8 Benefits of Turmeric Acid Betel Nut for Body Health

The benefits of betel nut turmeric are generally very well liked by the public. This is because the Indonesian people are familiar with the term herbal medicine, this is because herbal medicine has been well known in the days of previous ancestors which indeed functioned for traditional medicine or also called herbal medicine. The Javanese often refer to herbal medicine as “cekok” which means like force-feeding a drink. Different from bitter food benefitsherbal medicine is usually synonymous with bad taste, therefore parents force their children to drink herbal medicine which serves to increase appetite.

This traditional treatment uses natural ingredients including ginger, kencur, temulawak, chili, cloves, cinnamon, alang-alang root, lempuyang, lime, sambiloto leaves, turmeric, betel nut which are processed in such a way that they have different properties and benefits. also be special health benefits of spices.

The well-known herbs among the public are usually kencur rice, tamarind turmeric, betel nut turmeric. Of the previously mentioned herbs, especially for turmeric, betel nut, there are several substances contained in it. Betel nut turmeric contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E, lecithin, mg stearate, amprotab, kalidon, and nepagin, these substances are contained in sour turmeric, while the substances contained in areca nut itself These include arecoline, arecaidine, choline, guvacine, guvacoline, and tannins.

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The content of these substances is very beneficial for our bodies, including the following:

1. Weight Control

For most women, the ideal weight is a dream. According to him, with an ideal body weight, he will feel more confident. By consuming the turmeric betel nut, you will be able to control your appetite if it is not consumed in excess.

2. Poison Detoxification

One of the main benefits of consuming this betel nut turmeric herbal medicine is detoxification or the process of removing toxins in the body. Different from benefits of ginger and lemongrass The toxins in the body come from exposure to pollution and free radicals as well as from chemicals that enter through the food we eat.

3. Useful in the feminine area

To tighten the feminine area, the turmeric betel nut herbal medicine is very useful, especially for women, especially women who have given birth or have just given birth, the method is quite easy just by preparing turmeric, gambier, easy betel nut skin and whiting, then boiled and used for wash the female organs.

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4. Launching Menstruation

Menstruation is a very important monthly cycle for women. Smooth menstruation also affects health. Irregular menstrual conditions can be one of the important problems that must be treated for women. Regular and regular consumption of sour turmeric will cause the menstrual cycle to become regular. Combination with betel leaf which is also the benefits of drinking betel leaf every day it can overcome pain in menstruation and also overcome vaginal discharge in the female organs.

5. Slows down the aging process

Increasing age of a person will certainly have an impact on the condition of health and appearance. As you get older, your face will look older. However, this can be avoided and prevented by diligently drinking the tamarind turmeric herbal medicine which is one of the traditional ingredients that can prevent and slow down aging so that the face looks more youthful. Different from the benefits of drinking red betel leaf stew Amu turmeric acid also helps rejuvenate skin cells so that the face looks fresher and brighter.

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6. Brighten Skin

The sour turmeric herb if consumed regularly can also make the skin brighter. Turmeric has the ability to neutralize toxins and ward off free radicals that have an impact on skin that will be brighter and healthier.

7. Streamlining Blood Circulation

Consuming the turmeric betel acid regularly is able to stimulate the liver so that bile breaks down fats in the blood, this causes blood flow in the body to be normal and smooth which will result in a stable metabolism in the body.

8. Overcoming Sore Throat

Turmeric acid can relieve pain due to sore throat. It has anti-bacterial properties that can kill germs that cause throat infections which are also useful for clearing the throat.

Those are some of the benefits of the betel nut acid turmeric herbal medicine for the health of the body. Hopefully the above information can add information and insight.

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