7 Benefits of Baronang Fish for Health

Baronang fish belong to the siganiade family and many breed in Indonesia. This baronang fish is often found in the thousand islands with other names. This baronang fish has characteristics with a body length of about 20 centimeters. The mouth of this baronang fish is small and has a small jaw and teeth. On the back of the fish there is a thorn that contains poison at the end. For that, please be careful if you want to catch this fish to avoid the thorns. Because the spines on the back of this fish are not deadly but can make you hurt and fall sick. Although baronang fish spines contain poison, but this fish is safe for daily consumption. This baronang fish mostly lives on the beach which is overgrown by plants that live in the water. This is because baronang fish live by eating aquatic plants in order to survive. In addition, this baronang fish is also commonly found in mangroves and foraging for food around it.

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Content in baronang fish

Baronang fish that is good for consumption has content that is beneficial for the health sector. The following is the content contained in the meat of baronang fish, namely:

Those are some of the content contained in baronang fish. Therefore, many believe that baronang fish is beneficial for health if consumed in moderation. The following is a review of the benefits of baronang fish for health:

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1.Prevent diabetes

Baronang fish has a function to prevent diabetes naturally. The method is also quite easy, just eat meat from cooked baronang fish. The way to process the meat of this baronang fish can be according to taste, both fried and stir-fried. Diabetes is one of the problems due to the lack of insulin hormone in the body so that sugar levels in the body rise.

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2. Healthy eyes

The meat in baronang fish contains vitamin A. As we know vitamin A is beneficial for healthy eyes. Healthy eyes avoid nearsightedness and farsightedness. Some vegetables such as rimbang and carrots are also good for eye health because rimbang and carrots contain vitamin A in them.

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3. Good for pregnant women

For pregnant women, the benefits of baronang fish are also good for the fetus in the mother’s stomach. This is because the meat of baronang fish contains amino acid compounds. Amino acids at the time of the fetus in the womb are useful for preventing birth defects. In addition, amino acids also help the development of the fetal brain. Babies who are fulfilled the needs of folic acid in the womb become cheerful and intelligent babies. Because it is true that the baby’s growth needs to be considered not only when the baby is born but also life while in the mother’s womb. What tends to be felt by the mother is also felt by her child while in the womb. Although the life of the fetus in the womb is only for nine months. Let’s eat baronang fish for healthier children.

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4. Overcoming depression

The next benefit of this baronang fish is to overcome depression experienced by a person. Usually depression is closely related to mental conditions. People who are depressed tend to stay away from crowds and tend to be introverted, cry easily and get angry. The causes of depression can range from feeling betrayed by love, then being fired from office and not passing the test to get the scholarship you have long dreamed of. Depression that is left for a long time can make a person experience health problems. There are many ways to treat depression, apart from bringing in a psychiatrist. Depression can also be overcome by consuming this baronang fish meat. The meat of this baronang fish is believed to be able to restore feelings of depression and normalize feelings. So that people who suffered from previous depression can laugh again and join groups they have left long ago.

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5. Cancer

Cancer in the body occurs due to abnormal growth of cells in the body. Cancer is the second leading cause of death after heart disease. Cancer sufferers know that the cause of cancer in the body is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle at all. Keep in mind that health is more valuable than money. With health that is maintained from an early age, it can guarantee good health for old age. And the good news from the benefits of consuming baronang fish is to avoid cancer that can eat away at your body at any time.

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6. Asthma

Asthma is characterized by difficulty in breathing for sufferers. Usually this asthma occurs at the age of toddlers so parents are often alert once their children with asthma start to grow up. Until now asthma can indeed be cured but not totally. Maybe asthma can stop within a certain time, but sometimes it can come back due to several factors. Asthma can be overcome with natural ingredients and consumption of meat from baronang fish. For people with asthma, this fish consumption can be cooked first with various menus that present how to process baronang fish with a delicious taste.

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7. As ornamental fish

In addition to being consumed, many anglers also catch baronang fish for breeding. Because of its small size and beautiful shape, this fish is widely used as an ornamental fish. For sale and can make money. As an ornamental fish, this baronang fish is placed in an aquarium. Then they are given food in the form of aquatic plants because these fish love to eat aquatic plants as a source of life. (Also read: ornamental fish benefits )

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So, those are some of the health benefits that you get if you consume baronang fish as a complementary side dish to eating rice during the day.

How to Choose Healthy Fish

If you go to the market and plan to buy baronang fish, the first step to choosing the right fish is as follows:

  • Choose baronang fish meat that has a light and bright skin color so that the meat looks fresher and fresher.
  • When pressing the fish meat will feel chewy.
  • To pay attention to the eyes of the baronang fish, which are still fresh, tend to come out and look convex.
  • The gills of fresh fish also look red and the fins are strong.

After selecting the fish to cook then the next step is to save the baronang fish if you don’t cook them all at once. To save a good fish the way to do it is as follows:

  • Most housewives keep fish in the refrigerator. Storing fish in the refrigerator is good because it makes fish last longer. However, storage that exceeds six months is no longer recommended. So it’s best to just cook it when it’s approaching five months.
  • If the fish in the refrigerator is refrigerated, the next step to thawing the frozen fish is simply placing it outside the refrigerator.
  • Ika baronang that has been refrigerated should not be refrigerated in the refrigerator. It’s best if you take it out of the fridge and cook it right away.

Those are some steps for storing good fish so that the nutrients in fish are maintained and beneficial for our health of course.

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