benefits of keting fish for the body

Benefits of Keting Fish for the Body

Keting fish or also known as Lundu fish is a freshwater fish that is often found by anglers in rivers, estuaries, reservoirs, lakes, and even seafront. In addition to keting fish, this fish also has other names, namely kating fish, ndaringan fish, sting fish, senggiringan fish, ririgi fish, kelibere fish, and others depending on the species and the area this fish is located. You can find this type of fish throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

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The shape of the keting fish is almost similar to the Sembilang fish but is smaller in size and has whiskers and patils. Keting fish also have no scales and are omnivores. It is said that fishing for this one fish is very easy because of the large number and greedy nature.

Nutritional Content of Keting Fish

Keting fish is one of the fish that is rich in nutrients but low in cholesterol. Various nutrients found in this keting fish such as calories, protein, fat, various types of minerals, and vitamins make this fish a healthy side dish for all people. Moreover, this fish has an affordable selling price and is easy to find.

Benefits of Keting Fish

  1. Processed Various Foods

Because keting fish is easy to get and the price is affordable, local people often make keting fish as a side dish by processing it into various dishes. This fish can be fried, gravy, or dipepes. For example, in Lamongan City, East Java, there is a popular food menu made from keting fish called botok keting.

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  1. Reduce Cholesterol Risk
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This keting fish has a very low cholesterol content so it is safe for consumption by all people. The low cholesterol content in fish meat can also reduce the risk of cholesterol disease, and people with high cholesterol don’t have to worry about eating this fish because it will not trigger excess cholesterol.

  1. Increase Passion

It is believed by some groups of people that eating keting fish can also increase sexual arousal. However, there is no clinical evidence of this. Even so, some people have tried and justified the benefits of this one keting fish.

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Such are the benefits of catfish that are very useful for our health. When meeting with group fish catfish this then don’t hesitate to give it a try. Although the size of this fish is small, the meat from this keting fish is quite enjoyable, especially when it is added with a mixture of Indonesian spices.

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