of Celery for Bones.

14. Increase Brain Intelligence

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The rich mineral content in Salak Gading fruit is good for brain intelligence, for example, iron content which facilitates blood supply to the brain, etc. Brain intelligence is not only determined from the ability to learn, but also supported by a pattern of consumption of nutritious food. Read also: Manfaat AA DHA EPA.

15. Maintain Digestion

Good digestion will determine how well your body is able to absorb minerals from the food you eat. So, it is recommended to eat foods that are easily digested in the body. In addition to accelerating the entry of minerals into the body, it is also useful for maintaining your stomach. Salak Gading is one of the fruits that is suitable and helps you in maintaining smooth digestion in the body. Digestion of the body that is disturbed can cause many other diseases, such as appendicitis, ulcers, duodenum, and others. Read also: Benefits of Senna Leaves for Digestion.

16. Beautify Nails

For every woman nail health is important. You can have clean nails by diligently consuming Salak Gading. Salak Gading contains many good minerals and is suitable for keeping your nails looking beautiful. Read also: Ginseng Benefits For Women.

17. Maintain Skin Condition

Clean white skin and not dull is a dream for every woman. Consuming Salak Gading is actually able to regenerate your skin so that it keeps it clean and white. Skin regeneration is also very useful for preventing premature aging and wrinkles. Read also: Benefits of Tomatoes for Skin and Beauty.

Those are some of the benefits of Salak ivory that you can get by diligently consuming it regularly. If you don’t like consuming zalacca directly, don’t worry because now there are many kinds of processed foods that come from zalacca. This makes it easier for you to choose how to consume it. Hopefully this article is useful and see you later.

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