Benefits of Carica Seeds for Health

Carica is a native plant from Indonesia originating from Dieng, Central Java. The Latin name of this carica is carica pubescens. Where this carica fruit by the local community is named the mountain papaya. In terms of shape, this carica fruit does have a shape similar to papaya fruit in general. It’s just that the difference between Carica fruit and papaya fruit is the size. Which carica fruit has a smaller size than papaya fruit. The taste of this carica fruit is sweet and sour when ripe, so many people make Carica fruit a delicious and delicious sweet. (Also read: Benefits of Carica fruit for health)

Carica fruit content

Carica fruit which has a yellow color is rich in vitamins needed by the body to nourish it from the inside. The following compounds are contained in Carica fruit, among others:

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Benefits of carica seeds

Carica fruit in it contains seeds which are believed to be able to prevent several types of diseases. Here are the benefits of carica seeds in the health sector:

1.Prevent cancer

Cancer is a disease that attacks an organ in the body and continues to increase until it enters the final stage. The end of the spread of cancer in the body is death. So that cancer is also called the number two killer in the world after heart disease. Preventing cancer is better than treating it. Therefore, one way to prevent cancer is to consume seeds from carica. Carica seeds have been shown to be safe for preventing cancer.

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2. Promotes digestion

If you have problems with digestion, try using the seeds of the carica fruit to improve digestion. Because it turns out that not only the flesh of the fruit but the seeds of the Carica fruit also contain fiber which is good for digestion. Smooth digestion, the body becomes healthy and fit. In addition, it certainly makes the body excited to carry out daily activities.

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3. Healthy intestines

The intestine is a place where the food that has been eaten is absorbed by the nutrients through the intestine. The human intestine is very long, especially the small intestine. Absorption of these nutrients is important because the intestines will drain them in the blood to be supplied to other organs in the body that need it. That’s why maintaining intestinal health is very important because it also supports the absorption of nutrients in the body. Here’s how to nourish the intestines is the consumption of natural fruit, namely the seeds of the Carica fruit.

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4. Good for the Eyes

Eyes are windows to the world to see the world and its beauty. Carica seeds also contain vitamin A in it so it is good for maintaining eye health. So to get healthy eyes you can vary the fruit that will be consumed, for example tomatoes, carrots, rimbang and seeds from Carica fruit. Consumption of carica seeds consistently can nourish your eyes naturally.

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Those are some of the benefits of apricot seeds to heal and overcome health problems. You can get this fruit directly along with the seeds in the area where this fruit is cultivated, namely Dieng, Central Java.

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