9 Benefits of Cobra Meat for the Body

benefits of cobra meatAmong all types of snakes, the cobra is one of the snakes that has dangerous venom, especially in the venom of the snake. Other parts of the cobra have been widely used, such as benefits of cobra blood in various ways. Cobra meat also has many benefits for the health of the body and now cobra meat has been consumed by many people. In fact, not only the blood and flesh but bile, cobra marrow is widely used for health. Including the following :

1. Cure Skin Diseases

Cobras are useful for treating skin diseases such as eczema, scabies, tinea versicolor, ringworm, ringworm. Usually to treat skin diseases the part of the cobra consumed is snake meat benefits cobra, blood, bile and marrow, which is processed into capsules, oil, or ointment.

The test results stated that the cobra meat extract had indications of anti-allergic or anti-itch drugs. This is indicated by its ability to reduce the effect of allergies on the intestines given an allergan in the form of histamine 1.5% as much as 10 ml. It is characterized by a decrease in the wave height of intestinal contractions after administration of snake meat extract.

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2. Cure impotence

For men who want to increase their sexual desire they consume cobra meat, and cobra blood mixed with cobra tangkur. Cobra meat can increase libido which makes men last longer in sexual intercourse. It also makes the body more fit.

3. Cure asthma

For those who have asthma, can try to feel the benefits of this cobra meat. Now it is widely sold in tent stalls, cobra meat is usually served in the form of satay, or fried. In addition, herbal treatment can also be done by:

4. Cure Diabetes

Cobra venom, it can reduce the pain of diabetes. Based on Research Results in National University Of Singapore it turns out that cobra venom is 20 times more powerful and effective at reducing pain caused to reduce pain compared to morphine.

In addition, the drug from the cobra venom has no side effects even though it has been used for 2000 times. Compared with other painkillers such as morphine, or aspirin.

5. Cure Liver Disease

Cobra bile is believed to cure liver disease, cobra bile can be consumed by making capsules, or fried.

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6. Cure Blurred Vision

Blurred eyes can be cured by drinking cobra meat capsules, or mixing them into soup or porridge.

7. Smooth skin

Not only Vitamin E benefits which supports the beauty of the skin, but it turns out that korba meat is beneficial for the skin. For women who want to have smooth skin, can try this venomous snake meat, besides being edible, the cobra sellers also provide cobra flour in the form.

Cobra flour is usually made from bones and cobra meat that are dried and then mashed. Cobra flour can be served in the form of porridge or soup.

Besides being able to smooth the skin, cobra meat is useful for other skin problems such as:

  • whiten skin
  • Get rid of black spots
  • Remove acne scars
  • Heal burn scars

8. Cure Heart Disease

For heart sufferers, cobra meat capsules can help you in curing heart disease.

9. Cure high blood pressure

The benefits of cobra meat have a toxic substance called Acidic PLA2 which is anti-blood clotting. So that cobra bile can be consumed and is believed to cure hypertension.

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Benefits of Cobra Snake

Cobra venom and venom are not always dangerous, the mechanism of action of cobra venom can be useful for relieving muscle stretching, allergy, anticancer, antimicrobial, even research results state that cobra venom and venom can be used for anti-HIV treatment.

Research conducted in Singapore said that toxins that are neurotoxic, muscle poison, heart poison and anti-blood clotting were investigated to obtain molecules that have the potential to be used as drugs.

Cobra Meat Nutritional Value

In addition, the content of nutritional value found in cobra snakes is greater than that of lizards. the benefits of lizard meat 16, 65%, as well as other nutritional values ​​such as (fat, calcium, and phosphorus).

However, the protein content of cobras is not much different from other livestock such as cows, goats and others. As for the nutritional value of fat, phosphorus and calcium. Cobras have a greater nutritional value. As for the nutritional value of fat, phosphorus and calcium. Cobras have greater nutritional value.

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