14 Benefits of Ginseng Leaves for Health

Often people know that ginseng plants come from Korea, even though other types of ginseng plants are also found in the market such as Japanese, American, Himalayan, Siberian, desert and Javanese ginseng plants. However, people are more familiar with Korean ginseng. A famous botanist named CS Meyer named a ginseng plant, Korea as Panax ginsengwhich means pan is all and ax from axos which means medicine. So that means a cure for all diseases.

Ginseng Plant Type

The types of ginseng plants below are plants that are recognized by world herbalists as follows:

benefits of ginseng leaves

Ginseng Plant Name[/th] [th]Latin name

Korean/Chinese Ginseng[/td] [td]Panax gingseng (Araliaceae)

Japanese Ginseng[/td] [td]Panax japonicum (Araliaceae)

American Ginseng[/td] [td]Panax quinquefolius (Araliaceae)

Himalayan Ginseng[/td] [td]Panax pseudogingseng (Araliaceae)

Siberian Ginseng[/td] [td]Eleutherococcus senticocus (Araliaceae)

Gingseng Desert[/td] [td]Rumex hymenosepalus (Polygonaceae)

Javanese Ginseng[/td] [td]Talinum paniculatum (Portulacaceae)

The characteristics of ginseng leaves are bright green or slightly whitish. The position of the leaves opposite or crossed, the stems are short, oval breech. At the edges of the leaves are flat with pinnate bones. At the tip and base of the pointy. The size is 3-10 cm long by 1.5-5 cm wide. The surface of the leaves is soft and slippery at the bottom layer of the leaves is light green.

General Benefits of Ginseng Plants

For in China itself, this plant is considered to have miraculous properties, the older the ginseng is, the better it is to increase endurance and its relation to the mentality of a human being. In addition to increasing stamina, it also stabilizes the body’s physiology, can lower cholesterol and can prevent cancer. From the research results show that ginseng benefits can treat Alzheimer’s disease if consumed regularly. In addition, diabetes can lower sugar levels as well as anti -aging or anti -aging.

1. Used for Strong Medicine

This is widely believed by the community. In the composition of ginseng itself, it contains saponins which are glycosides that can stimulate the mucous membranes, increase the amount of blood and improve blood circulation in the body. In addition, its ability to regulate blood sugar excess and also not deficiency, is a benefit of panaxoside in this plant, so that the body is more fit.

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2. Antioxidant content

If the body is sick, this happens because of the presence of free radicals that cause various diseases. This is where the pain started. Cells in damaged tissue can lead to atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and premature aging. Ginseng leaves contain benefits of flavanoid compounds which can be used as a high antioxidant. Likewise with its phenolic compounds containing antioxidant benefits experience. These phenolic antioxidant compounds have several roles including being able to reduce. Capture free radicals, reduce the formation of singlet oxygen.

3. Alzheimer’s drug

The benefits of ginseng leaves that are eaten raw or cooked, can also be brewed into tea benefits herbs. If taken regularly then ginseng leaf tea can treat Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s prevention can also be obtained from:

4. Prevention of Cardiac Ischemia

In ginseng leaf extract itself has an effect on the heart and blood vessel system can prevent ischemia. Ischemia is a symptom of decreased blood flow to cells that can cause functional changes.

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5. Anti-Cancer Effect

The anti-cancer effect on the benefits of ginseng leaves is an important pharmacological function. Anti-cancer effect was found in Chinese ginseng leaf extract, this discovery was found after the acidic polysaccharides from Chinese ginseng leaves enhanced its therapeutic effect. This is to reduce hematopoietic complications caused by cancer patients undergoing systemic chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Acidic polysaccharides can be immunotropic and potent agents to enhance immunity, as well as anti-cancer drugs to treat urological cancer patients. Likewise, Indian ginseng leaf extract (Ashwagandha) which also has anti-cancer activity. Saponin content of Panax ginseng this in the leaves are protected by cyclophosphamide (which is commonly used for anti-cancer compounds). This is evidenced in a study in which experimental animals induced genotoxicity and apoptosis in bone marrow cells and peripheral lymphocytes in rats, then ginseng leaf extract was found to be an anti-cancer drug.

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6. Anti-hyperglycemic effect

In one third of diabetic patients use dietary supplements or alternative medicines. In a study showed that ginseng is a great alternative medicine for treating diabetes and ginseng leaf extract also has anti-diabetic effects. It is found in Chinese and American ginseng leaves which are known to have anti-hyperglycemic effects. Research on its extract to reduce hyperglycemia and in mice. Ginseng leaf extract and root will increase the ability to secrete glucose for insulin in the blood.

Anti-diabetic drugs are also found in:

7. Anti-obesity effect

Obesity is being overweight which can create serious medical problems that can lead to many health problems. Such as developing heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. American and Chinese ginseng leaf extracts have anti-obesity activity. It was found in studies that American ginseng leaf extract significantly reduced body weight in adults.

8. Anti-aging effect

In a clinical trial showed that a medicinal formula containing the benefits of Chinese ginseng leaves, can improve various symptoms associated with aging. This is because ginseng leaves can improve immune function and hormones, as well as block free radicals.

Benefits of Javanese Ginseng Leaves

One type of ginseng leaf that is often used for treatment is Javanese ginseng leaf. The substance content of Javanese ginseng leaves has the following composition and benefits:

  1. Saponinsweet taste and neutral can strengthen the lungs, blood circulation and regulate the maximum in the central and peripheral nervous system, anti-inflammatory.
  2. Flavanoidsimilar to the benefits of saponins in ginseng leaves, reducing swelling, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, antiviral and anti-histamine.
  3. Steroidnutritious in increasing appetite.
  4. Essential oilis just as nutritious as steroids.
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Some of the benefits obtained from Javanese ginseng leaves are that it can cure ulcers, launch breast milk and if a person experiences a decrease in appetite, it can be overcome with this Javanese ginseng leaf.

5. Javanese ginseng to treat boils

How to get rid of boils with Javanese ginseng leaves is as follows.

Material :[/td] [td]A pinch of fresh Javanese ginseng leaves and brown sugar to taste

How to mix:[/td] [td]The leaves are washed and then added with brown sugar and pounded until smooth

How to use:[/td] [td]The results of the collision are affixed to the boil and do it twice a day

6. Javanese gingseng to launch breast milk

How to make breast milk launcher ingredient with Javanese gingseng leaves is as follows.

Material :[/td] [td]Fresh Javanese ginseng leaves to taste

How to mix:[/td] [td]The leaves are washed and then sauteed

How to use:[/td] [td]The results of stir-fried ginseng can be eaten 2-3 times a day

How to Store and Process Ginseng Leaves

How to process ginseng leaves cannot be stored in advance for a long time because they rot easily. Ginseng leaf harvesting itself can be done once or several times. For long storage, ginseng leaves are usually picked along with the stalks, then stored in a slightly waterlogged container, so that the leaves stay fresh. For consumption, the leaves can keep their freshness for 2-3 days at room temperature.

How to Make Ginseng Leaf Vegetable

Ginseng leaves are sold in supermarkets and are lined with other vegetables. However, ginseng leaves must be prepared fresh, because they can rot quickly. Ginseng leaves can be cooked like the benefits of ordinary vegetables, can be as a mixture or additional vegetables into boiled noodles. Clear vegetables or stir-fried ginseng leaves can be tried.


This is information regarding ginseng leaves, where this plant does not have to be imported from Korea or China because Indonesia also has it and even grows wild.

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