10 Benefits of Waru Leaves for Health

Waru leaf is one type of leaf that is well known by many Indonesian people as one of the leaves that can be used as medicine. Waru leaf itself is a leaf that comes from a plant with the same name, namely the hibiscus plant. Waru is a type of cotton with the Latin name “Hibiscus Tiliaceus”, which is a plant that is also similar to the hibiscus plant.

Distribution of Waru Plants

Waru tree itself is often used as a shade plant on the side of the road and is also able to maintain the beauty of the surrounding environment. Waru is also a native plant from parts of the country and also islands with a tropical climate, widely distributed in the pacific mainland and widely known in various terms according to their respective local names.

In Indonesia, the use of waru plants is in the leaves. Waru leaves have many benefits and are also very good for our health and are often used as medicinal plants. What are the benefits of hibiscus leaves? Following are some of them:

1. Treating tuberculosis and lung disease

The first benefit is being able to help treat tuberculosis. Tuberculosis or tuberculosis is a disease that causes symptoms of a prolonged cough and can interfere with the respiratory health of the patient, even causing the patient to die. By processing hibiscus leaves, the TB experienced by the patient will be cured. The following are the steps for processing hibiscus leaves to treat tuberculosis:

  • Take a handful of hibiscus leaves
  • Boil hibiscus leaves with water until boiling with three glasses of water
  • Wait until the boiling water remains cup
  • Drink the decoction of waru leaves regularly and regularly to help cure the symptoms of TB
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Other herbal plants that can treat tuberculosis are:

2. Treating cough

In addition to tuberculosis, hibiscus leaves also have excellent benefits to help cure and treat coughs. For those of you who experience cough symptoms, then try the steps for processing hibiscus leaves below to cure your cough:

  • Take 10-15 leaves of hibiscus leaves, wash thoroughly
  • Boil hibiscus leaves with 3 cups of water
  • Wait until it boils and only cup of water remains
  • Drink regularly and also regularly to cure your cough

For other cough treatments you can also consume:

3. Treat swollen tonsils

The tonsils are one of the glands located around our throat area. When the tonsils swell, what will be felt is pain and soreness in the throat and it is difficult to swallow food. To help the healing process of the tonsils, you can use hibiscus leaves. The method is also very easy. All you have to do is boil the hibiscus leaves like a recipe for treating coughs, drink the boiled water regularly to help heal and also treat the swelling of your tonsils.

Treatment of other tonsils can also be obtained from:

4. Cure intestinal inflammation

Inflammation of the intestine is a condition in which the intestines are injured or infected, causing inflammation which can interfere with the smooth process of digestion, and often causes a burning feeling in our stomach. to treat and also overcome this intestinal inflammation, you can also take advantage of the properties of hibiscus leaves. All you thirst to do is eat the buds of the hibiscus leaves. You can eat hibiscus leaves as fresh vegetables to help heal and treat intestinal inflammation.

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To overcome this intestinal inflammation can also use:

5. Overcoming bloody bowel movements

Bloody bowel movements are also one of the effects of the appearance of colitis, but it can also be caused by other possibilities. To help overcome this bloody bowel movement, you can also use hibiscus leaves. The trick is that you only need to squeeze 7 hibiscus leaves with water and brown sugar. You just have to drink the juice of hibiscus leaves with brown sugar regularly and regularly to help overcome the bloody bowel movements that you experience.

For this condition other herbal treatments can also be an option, namely:

6. Treat vomiting blood

In addition to bloody bowel movements, the benefits of waru leaves are also very good for other health, namely it can be used to treat vomiting blood. To treat vomiting blood, you can also do the same thing as when dealing with bloody bowel movements, namely by mixing 7 pieces of hibiscus leaves that have been cut into pieces with water, then squeezed. After that you can drink the juice from the hibiscus leaves.

For the treatment of vomiting blood, you can also use herbs:

7. Can stop bleeding

Waru leaves are also believed to be able to help stop bleeding, both inside and outside the body. For bleeding in the body, you can make a solution and also boiled water from hibiscus leaves, then drink it. For wounds and bleeding outside the body, you can chop the hibiscus leaves, then paste the results of the chopped hibiscus leaves on the outer skin of your body that is injured.

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The process of stopping this bleeding can also be done by:

8. Treating hair loss

Do you have problems with hair loss? Try to use a potion made using hibiscus leaves. The following are the steps for using hibiscus leaves for hair loss drugs:

  • Take and wash about 30 pieces of hibiscus leaves and widow leaves
  • Grind the two types of leaves until smooth, then add the benefits of castor oil and lime juice
  • After stirring evenly, you can squeeze the concoction using a cloth, then rub the juice regularly on the klit of your head.

9. Nourish hair

Waru leaves also have other benefits, namely to nourish your hair. In addition, hibiscus leaves can also help to nourish and also help maintain healthy hair, such as strengthening hair roots and also preventing hair loss.

10. Treat boils

Another benefit of hibiscus leaves for humans is as a boil medicine. Yes, ulcers can also be treated by using hibiscus leaves. The following are the steps to treat boils using hibiscus leaves:

  • Take 5 to 10 hibiscus leaves, then wash them thoroughly
  • Chop or grind hibiscus leaves until smooth
  • Then paste the hibiscus leaves that have been chopped and mashed on the skin that is experiencing boils.

That’s the benefits of hibiscus leaves for the health of our bodies. hopefully this article about the benefits of hibiscus leaves can add to your insight and can also be useful for all of you.

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