7 Benefits of Alang Alang Tea to Overcome Many Diseases

Alang alang tea is a nutritious drink made from the roots of alang alang or also known as weeds or fields that are tall and almost similar to rice. Alang Imperata, which lives as a parasitic plant and disturbs the surrounding plants, turns out to have many benefits for the health of the body and to be clear about tea benefits You can see the complete alang alang below.

  1. Overcoming Hypertension

Hypertension or better known as high blood pressure is a health problem that is often experienced and can occur due to high cholesterol levels and fat accumulation in the body, causing blood flow in the body to be not smooth. Benefits of fat it is also needed in the body, but if the levels are in excess it can be dangerous. To overcome this disease can be done by consuming alang alang tea regularly. In addition to alang alang tea, the benefits of beluntas leaves for hypertension can also be used as an alternative natural treatment to treat high blood pressure.

  1. Stop Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds can occur due to reduced moisture levels in the nose which can be caused by hot weather or can also be caused by impact and causing the fine blood vessels in the nose to burst. Besides, there are 20 benefits of red betel leaf for herbal treatment one of which is also useful for stopping nosebleeds.

  1. Treating Kidney Problems
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Problems that occur in the kidneys can cause several complications of the disease and even lead to death. This kidney disease must be treated as early as possible and one of the natural and safe ways is to drink alang alang tea regularly until kidney problems can be completely cured.

  • Boil fresh reeds with 3 cups of water until it boils until the remaining 1 cup.
  • After a bit of cold, drink 1 glass of this reed reed tea and do it every day regularly.
  1. Treating Lung Disease

One of the vital organs of the body that must be kept healthy is the lungs. If the lungs have problems, the difficulty in breathing will be disturbed so that they must always be kept healthy by not smoking because benefits of not smoking for the body very much. In addition, eating a healthy diet and drinking alang alang tea regularly is also the best way to maintain and treat lung disease.

  1. Cure Diarrhea
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Besides guava leaves benefits for diarrhea, there are several other natural ingredients that can be used to treat this digestive disorder. Diarrhea can occur due to unsanitary food intake, not washing hands properly. Benefits of washing hands with clean water and soap also become a good habit to prevent various other diseases. Diarrhea that often occurs not only in adults but also children can be overcome easily by consuming alang alang tea. The content in this plant is not only effective for curing diarrhea, but also good for maintaining the health of your kidneys.

  1. Launching Urination

Benefit for for The next step is to overcome digestive problems, more precisely to launch the urinary tract. Stagnant urination can cause urinary stones which is certainly very painful for the sufferer. To expedite urination, this can also be done by consuming alang alang tea regularly.

  • Prepare 30 to 50 alang alang roots and dry in the sun to dry.
  • After drying, boil the dried reed roots with 2 cups of water until only 1 cup remains.
  • Once warm enough, strain and drink regularly 2 times a day until urinating smoothly again.
  1. Overcome Internal Heat
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The benefits of reed leaves for the body is very much, but the roots of alang alang also have extraordinary uses. The use of alang alang tea is to relieve hot inside. This herb is considered very safe for consumption compared to hot solutions in packages that have been mixed with harmful chemicals.

  • Prepare the roots of alang alang to taste and then wash it with running water until clean.
  • Dry in the oven or dry and then grind into a powder.
  • Brew the alang alang powder with hot water then mix it with a little honey and consume it as a substitute for your daily tea drink.

Thus our review this time about the benefits of alang alang tea for body health and all kinds of diseases. Alang alang is an herbal plant that is good for consumption and does not cause harmful side effects as long as it is consumed in a dose that is not excessive.

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