7 Benefits of Strawberry for Super Perfect Skin

Strawberry is a red fruit with a bright red color that has its own charm that can make people want to eat it, the starwberry fruit itself comes from the American continent which is now widespread throughout the world. Actually, strawberries are not included in the fruit, but strawberries are a group that is included in the fake fruit group because the flesh does not come from the ovaries of plants but comes from forming a bowl where the ovaries of the plant are below. hypnotian. The starberry fruit belongs to the type Rosaceae which is included in the type of rose plant which has the genus Fragraria, The red color that is owned by the strawberry fruit is because in the strawberry there is a pigment that is very rich in anticyanin pigments and there is also a high antioxidant content found in the strawberry fruit.

Strawberry fruit turns out to have a very high vitamin C content compared to citrus fruit and the strawberry provides a daily vitamin C content of 94 milligrams or 1.5 times the daily requirement of vitamin C which is vitamin C which is good for health for the human body. In addition, the strawberry fruit has a uniqueness where in the strawberry fruit there are seeds that are located outside the fruit, which is usually in other fruits the seeds are inside the fruit, the seeds are in the form of small small colored spots so people assume that the spots are not seeds. .

In addition to vitamin C which is the most content found in strawberries but there are also other ingredients that are beneficial to the human body, including Manganese, Folic Acid, Potassium, Riboflavin, Copper, Magnesium, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and much more.

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Inside the strawberry there are ingredients that are good for the human body, it seems to be in beauty. Here are the benefits of starwberry fruit for beauty or for the skin:

  1. Reduce the appearance of acne on the face

The first benefits of Strawberry for the skin are for the problem of acne on the face. For those who have problems with acne that can interfere with facial skin, it turns out that strawberries can overcome this because in strawberries there are ingredients which are able to help reduce acne on the skin. The contents are Salicylic acid, salicylic acid itself is often used in basic ingredients in drugs that can overcome the reduction of acne that occurs around the facial skin.

Good for acne

  1. As an anti-aging for the skin

When facial skin begins to experience problems that arise because it makes it not beautiful anymore because the skin starts to wrinkle so it makes people not confident, but it turns out that this can be overcome with strawberries because in strawberries there are contents such as Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Provitamin A which is efficacious to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin.

As an anti -aging

  1. Can smooth facial skin

For all women the dream of having smooth skin is very important to look beautiful so that they make themselves more confident when in front of many people, the strawberry fruit itself can help in smoothing the skin because of this in the strawberry fruit there are ingredients that can smooth facial skin such as Contains Provitamin 1, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2 which are able to help smooth the skin around the face.

  1. Makes the face brighter and cleaner
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Every woman definitely on her facial skin wants to have healthy, smooth, bright and clean skin so that she looks beautiful in front of everyone, but to be like that now is very easy just by doing very expensive treatments but actually it can be replaced by consuming Strawberry. Because the strawberry fruit itself contains ingredients that make the face bright and clean, these ingredients are Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1 and also Provitamin 1 which can help the skin to become brighter and cleaner.

  1. Can repair damaged skin tissue

Damaged skin tissue is usually caused by various factors that can make the skin look unhealthy anymore, the content contained in the strawberry fruit can help the damaged skin tissue. The content is Vitamin C, Vitamin C itself has a function in repairing damaged skin tissue where the function of strawberries has a role in producing collagen. It is the collagen that can repair damaged skin tissue, the collagen itself is soluble in vitamins and also in water by providing 100% consumption of vitamin C needed by the body as an ingredient in the process of repairing damaged skin tissue.

  1. Can be used as a cleanser for the skin

The cause that makes the skin damaged is because of something that enters the facial skin, because in the strawberry fruit there is ellagic acid which acts as an antioxidant that can prevent damage to the skin and can also maintain the youth of facial skin to avoid facial skin aging. In addition, starwberry can also clean dead skin cells so that it makes the skin unhealthy, this can be overcome with strawberries which are used as masks on the face which contain Vitamin C, silcylic acid and also exfoliants that function in cleaning cells. dead skin.

  1. Helps fight free radicals
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Strawberry which contains the most Vitamin C among other ingredients makes this Vitamin C has a role in warding off free radicals that will attack the body, the cause is due to food and environmental factors that can help in the spread of free radicals where these free radicals can threaten the human body. which attacks the tissues or others contained in the human body.

It not only threatens the human body but can also cause premature aging and even more fatal can threaten the condition of existing functions in the brain, but not only vitamin C which can fight free radicals but there are also other ingredients such as phytonutrients.

The above are the benefits of strawberry bauh for skin health that can be used in skin care or can be used as a deterrent in the emergence of other skin problems, this is not done just once to produce optimal results but also requires continuous treatment and also requires a healthy lifestyle. healthy so that this problem does not occur.

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