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13 Benefits of Betutu Fish for Health

Betutu fishThe benefits of betutu fish are still common in the ears of the public, this is because not all areas can find these fish. These fish can only be found in certain waters, not only that, the population is decreasing from time to time. This is because the betutu fish cannot be bred like other fish. If farmed, the technique is very difficult.

Not infrequently only a few seeds that can survive to big. Another reason is because it is hunted by anglers and many are hunted using chemicals. This fish is hunted a lot because it has many benefits, don’t be surprised if you find it in traditional markets the price is exorbitant. In addition to the exorbitant price, there are many fans of this fish. Not only domestically but also for export abroad.

Betutu fish

Many people only know the types and forms of betutu fish without knowing them further. Before discussing the benefits of betutu fish, it helps us get to know this fish further so that knowledge about this fish becomes wider and increases. The following are things related to betutu fish:

  • The betutu fish has the Latin name Oxyeleotris marmorata, the betutu fish is a freshwater fish.
  • Betutu fish have patterns in their bodies. The pattern will be similar in color to marble which has a reddish color.
  • Most of these fish are of medium size and are found in Southeast Asia.
  • This fish is nicknamed the lazy fish, because it is very difficult to get rid of it to move places. If expelled, this fish will remain in its original place. That’s why this fish is called a lazy fish.
  • Betutu is a nocturnal animal, he is active at night. The food is shrimp, water snails and crabs.

Characteristics of Betutu Fish

In order not to be mistaken with other fish, it helps us to know what are the characteristics of this betutu fish. The following are the characteristics of betutu fish that must be recognized:

  1. Betta fish have a small body and a large head.
  2. Maximum body size is 65 cm. However, the size of the most common betutu fish is 20 to 40 cm.
  3. The eye color of this fish is a faded brick red, can be brown or black.
  4. Has dark patterns on the body.
  5. The tail of this fish has no round spots.
  6. Has a dorsal fin on the back even accompanied by spines.
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Nutritional Content of Betutu Fish

The many benefits of this fish can not be separated from the nutritional content of this fish. Betutu fish has a lot of nutritional content that is beneficial for the body. The following are various kinds of nutritional content in betutu fish meat:

  1. Vitamin B1.
  2. Vitamin B2.
  3. Vitamin B6.
  4. Vitamin E.
  5. Vitamin F.
  6. Albumin.
  7. Enzymes and hormones.


Benefits of Betutu Fish

Betutu has many benefits, it is not surprising that betutu fish are sought after and hunted for consumption. The savory and soft taste of betutu fish makes this fish much favored by the public. Besides it tastes good and spoils the tongue, consuming betutu fish will get various benefits. Here are the various kinds of benefits that can be obtained from eating betutu fish:

  1. Smooth Skin

If women consume betutu fish at least 100 grams every day can make their skin smooth. That’s because betutu fish is rich in vitamin E. Vitamin E is believed to be a vitamin that is beneficial for health and skin beauty.

Good for smoothing the skin

  1. Make Youthful

In addition to smoothing the skin, the efficacy of betutu fish which contains lots of vitamin E can make women stay young. Because vitamin E in betutu fish can rejuvenate the skin, removing dead skin cells on the surface of the face. If the face is spared from all that, the face will look more youthful. Vitamin E in betutu fish can also remove wrinkles on the face.

Good for smoothing the skin

  1. Increase Vitality
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For men, consuming betutu fish has the benefit of increasing vitality. That’s because in the betutu fish contains many enzymes and hormones that help increase vitality for men. That’s because the enzymes and hormones possessed by betutu fish can stimulate the libido hormone to increase. Many men feel their libido increases after eating this fish.

Good for increasing vitality

  1. Postoperative Healing

One of the benefits of betutu fish is that it is used for postoperative healing.

Good for post-surgery healing

  1. Quick Dry Stitches

The albumin content in betutu fish is useful for making postoperative sutures dry quickly. That’s because albumin can accelerate the unification of skin tissue in the body. The surgical stitches will slowly dry out. Surgical sutures that do not dry quickly will usually be watery and cause infection. That’s why postoperative patients are required to consume this fish.

Good for quick -drying seams

  1. Cure Pain

The albumin content in betutu fish can cure postoperative pain. The pain can be caused by postoperative stitches. Consuming betutu fish can relieve and relieve pain in postoperative patients.

Good for curing pain

  1. Treating Fractures

Treatment of fractured patients using betutu fish is the right way. That’s because in betutu fish have high levels of albumin. High albumin levels are beneficial in the restoration of damaged and divided body cells. Fracture patients, will have split cells. To repair and restore body cells that have been split, you can use the albumin present in betutu fish.

Good for treating fractures

  1. Increase Albumin Levels in the Body

Albumin is a protein produced by the liver, a lack of albumin can make a person susceptible to hepatitis infections. For people who have low albumin levels, it is very feared that they can be infected with various kinds of liver diseases such as liver, hepatitis and even liver cirrhosis. Consuming albumin in betutu fish is believed to increase albumin levels in a person’s body.

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Good for increasing albumin levels

  1. Boost Immune System

Another benefit of albumin is to improve the immune system. If the immune system increases, the body will be immune to various kinds of diseases that enter the body.

Good for boosting the immune system

  1. Burn Healing

When a burn occurs, there are a number of cells damaged by burning. The albumin content in betutu fish can restore cells damaged by burns. If the damaged cells can be restored, the healing of burns will be faster thanks to the albumin content.

Good for healing burns

  1. Treating Hepatitis

One of the health benefits of albumin is to treat hepatitis. Hepatitis can be caused by the liver not being able to produce albumin which is beneficial for liver health. That’s why consuming betutu meat can be useful for improving the liver’s performance in producing albumin. If albumin can be produced again, hepatitis can be cured.

Good for hepatitis

  1. Treating Disorders of Albumin Synthesis

The disease is a little foreign to the ear because very few people have the disease. The disease will make the sufferer’s immune system low so that the patient will be susceptible to various kinds of diseases. Consuming betutu fish regularly is believed to treat the disease.

  1. Treating Autism

Various vitamins in betutu fish meat are believed to be therapeutic for autistic children. That’s why consuming betutu fish meat in autistic children can cause children with autism to be more sensitive and more developed than their previous conditions.

Good for treating autism

The benefits of betutu fish for health are quite a lot, like other types of fish, betutu fish can also reduce the risk of developing dangerous diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

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