14 Benefits of Conch Meat for Health

Conch the animal with a shell and without a backbone with Latin mana Pila ampullacea is a type of water snail that is often found in freshwater tropical Asia such as in rice fields, streams, ditches, and lakes. Snails are also known as field snails, water snails, tutut, and gondang snails. Hilat snails are similar to snails, except that snails are more common in watery areas, while snails live and thrive on land.

About Conch and its nutritional content

snail meatThe snail has a shell height of up to 40 mm with a diameter of 15-25 mm and is shaped like a green-brown cone, greenish yellow, some even black. Snails store a high nutritional content which according to Positive Deviance Resource Centre There are 12% protein, 217 mg calcium, low cholesterol, 81 grams of water in every 100 grams of snails. In addition, snails contain energy, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, and vitamins that are good for health.

The many benefits of snail meat are as follows;

  1. Don’t like milk? Try consuming snails as a source of calcium instead of milk

Milk is a source of calcium, but some of us don’t like milk and are even allergic to milk. Whereas the body really needs calcium intake for bone growth and bone density, as well as maintenance of teeth, nervous system, blood circulation, heart health, and even skin.

Well, for those who cannot consume milk, you can try consuming snails as a substitute for calcium. Snails contain about 217mg of calcium in 100 grams of snail meat. This is equivalent to a glass of milk.

  1. Conch protein don’t ask anymore! High quality animal protein but low price
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Protein is important for the development of the body, the formation of cells and tissues, increasing the body’s defenses and body immunization, helping children grow, and preventing kwashiorkor and marasmus caused by protein deficiency. Animal protein is usually obtained from chicken and beef. However, as we know, the price of meat is not cheap. Conch contains high animal protein so that it can be used as a source of quality protein but can be obtained at a much cheaper price.

  1. Alternative medicine that is efficacious but delicious

Apart from being a side dish in some areas, it turns out that snails are trusted by the public as an alternative medicine that is able to treat many diseases, such as diabetes, jaundice, liver, ulcers, cholesterol, and other diseases.

  1. Rich in Omega 3 which is good for body and hair!

Omega 3 is an essential/main acid but cannot be produced by the body itself, therefore it is necessary to eat foods containing omega 3 such as snails. Omega 3 functions as an anti-inflammatory agent which will be able to relieve a number of medical conditions, besides omega 3 is also very good for hair such as increasing hair elasticity, nourishing hair follicles, helping hair growth, increasing hair strength and thickness, preventing hair loss, and increasing circulation. on the scalp.

If hair is important to you, then snail meat is important for you to eat.

  1. Omega 6 in snail meat is no doubt for brain development

Conch contains omega 6 which is good for the body. Just like omega 3, omega 6 can not be produced by the body itself. Omega 6 helps brain development. In addition, it is also good for immunity, maintain beautiful hair, and regulate blood pressure. Well, if you want to be smart, immune to germs, and stable blood pressure, start consuming snail meat.

  1. Controlled cholesterol by consuming snail meat
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Bad cholesterol is hard to control? Conch meat is able to control bad cholesterol because it contains omega 9. In addition, omega 9 also supports immune function and is good for beauty.

  1. Ambient? Just treat how to consume snail meat

Traditional communities in several areas in Indonesia have long used snails as a medicine to treat ambient. Conch meat is consumed in various ways, such as being made into satay or fried. Regular consumption was able to reduce ambient disease / hemorrhoids.

  1. Conch meat is rich in vitamins!

Snails contain high enough vitamins with the dominant vitamins being vitamins A, E, niacin, and folate. Vitamin A is good for the eyes, vitamin E is good for cell regeneration and skin beauty, niacin plays a role in carbohydrate metabolism to produce energy, and folate is good for pregnant women so that their babies are not disabled. Wow, many are not the benefits of snails!

  1. Antiseptic medicine

Many traditional people use snails as antiseptic drugs that are easily obtained when they are in the wild. Conch is used as an antiseptic by cutting the end of the shell and then the mucus that comes out is applied to the wound so that the wound will dry quickly and not become infected.

  1. Treats acne too

Apparently, snails can also be used to treat acne! The mucus can be used to treat inflamed acne. Developed countries have processed snail slime with advanced technology and used it as a basic ingredient for beauty products. In addition, snail mucus can help regenerate skin and reduce facial wrinkles.

  1. Eat light that is delicious but healthy
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Snails can be used as a source of delicious and inexpensive food but provide many health benefits. Conch can be used as soup, satay, and even side dishes. In addition to humans, snails have other benefits as well, such as the following:

  1. eat cattle

Snails can be used as animal feed that is cheap and easy to obtain. Livestock that can consume snails include ducks, ducks, and chickens.

  1. Fertilizers and soil conditioners

Snails are actually useful for fertilizing the soil in rice fields because they trigger ducks and ducks to roam the fields.

  1. Clean the moss in the pond

Snails consume moss, so it can be used to remove moss on the walls of the pool, both glass pools, cement pools, and pools made of soil.


Although the benefits of snail meat are quite a lot, the processing of snail meat must be done properly. Several studies have shown that snails act as intermediaries for worms Trematoda in humans. By naked eye we can not distinguish which snails have been infected with intestinal worms and which are not infected. Therefore, it is recommended to boil before processing. Research shows that intestinal worm larvae will die if they are boiled for 20 minutes using high heat, 39 minutes using medium heat, and 62 minutes using low heat.

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