101 Benefits of Fish Meal – Tuna, Cork, Lemuru and Kites

Indonesia has an ocean area that is larger than its land area. The Indonesian ocean stretches from the tip of Sabang to Merauke. This marine potential makes Indonesia rich in marine products, in fact, some of the border areas of the Indonesian sea are often eaten by foreign fishermen to catch fish.

Fish have a high selling power, that’s why fish are one of the animals that are always hunted by humans. This is because fish have a variety of nutritional content that is good for the body and the body does need the nutrients contained in fish. Fish is one of the animal proteins that people need to consume.

One of the animal protein that has abundant source of nutrition is fish. Every fish that lives in fresh water and sea water has good nutritional content for daily consumption. Many dishes with the main ingredient of fish can be processed easily. Starting from fried, boiled, souped, steamed, used as a snack and much more.

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Nutritional Content in Fish

Why is there so much variety in the diet of fish? Today there are many variations of food from fish because the nutrients contained in fish are so many. The nutritional content includes carbohydrates, calcium, fat, vitamins, protein, minerals, vitamin B12 and phosphorus.

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Processed Fish Flour

The number of innovations in processed fish makes this protein source more popular, especially for those who don’t like processed fish in its original form. One of those innovations is fish meal. Food researchers, have made a breakthrough in fish meal so that the nutrients in fish are still absorbed by the body without worrying about the fishy smell of fish.

Fish that has been in the form of flour has the advantage of being able to last longer in temperature without experiencing any changes. Another advantage is that fish meal has a low water content but still has a high protein and mineral content, can be processed into various food products, and is a mixture of animal feed ingredients.

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The types of fish that can be produced into fish meal include:

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1. Cork Fish

Snakehead fish is very abundant in the South Sulawesi region. Unfortunately, this snakehead fish is less attractive to the local community in fresh form. Even though there are a lot of nutritional content in snakehead fish and high economic value for the community.

Therefore, some food researchers make flour from snakehead fish. The flour from this snakehead fish can later be consumed and varied with other processed foods and the waste from the manufacture of flour can be used as animal feed. So that no part of the snakehead fish is wasted because every part of it can be utilized.

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2. Lemuru Fish

Many Lemuru fish breed in the Bali Strait. This fish has a high fat content so it needs a special way to process it into fish meal. Tati Nurhayati a researcher from IPB tried to process this lemuru fish into flour with various experiments so that it can be concluded that to produce quality lemuru fish meal, it is necessary to add some appropriate substances so that fish meal has a high protein content and low fat.

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3. Tuna fish

Tuna is usually only processed as pindang, even though this fish can be processed into fish meal and used for other food products. The content of tuna which is full of nutrients makes this fish finally able to be processed into fish meal.

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4. Kite Fish

Kites are one of the most widely distributed fish in Indonesia and can be found in traditional markets. This fish is very suitable for consumption by people who have digestive disorders. In addition, the content of various nutrients from scad fish makes the nutritional value of this fish can be absorbed by the body even though it has been processed into flour. After being converted into flour, it can later be used for various food products such as contact fish and more.

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