7 Benefits of Gotu Kola Leaves for Epilepsy You Need to Know

Currently, many people choose not only to rely on modern medical treatment but also traditional medicine. Recently research mentions about gotu kola leaf benefits for epilepsy.

What is Epilepsy?

In Indonesia, epilepsy is better known as epilepsy, which is a type of recurrent disease caused by a disturbance in the central nervous system.

The central nervous system is like an unstable electrical activity which is characterized by patients who can have sudden seizures and even lose consciousness.

This condition can be triggered by several factors such as stress, fatigue or the effects of drugs. For the treatment itself until now there is no cure for epilepsy but there are many medications to help stabilize the electrical activity in the brain that triggers the emergence of epilepsy.

Benefits of Gotu Kola Leaves for Epilepsy

However, several recent studies have found that gotu kola leaves can be used as an alternative medicine to help treat epilepsy symptoms.

  1. Gotu Kola Leaves As A Natural Sedative Herb

Based on the results of research other than as source of antioxidants which is good for maintaining the quality of the central nervous system, gotu kola leaves also contain several active compounds.

The active compounds function as natural sedative substances such as triterpenoids, bacoside A which provide a calming effect for the nervous system.

  1. Helps Relax Blood Vessels
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One of the benefits of gotu kola leaves for epilepsy is as mentioned in the first point. Natural sedative substances can provide a calming effect and not only that, the same content can also help relax blood vessels.

Blood flow to the brain can be maximized so that it can help reduce the risk of attacks. Besides that antioxidant benefits contained in gotu kola leaves can also keep the cells in the blood vessels in order to keep working optimally.

  1. Contains Anticonvulsants

Seizures are one of the symptoms that appear when an epileptic attack comes. When seizures are actually caused by unstable electrical currents in the brain, they are actually not very dangerous.

It’s just that an attack that appears suddenly becomes a very dangerous factor for people with epilepsy because it can cause the sufferer to be injured by a sudden fall.

  1. Help Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the main triggers for seizures in people with epilepsy. Excessive stress not only makes the head dizzy but also tenses the muscles of the body as a result of disrupted blood flow to the brain.

In addition, it can cause system instability in the brain which will trigger an attack. Same as turmeric benefitsgotu kola leaf with its sedative and relaxing effect can help reduce and even control stress.

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Further research even mentions that gotu kola leaves can help treat depression patients. Not only that the benefits of vitamin c The gotu kola leaf helps optimize the immune system so that it can reduce the potential for attacks because the body is always in top condition.

  1. Contains Analgesic Substances

What are analgesics? In general, analgesic drugs are used as anti-pain drugs by suppressing the central nervous system. The main problem in epilepsy is a problem in the central nervous system.

Consuming gotu kola leaves which have a sedative and calming effect as well as analgesic substances that can suppress the central nervous, of course, can also help control epileptic attacks that often come on suddenly.

  1. Increases GABA Production in the Brain

Compared to the benefits of gotu kola for epilepsy as mentioned above, its function in increasing the production of GABA in the brain is the main benefit.

What is GABA? GABA stands for gamma aminobutyric acid, which is a type of amino acid in the brain that functions as a neurotransmitter that plays a role in regulating central nervous cells, including preventing seizures.

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Uniquely, gotu kola leaves can contain substances that can help increase the production of GABA in the brain so that the risk of attacks can be significantly reduced.

  1. Reduce Attack Risk

The main purpose of consuming gotu kola leaves for epilepsy sufferers is not to cure it but rather to reduce the intensity of the attacks.

Several studies have stated that a combination of important substances contained in gotu kola leaves such as a calming sedative effect.

Analgesic substances that can help suppress the central nervous system to the ability of the substances contained in gotu kola leaves. Its function is to increase the production of GABA in the brain has a very significant effect, which can reduce the risk of attacks.

So far, the treatment for epilepsy is still limited to controlling attacks, nothing is totally curative, either modern or traditional treatment, such as the use of gotu kola leaves.

However, chemical drugs that are consumed in the long term can cause a lot of side effects while traditional medicines such as gotu kola leaves have fewer risks.

Combining the two can help treat epileptic seizures while reducing the risk of side effects from taking drugs in the long term.

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