8 Benefits of Emprit Ginger (Ginger Sunti)

In general, ginger is well known by the wider community. Ginger is used to make body-warming drinks, besides that, ginger is also used as a kitchen spice. In addition, ginger generally has other uses, namely to treat several diseases including rheumatism, asthma, stroke, toothache, diabetes, muscle aches, throat, cramps, hypertension, nausea, fever and infection. Many people think that all ginger is the same. In fact, ginger is grouped into three types, namely large white ginger or rhino ginger, small white ginger or emprit ginger and red ginger or red ginger. From each type of ginger, each has different characteristics and benefits. One type of ginger that is considered to have a unique shape is emprit ginger.

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Characteristics of Ginger Emprit

In general, people think that ginger is the same in terms of efficacy and benefits. However, the shape of the existing types of ginger can be distinguished by naked eye. One type of ginger is ginger emprit. Ginger emprit has a small, flat rhizome shape and tends to be flat and not bulging. In contrast to the two other types of ginger which have a form that contains. Unlike other types of ginger, ginger emprit does not emit a sharp aroma, but the taste of ginger emprit is more spicy. Although it has a spicier taste, the texture of this emprit ginger is also softer than other types of ginger.

Although it has a different shape character from other types of ginger, the efficacy of emprit ginger is the same as ginger in general. However, there are several benefits of emprit ginger that are different from other types of ginger. The benefits of this emprit ginger include:

  1. Preserving Salted Eggs
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Salted eggs are already familiar among the wider community. Salted eggs have a different way of processing, compared to processing chicken eggs. One way to process salted eggs is to use a wet salting method. However, how to process salted eggs using wet salting can cause salted eggs to have a slightly fishy taste. From several other ways that are done, processing salted eggs are always made new innovations so that salted eggs are in great demand by the general public.

One of the methods used to process salted eggs is using emprit ginger. The natural antioxidant and antimicrobial content contained in emprit ginger can have an influence on the taste of ginger and eliminate the fishy smell. Processing of ginger using emprit ginger is more in demand by salted egg entrepreneurs because it is dominated by many people.

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  1. Used To Make Emprit Ginger Beer

Because it has a stronger taste than other types of ginger, there are some researchers who are interested in making beer from ginger emprit. By mixing sugar and using bacteria for fermentation, this beer from emprit ginger can produce alcohol like beer in general and has a strong taste.

In addition to the two benefits of emprit ginger as described above, in general, emprit ginger has properties that are almost the same as ginger in general, some of the benefits of emprit ginger include:

  1. Anti-inflammatory. All types of ginger contain phenols which have anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is also often used to overcome the problem of menstrual pain that is experienced by many women. The content of phenol is able to relieve arthritis and muscle tension that occurs. Ginger is also able to inhibit the production of prostaglandins. Prostaglanin itself is a hormone that can cause inflammation that occurs in the human body.
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2. Warms the body. Ginger in general has properties that can increase the feeling of warmth in the body. Therefore, ginger can relieve nausea and mild cold symptoms due to its warming properties. The warm feeling that comes after consuming ginger can stimulate the release of the adrenal hormone so that it can widen blood vessels. This can help blood flow smoothly and lower blood pressure.

3. Overcoming colds. The carminativum content found in ginger has been shown to stimulate the stomach to produce gas. The release of excess gas from the stomach can overcome bloating and relieve flatulence.

4. Reduce stomach acidity. Ginger has the benefit of reducing irritation that occurs in the digestive tract. This is because ginger has acetone and methanol compounds that can react with stomach acid. The reaction caused is to reduce pain in the stomach and prevent inflammation of the joints.

5. Overcoming premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is now widely experienced by men of various circles. To overcome this, you can consume ginger. The content of cineole and arginine compounds in ginger is considered to be able to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation by stimulating erections in men. In addition, the content is also able to strengthen sperm resistance and prevent infertility.

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6. Relieve migraines. When experiencing migraines or headaches on the other side of the head, some people immediately take migraine medications. When in fact to deal with migraines can use natural remedies such as ginger. The content in ginger is able to stop the protaglandins that cause pain and inflammation of blood vessels. This is what causes, consuming ginger can overcome migraine problems.

7. Overcoming cancer. There is no doubt that ginger can overcome cancer. Many sources state that the compounds in ginger can stop cancer cells from working. One type of cancer that can be treated using ginger is ovarian cancer and colon cancer. In addition to inhibiting the work of ovarian cancer cells, ginger is also able to slow the growth of colorectal cancer cells.

8. Relieves nausea due to pregnancy. Some sources say that the content in ginger has the same level of effectiveness as vitamin B6. The content in ginger, as well as vitamin B6 is able to overcome the nausea caused by pregnancy.

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Emprit ginger is one of three types of ginger. Emprit ginger has two different benefits from other types of ginger. However, because it has the same content as other types of ginger, in general the benefits of emprit ginger are the same as ginger in general, although, it has a more spicy shape and taste. Of course, consuming ginger can be tried to always maintain a healthy body.

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