Benefits of Avocado for Patients with High Cholesterol

There are many ways that cholesterol sufferers can do to lower cholesterol levels in their bodies. One of them is by consuming avocado. Well, it’s no secret that this one fruit has benefits for people with cholesterol. It is proven that if you consume one avocado a day, it can help get rid of bad cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol is a type of fat that the body makes to function normally. However, if there is excess cholesterol, it will have an impact on the appearance of disease heart and strokes.

Ingredients in Avocado Fruit

Avocado, which is a source of monounsaturated fat, should be consumed in moderation (don’t overdo it). The content of the fruit that has yellowish flesh with large enough seeds, including:

  • vitamins and minerals (more potassium sources than bananas, vitamins B6, B9, vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin E);
  • compounds that can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol / phytosterols;
  • fiber (a medium avocado contains at least 11 grams of fiber);
  • antioxidants that also play a role in preventing heart disease or called polyphenols;
  • protein (the average avocado contains 4 grams of protein);
  • sugar (low sugar content compared to other fruits. Half an avocado has only 0.2 grams of sugar);
  • Oleic acid (good fats that reduce the level of bad fats in the blood).

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Research Proving the Benefits of Avocados

Research has been conducted on 45 men and women who have problems with being overweight (obese) and who are in good health, with an age range between 21-70 years and divided into 3 diet groups:

  1. Low-fat diet group without avocado
  2. The moderate fat diet group by consuming avocado
  3. The moderate fat diet group without avocado consumption.
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The result?

  1. People on a moderate fat diet accompanied by regular avocado consumption had lower levels of bad cholesterol (levels of LDL or bad cholesterol decreased by 13.5 points);
  2. For the group on a moderate fat diet without eating avocado, LDL levels decreased by 8.3 points;
  3. Meanwhile, for those on a low-fat diet without eating avocado regularly, LDL levels were reduced by 7.4 points.

In another study, said that avocados are indeed beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. Consuming it regularly and in moderate doses has an impact on triglyceride levels down by up to 20%, bad cholesterol levels down by 22%, and good cholesterol (HDL) levels rising up to 11%.

Most of the calories produced by avocado as much as 77% of calories come from fat in the form of oleic acid (a type of monounsaturated fat). This oleic acid is also contained in olive oil, you know. Back to avocado! Not surprisingly, this yellow-fleshed fruit has been named as one of the fruits that has the most fat content.

What you need to know and pay attention to when consuming avocados is that the average calories in avocados range from 200 to 300 calories. So if you consume avocado in large quantities, it will have an impact on the body fat. Some diseases that can be overcome by consuming avocado in addition to: high cholesterol among others are heart disease, stroke, cancer, and helps control diabetes.

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Explanation of the Benefits of Other Avocado Fruits

  1. Keep your heart healthy

The content contained in avocados, namely vitamin B6 and folic acid can keep homocysteine ​​levels stable. Please note that high homocysteine ​​levels can increase the risk of heart disease. Other content in avocados, namely monounsaturated fat, glutathione, and vitamin E can keep the heart healthy.

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  1. Anti-inflammatory / anti-inflammatory

Phytonutrient compounds such as polyphenols and flavonoids are anti-inflammatory so they can help overcome inflammation and degenerative disorders.

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  1. Take care of your blood pressure

This fruit contains a lot of potassium and is even a source of potassium so that it can keep blood pressure normal and stable.

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  1. Keep your eyes healthy

This fruit is also a source of carotenoid lutein which is useful for keeping the eyes healthy, preventing the eyes from cataracts and other disorders in the form of damage that has to do with age-related macular degeneration.

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  1. Control blood sugar levels

The good fat content in avocados can reverse insulin resistance so that blood sugar levels are maintained. In addition, the soluble fiber in avocados will help stabilize blood sugar levels.

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  1. Prevent birth defects

Avocados are rich in folate in the form of vitamin B9 which is folic acid. One cup of avocado contains 23% folate of the recommended daily value. Associated with the high content of folate, it is useful for preventing birth defects such as neural tube defects.

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  1. Prevent cancer

The next benefit is to prevent cancer. One of the properties of this fruit is oleic acid, which is effective in preventing breast cancer.

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  1. Reduce the risk of stroke

Which plays a role in reducing the risk of stroke is the high folate content in avocados.

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  1. Free radical tree

The glutathione content in this fruit is very strong and can fight free radicals that enter the body.

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  1. Anti-aging

This is the benefit of avocado which has a high antioxidant content. It can slow down aging. Plus the glutathione contained in avocados, can boost immunity.

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  1. Maintain skin health

Avocado oil is commonly used in cosmetics and various beauty products because of its properties in helping maintain healthy skin and make the skin look radiant. Avocados can also be used for the treatment of psoriasis (a type of skin disease that makes the skin irritated and red).

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  1. Eliminate bad breath

Avocados can help cleanse the intestines that cause bad breath.

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  1. Gaining weight

The high number of calories in avocados, suitable for those who want to gain weight in a healthy way.

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  1. Increased nutrient absorption

This is evidenced by a study of people who consumed a salad with a mixture of avocado and without a mixture of avocado. Those who ate a salad with a mixture of avocado in it, the amount of carotenoids absorbed 5 times more than those who did not eat a salad with the addition of avocado.

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