9 Benefits of Collaskin Tea for Skin Health and Beauty

Collagen is a substance that functions to make up skin tissue, as the main foundation of tendons, bones, skin and ligaments to provide strength and flexibility. In the human body the amount of collagen is abundant which glues the whole body together. The body produces collagen naturally and consistently, but with age, exposure to ultraviolet light and pollution results in inhibition of collagen production in the body. Lack of collagen causes the skin to become dry, aging lines appear, wrinkles and skin becomes dull and sagging. To overcome this, the body needs food Collagen benefits In addition, Collaskin tea, which can help optimally regenerate cells.

Collaskin tea is a halal collagen drink made from a mixture of the benefits of Santoon Tea and Rosella tea benefits with bovine bone collagen that has received a halal certificate from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). Santoon tea has a high antioxidant content. antioxidant benefits can help ward off free radicals so as to avoid various dangerous diseases, while Rosella is rich in Vitamin C, which functions as a collagen absorption booster. Collaskin tea is made from natural ingredients that are safe and do not cause side effects, even pregnant women can consume it.

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Collaskin tea has many health and beauty benefits including:

1. Brighten the skin.

Lack of collagen will make the skin dull, consuming collaskin tea can add protein to the skin so that the skin becomes fresher and naturally bright.

2. Increase skin elasticity / elasticity.

Collagen helps the body in accelerating the regeneration of damaged skin tissue, with collaskin tea can provide additional body collagen to be perfect so that the elasticity / elasticity of the skin will be maintained.

3. Strengthen nails.

As a result of a lack of collagen, nails become brittle, by consuming collaskin tea, the body’s collagen needs are fulfilled so that nails become strong and not easily brittle.

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4. Get rid of black spots and acne scars

Benefits of vitamin C and collagen in collaskin tea makes the skin brighter so that black spots and acne scars disappear.

5. Make young.

The high collagen content can help regenerate the skin so that skin cells are rejuvenated so that the skin feels firmer, fresher, and looks younger, wrinkles and aging lines disappear.

6. Prevent free radicals from entering the skin

Collaskin tea contains high antioxidants, the benefits of antioxidants can repel free radicals so that they do not enter the skin.

7. Stimulate hair growth.

Consuming collaskin tea can help nourish hair, because collagen plays an important role in hair growth, making it thick and not dull.

8. Reduce rheumatic pain.

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Joint inflammation or rheumatism causes limited body movement, with added collagen to help promote joint health and reduce pain.

9. Helps increase bone density.

Brittle bone disease due to a decrease in collagen in the body can be overcome with the addition of collagen from collaskin tea, and for bone health it can be overcome with herbal plants such as benefits of celery for bones

Women will experience menopause between the ages of 52 years. Menopause is marked by the cessation of menstruation, at this time there is a rapid decrease in the amount of collagen due to the cessation of estrogen production, so that at this age, collagen intake from outside is required, such as collaskin tea. But it would be better if the intake of collagen has been done since before menopause, namely since the age of 30 years.

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