25 Benefits of Green Sugar Cane for Health

Sugarcane is always synonymous with the basic ingredients for making sugar. This is because the majority of the use of this plant is to make white sugar. In addition, plants that have a Latin name Saccharum officinarum this is also a lot of sugarcane extract. Plants that enter the family Poaceae it has a sturdy stem, the stem is segmented and fibrous or stringy, and the bark is tough. In Indonesia, there are various types of sugar cane including black sugar cane, egg sugar cane, yellow sugar cane, and green sugar cane. Many benefits can be taken from this sugar cane plant. Here we will discuss the various benefits of green sugarcane in everyday life:

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  1. Basic Ingredients for Making Granulated Sugar – Sugarcane that tastes sweet has a high sugar content. From 100 grams of sugar cane, the sugar content is 25.8 grams. Sugarcane juice contains 3 types of sugar, namely sucrose, fructose, and glucose. The only sugar that can be crystallized is the sucrose. Therefore, sugar cane is very suitable to be used as a raw material for making granulated sugar. The amount of granulated sugar produced, depends on how big the machine’s ability to separate sucrose from sugarcane juice. (Also read: Benefits of Palm Sugar for Stomach Acid)
  2. Sufficient Energy Needs – The largest content of sugarcane juice is sugar and carbohydrates where these two substances play a role in meeting energy needs. If the body feels weak without energy, it would be nice to drink sugarcane juice. (Also read: Bowling Sports Benefits)
  3. Prevent Osteoporosis – Sugarcane is rich in potassium and calcium, in 100 grams of sugarcane there are 163 mg of potassium and 32.56 mg of calcium. This substance is proven to be good for bone health so that it can prevent osteoporosis.
  4. Avoiding Stroke – Someone who gets enough potassium intake has a lower risk of stroke. One of the things that can be done to get adequate potassium intake is to consume sugarcane juice. (Also read: Benefits of Statins)
  5. Maintain Kidney Health – Potassium in sugarcane works as an agent that keeps calcium from settling in the kidneys which can lead to kidney stones. The kidneys are able to filter potassium in the blood and excrete it with urine. In other words, potassium can maintain the health of our kidneys. (Also read: Benefits of Moringa Leaves for Kidneys)
  6. Maintain Brain Performance – The brain can work well if the flow of oxygen to the brain is sufficient. One of the substances that play a role in bringing oxygen to the brain is potassium. Because sugarcane has quite a lot of potassium, sugarcane is very good for maintaining brain performance.
  7. Maintaining Nerve Cell Function – In addition to bringing oxygen to the brain, potassium also helps in sending messages in the nervous system. This mineral is also important for maintaining healthy nerve cells. Healthy nerve cells are able to carry out their functions properly. Sugarcane juice intake provides a high enough potassium intake so that it can help to maintain nerve cell function. (Also read: Benefits of Exercise for Brain Health)
  8. Lowering Blood Pressure – Sugarcane has sufficient calcium content. This substance plays an important role in the process of lowering blood pressure. Therefore, people with high blood pressure are recommended to consume sugarcane juice.
  9. Strengthens Bones and Teeth – Adequate calcium intake can strengthen bones and teeth. One of the nutritional content in sugarcane is calcium so sugarcane is good for strengthening bones and teeth. In addition, the phosphorus content also plays a role in the formation of teeth so that sugarcane juice prevents tooth decay. (Also read: Benefits of Exercise for Bones)
  10. Prevent Sore Throat – Sore throat or sore throat can be prevented by consuming sugarcane juice. This inflammation is caused by a fungal or viral infection of the throat. It turns out that sugarcane contains quite a lot of niacin where this niacin has an anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effect.
  11. Preventing Flu and Colds – A strong immune system makes the body strong to withstand the virus that causes flu and colds, namely the influenza virus. Sugarcane juice contains riboflavin and pantonenic acid which play a role in increasing the body’s immune system. In other words, sugarcane juice can also be used as an intake to prevent colds and flu. (Also read: Benefits of Ginger during the Flu)
  12. Hydrate the Body – SWhen the weather is hot, the body will automatically excrete more fluid in the form of sweat than in the form of urine. This is because the body is trying to maintain its temperature against the hot outside temperature. Losing large amounts of fluids makes the body dehydrated. The content of water and minerals in sugarcane juice is able to hydrate the body so that the body does not become dehydrated.
  13. Strengthens Immune System – Sugarcane juice is very good for boosting the immune system. This is because sugarcane contains riboflavin and pantonenic acid which can strengthen the body’s immune system. (Also read: Benefits of Esters C)
  14. Preventing Cardiovascular Disease – Cardiovascular better known as heart disease. The high niacin content in sugarcane is able to prevent meeting the daily needs of vitamin B3 in the body and prevent heart disease.
  15. Prevent Diabetes – Many say that sugarcane juice is safe for diabetics. Why does this happen? It turns out that all of that cannot be separated from the vitamin B3 content in niacin which is able to control blood sugar levels. In other words prevent diabetes. However, use in high doses actually works the opposite, namely increasing blood sugar levels. (Also read: Benefits of Diabetasol)
  16. Preventing Atherosclerosis – Atherosclerosis is the narrowing of blood vessels due to the deposition of cholesterol and other fats. Consumption of large amounts of niacin can dilate blood vessels so that blood can flow throughout the body properly. Sugarcane juice contains sufficient niacin for the body.
  17. Overcoming Nosebleeds – Sugarcane decoction is able to overcome nosebleeds. To overcome nosebleeds, this stew is mixed with sugar and a little salt. When it is cold, the decoction is filtered and drunk. (Also read: Sugarcane Benefits)
  18. Treating Breast Cancer – Sugarcane contains minerals in the form of alkali in large quantities. This substance helps treat breast cancer sufferers. To get maximum results, consume regularly. Excessive use of alkali is harmful to our body.
  19. Avoid Stomach Infections – A potassium-deficient stomach is prone to infection. The largest mineral in sugarcane is potassium. Therefore sugarcane juice is very good for avoiding gastric infections. (Also read: Benefits of Young Noni Leaves)
  20. Treating Jaundice – Jaundice is caused by increased levels of bilirubin in the blood. Biliburin is a yellow colored substance found in feces and urine produced by the liver. Therefore, this disease can occur if liver function decreases. Sugarcane can improve liver function, so sugarcane juice can cure jaundice.
  21. Maintain Eye Health – Sugarcane contains riboflavin, this substance is believed to be able to overcome various eye problems such as tired eyes, cataracts, and glaucoma. (Also read: Benefits of vitamin A for the eyes)
  22. Maintain Hair Health – Healthy hair is a woman’s dream hair. Healthy hair can be had by consuming green sugarcane juice because of the riboflavin content in it.
  23. Maintain Skin Health – Sugarcane juice can be used to maintain healthy skin. This is inseparable from sugarcane which is rich in nutrients. (Also read: Benefits of Olive Soap)
  24. Preventing Premature Aging – Blood that flows throughout the body causes the function of organs and body systems to work properly. The body becomes fresher and fitter, thus preventing premature aging. Consuming green sugarcane juice allows us to enjoy this.
  25. Keeping Nails Healthy – In addition to healthy hair and skin, it turns out that sugarcane juice which contains riboflavin can also maintain healthy nails. (Also read: Benefits of Herborist Brand Olive Oil)
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There are so many benefits of green sugarcane that we have discussed. If we are able to process it properly, we will benefit from the best green sugarcane. Anything created by God certainly has benefits. It’s just that many of us don’t know it. Even the grass on the road actually also has benefits. We just often ignore it. Proper use will bring benefits, and wrong use will bring harm. So, use it wisely. Likewise for sugar cane, whether we consume it, plant it, harvest it, or process it. Hope it is useful!

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