5 Benefits of Red Binahong on Health

Indonesia is a country that is very rich in biodiversity, including its herbal plants. It can no longer be counted how many plants can be used as herbal medicine. One of them is binahong leaves. Are you unfamiliar with the name binahong leaves? That’s probably because you know it by the name of the gondola leaf. Yes, there are indeed some areas in Indonesia that call binahong leaves as gondola leaves. Whatever it’s called, you have to know more about what binahong leaves are because you won’t feel a loss. There are many benefits of this binahong leaf.

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The characteristics of the binahong plant

The following are the characteristics of the binahong plant that you need to know so that when you want to look for it you will easily recognize it.

  • Binahong plants are vines that can propagate on other plants, on walls, fences and others.
  • The stems of the binahong plant are soft enough that they are very flexible and twist around each other easily. So even though this binahong plant propagates, it is quite strong.
  • The stem has a smooth texture but is hard when pressed and also has a reddish color.
  • But if he is old enough, the color of the stem will change to whitish.
  • Binahong plant stems can measure up to 20 to 30 meters.
  • The diameter at the base of the stem is about 3.5 cm.
  • The age of this binahong plant is quite short where only up to 3 months, but this plant will form tubers or rhizomes that are formed when the leaves.
  • The shape of the tuber is quite rough textured and there are fine hairs that are about 1 to 3 cm long.
  • The leaves are shaped like a heart with the stem at the most curved part.
  • The color of the leaves of this binahong is green, there are red, depending on the type.

Well, because the age of this binahong plant is quite short, when there are tubers or rhizomes from this leaf, it should be planted again so that it can grow back.

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The content of red binahong leaves

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What are the ingredients in red binahong leaves why is it very good for health? The contents of this red binahong leaf include the following:

  • In the leaves of red binahong there is activity that appears and is used as an antidote to free radicals or used as an antioxidant. In addition, it also produces carbonic acid, phenolic acid and other compounds that are very good for killing gram-positive and negative bacteria that usually exist in people with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Another content in red binahong leaves is oleanolic acid which has an anti-inflammatory function which can also relieve infection from burns.
  • Red binahong leaves also contain high protein which is able to stimulate the growth of antibodies or body resistance so that if you consume red binahong leaves, your body will not get sick easily. Protein is also useful as a growth-stimulating hormone, so for teenagers who are in their infancy, it will be very good if they consume this red binahong leaf.
  • In addition, other content in the red binahong leaves are saponins. Saponins are useful as cleansing agents and collagen-forming so that the skin will become healthier, cleaner and brighter. Saponins are also efficacious for reducing high cholesterol levels in the body and can prevent coronary heart disease.

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Benefits of red binahong leaves

The benefits of binahong leaves for health are many and you can get them easily. What are the benefits of this binahong leaf? see more below:

  1. Overcoming acne

Beauty is often represented by facial beauty. The face is indeed the main guard in appearance problems. One of the problems on the face that is experienced by quite a lot of people is the growth of acne. Acne is caused by excessive oil in the pores of the face mixed with bacteria or germs so that it swells and becomes a pimple. Acne is experienced by various ages and genders but is mostly experienced by teenagers who are just in their puberty period.

How to use this red binahong leaf to treat acne, among others, is to pound it into a fine powder and apply it on the face or use it like a mask. In addition, you can also make a decoction of red binahong leaves where this boiled water will be used to wash your face regularly 2 times a day. If you wear it regularly, besides getting a face that is free from acne, you will also get firmer and smoother facial skin and the pores are no longer large.

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Using this red binahong leaf to treat acne is a very powerful and effective way of using herbs instead of using chemical drugs that have the potential to cause side effects on health.

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  1. Overcome stomach

Ulcer is a disease in the stomach due to abnormal production of gastric acid which makes the stomach feel sore when eating late. The best solution to overcome an ulcer is to maintain a regular food intake. This is very important to prevent ulcer recurrence because if the ulcer has recur and has just been fed it will cause the stomach to become even more uncomfortable later.

In chronic gastritis, it can even make the sufferer vomit blood if he is late to eat and is at risk of having to be hospitalized because the stomach condition is unbearable. Therefore you have to treat it properly so that the ulcer can be resolved and gradually improve. One of the herbal remedies that you can use to treat this ulcer is to use red binahong leaves.

How to make this red binahong leaf into an ulcer medicine is to boil it until it boils, then strain and let it cool a bit then you can drink it regularly every day. You can feel the results from consuming this red binahong leaf decoction in the next few months. Of course you will feel a big change in the ulcer disorder you are experiencing.

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  1. Overcoming cholesterol

Another health problem that is currently being discussed by many people is the problem of cholesterol. Excessive cholesterol in the body can disrupt blood circulation, this is because cholesterol clogs blood flow. in the long term if cholesterol is left unchecked it can cause various types of dangerous diseases including stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure where these diseases are included in the type of deadly disease.

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To help overcome cholesterol you can use red binahong leaves. The trick is to boil some binahong leaves that have been washed and then boiled in clean water. Let the water shrink and become thick. After that, let it cool a bit and then you can drink it straight away. If you don’t like the taste, you can add brown sugar or honey to make it taste better.

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  1. Reduce uric acid

The body produces uric acid every day where this acid should be excreted through the urine. But sometimes this acid has a buildup or deposition in the joints in the form of sharp crystals so that it provides unbearable pain for the sufferer. If uric acid is left untreated, it has the potential to cause paralysis for the sufferer.

Treating gout can use binahong leaves, the trick is to drink a decoction of red binahong leaves. This red binahong leaf decoction will be very effective and safe for those of you with gout. Drink the decoction of binahong leaves regularly so you can get maximum results. if you only drink it once or twice then the results will not be visible because it requires regular consumption.

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  1. Post-surgery medicine

If you have had surgery, it will definitely cause scars after this operation. Surgical scars sometimes do not heal and make it difficult for the sufferer to carry out various types of activities. Well, to help overcome the problem of surgical scars, you can use the help of red binahong leaves. The method is very easy, you only have to prepare 20 young binahong leaves and choose a wide one, then also prepare 3 cups of clean water. Wash the binahong leaves thoroughly and then boil them with 3 cups of water. Wait until it boils and until the water reduces to 2 cups only. after that remove and leave until warm enough. Then drink regularly 2 times a day to get maximum results on wound healing.

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