8 benefits of karsen leaves for diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease when the salivary glands of the stomach cannot produce enough insulin, or in other words the body cannot use insulin effectively. Blood sugar levels above normal are a sign of diabetes. (Also Read: Benefits of Palm Sugar for Diabetes , Benefits of Jicama for Diabetes)

As for Some Symptoms of Diabetes

  1. Feeling thirsty more often
  2. Frequent use of the bathroom to urinate at night
  3. Often feel hungry
  4. Get tired quickly
  5. Losing weight
  6. Loss of muscle mass
  7. An infection occurs in the wound, because the wound is slow to heal
  8. Eyesight is often blurred.

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Below we will review about herbal plants that can cure diabetes, namely the Benefits of Karsen Leaves for Diabetes. Karsen or often called talok fruit or Javanese cherry is a fruit that has a very sweet and delicious taste. Karsen fruit is small and has a black dot under it. In addition to karsen fruit, it turns out that karsen leaves also have several benefits for various diseases, karsen leaves are one of the most effective herbal plants for curing diabetes mellitus. Because karsen leaves contain saponins and flavonoids which have a role as antioxidants and are able to secrete the hormone insulin which is needed by the body as sugar metabolism. In addition, it turns out that Moringa leaves have many other benefits, including:

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Benefits of Moringa Leaves

  1. Prevent tumor development

Tumor is a disease that is not foreign to us, it turns out that apart from being able to cure diabetes, karsen leaf can also cure tumors. Karsen leaves can prevent tumor growth, because karsen leaves have various ingredients including saponin content, flavonoid content and also tannin content, not only that, boiled water together with karsen leaves can be used as a very good antiseptic, and can also prevent inflammation. as well as inflammation. (Also Read: Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Tumors , Benefits of Moringa Leaves to Lower Cholesterol)

  1. Anti hypertension
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Besides being able to prevent the development of tumors, karsen leaves have other uses, namely as an anti-hypertensive. to make karsen leaf as one of the anti-hypertensive drugs is to make a drink from karsen leaf powder. And drink as much as 2 times in one day. (Also Read: Benefits of Beluntas Leaves for Overcoming Hypertension , Benefits of Noni for Hypertension)

  1. Anti-inflammatory

In addition to anti-hypertensive, it turns out that karsen is also an anti-inflammatory, as described above. By drinking a decoction of karsen leaves can be used as an anti-inflammatory in the body. (Also Read: Benefits of mango leaves , The benefits of Japanese ants for health)

  1. As a medicine to treat diabetes

Not only karsen leaves that can be used to treat diabetes, it turns out that karsen fruit can also be used as a diabetes drug. Karsen leaf is also known as a natural herb that is very effective in dealing with high blood sugar, because in karsen leaves it has various contents including very high flavonoid content, sapoin content and also karsen content which can be used as a hormone inhibitor of insulin, which is very useful for the body as an antioxidant. sugar metabolism. (Also Read: Soursop Benefits for Diabetes , Gambir Benefits For Diabetics)

Top herbs for diabetes

5. As an antiseptic

Karsen leaves are also very effective for antiseptic use, because karsen leaves contain saponins, flovonins, and tannins. Because of the content, it can be used as a microbial killer and as a killer for various bacteria.

  1. Overcome high cholesterol
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High cholesterol is also a disease that can be cured by consuming cherry leaves. Drink boiled water three glasses a day, will reduce cholesterol in your body.(Also Read: Benefits of Papaya Leaves for High Cholesterol , Okra Benefits for High Cholesterol)

  1. Maintain heart muscle function

Karsen leaves can work actively to protect the function of the heart muscle, just by regularly drinking karsen leaf decoction. That way the heart will be protected and also protect against damage from toxins. (Also Read: Benefits of Peanuts for Heart Health)

  1. Avoid gout

Gout can also be cured by consuming 9 pieces of karsen every day. (Also Read: Pineapple Benefits for Gout Patients , Benefits of Breadfruit Leaves for Gout Patients)

top herbal gout

Herbs from Karsen Leaves

How to make karsen concoction for diabetes

  1. Take 10-15 old cherry leaves
  2. Boil the cherry leaves with three glasses of water until only one cup of water is left
  3. Let the decoction of karsen leaves warm or cold, then drink it, 3 times a day 1 cup.

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How to make tea with karsen leaves

  1. Do not dry karsen leaves or talok in direct sunlight
  2. Cut the karsen leaves with the branches and hang the karsen leaves in the shade, leave to wither and dry
  3. Take 10 pieces of karsen leaves and brew them in one glass of water
  4. Drink it in the morning and also in the evening
  5. This herb is useful for lowering sugar levels and is also an antibiotic in diabetic wounds.

Factors that Cause Diabetes

Based on research from medical experts, it was found that it was found that diabetes is not only caused by genetic factors, but can also be influenced by several other factors, including bad living habits and the environment. A person who carries the diabetes gene from birth does not necessarily get diabetes, because there are many factors that cause a person to develop diabetes, including:

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1. Excessive eating
Overeating causes the body to have a pile of fat and sugar in excess, with this condition making the glands in the pancreas have to work hard in producing the hormone insulin, to manage the amount of sugar that enters. If it is allowed to continue over time, the pancreas will not be able to meet the increasing needs of the hormone insulin, causing excess sugar in the body to be unmanageable and will eventually enter the blood and urine. According to a survey, 70% of a person who suffers from diabetes is a person who is overweight or who is often called obese. (Also Read: Benefits of Not Napping , Benefits of Not Eating Dinner)

2. Lack of movement
Lack of movement is also one of the causes of diabetes, because movement can burn some sugar to be used as energy, so movement can also ease the work of the pancreas gland so it doesn’t produce too much insulin, because the sugar in the body has been burned into motion. . (Also Read: Benefits of Jengkol for Diabetes Mellitus , Benefits of Turmeric for Diabetes)

3. When pregnant
Although a pregnant woman must meet the growth needs of her fetus, pregnant women must also regulate their diet and what foods will enter the stomach, so that during pregnancy they do not experience excessive sugar buildup which causes diabetes. Benefits of Prenagen Essence Milk , Benefits of Green Pears)

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