17 Benefits of Alfalfa Leaves for Health

Alfalfa is a type of plant that has many health benefits. Alfalfa is a legume type plant whose plants can grow up to 1 meter in length. The Latin name for alfalfa is Medicago sativa. Alfalfa plants can flower with small flowers and purple. Alfalfa plants can survive in water conditions because alfalfa roots have deep roots that reach up to 4.5 meters. With a deep root system, alfalfa plants are able to absorb minerals that cannot be obtained only on the soil surface. The name alfalfa comes from Arabic which means father of the plant.

Alfalfa Leaf Content

benefits of alfalfa leavesThe alfalfatella plant has been known since ancient times for its many health benefits. The Chinese have been using the alfalfa plant for centuries as a base for making traditional medicines. Alfalfa plants contain many ingredients that are very good for health such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and iron. The content contained in the alfalfa plant includes vitamins B, C, E and K. Other substances that are useful for health and our bodies in alfalfa include fluoride, protein, minerals, fiber, essential fatty acids and antioxidants which are very good for health.

Alfalfa leaf if the Javanese call it krokor leaf has been proven to be the leaf that contains the most nutrients needed by the body with very complete vitamins and iron content. Some of the benefits of alfalfa leaves for health are:

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1. Cleanse toxins in the body

Alfalfa leaves are able to clean toxins in our bodies due to consuming too many chemical substances such as preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners. If we often consume instant noodles then we need to consume alfalfa leaves to cleanse the toxins in the body. You can consume alfalfa leaves by making clear vegetables, so the content in alfalfa leaves is able to clean the toxins in our bodies.

The detoxifying properties possessed by alfalfa leaves will help cleanse harmful toxins in the body. Consumption of alfalfa leaves regularly so that your body is clean of harmful toxins.

Other detoxification functions are also obtained from:

2. Increase milk production

Alfalfa leaves are very good for consumption by mothers who are breastfeeding to facilitate and increase milk production with the fiostrogen substances contained in alfalfa leaves. The content of substances that are very good for health in alfalfa leaves are also very good for meeting baby’s nutrients. Mothers who are breastfeeding can consume alfalfa leaves by making clear vegetables or soup so that the nutritional content in alfalfa leaves will naturally enter the mother’s body and will be channeled to the baby’s body through the breast milk that the baby drinks.

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3. Reduce heart disease and stroke

Alfalfa leaves contain chemicals that can lower blood cholesterol called saponins. The chemicals present in alfalfa leaves will function to prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in and around artery walls so as to reduce heart disease and stroke.

Prevention of other heart disease is also obtained from:

4. As a good antioxidant

Alfalfa leaves contain antioxidant benefits which is good for health. Alfalfa leaves are good antioxidants because they contain a broad spectrum of nutrients.

5. Streamlining and treating digestive system problems

Alfalfa leaves can facilitate the digestive system and can treat digestive system problems such as ulcers, gastritis, nausea, and other digestive disorders. Drinking decoction of alfalfa leaves by adding mint tea to the decoction of alfalfa leaves can treat and facilitate the digestive system.

6. Sources of vitamin K.

Alfalfa leaves are an excellent source of vitamin K for pregnant women. Benefits of vitamin K in pregnant women will reduce postpartum bleeding and reduce the risk of bleeding in the baby.

7. Overcoming various pregnancy complaints

Pregnant women often experience complaints such as morning sickness, heartburn, constipation and anemia. Alfalfa leaves that have been extracted into alfalfa tablets will be able to overcome various complaints that are felt and often experienced by pregnant women so that pregnant women will not be so tormented by various complaints experienced in the bitten area.

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8. Cancer prevention

Benefits of alfalfa leaves contain an amino acid called canavanine which is efficacious to prevent cancer. This amino acid also helps bind to carcinogens in the colon.

Herbs to prevent other cancers are:

9. Treating insect bites

Alfalfa leaves are also efficacious in treating infections caused by insect bites by means of external treatment. External treatment is with treatment from the outside or not by being consumed or drunk but smeared on the home page because this alfalfa leaf contains many health benefits.

Moreover, nowadays people prefer to consume instant food which contains many chemical substances that are toxic to the body, so consuming alfalfa leaves regularly is very necessary. Consumption of alfalfa leaves regularly, now available alfalfa in tablet form so you can consume practically. But for more benefits for health, consume it naturally by boiling it or by making it a clear vegetable.

Here are the benefits of other alfalfa leaves:

  1. Menopause Symptoms
  2. overcoming diabetes
  3. Reduces the risk of edema
  4. Make skin smooth
  5. Gives a moisturizing effect to the skin
  6. Good for dealing with pregnancy disorders
  7. thrush prevention
  8. Overcoming premature aging

These are some of the very good properties of alfalfa leaves. You can plant and cultivate alfalfa leaves nearby

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