11 Benefits of Kalikiria Leaves to Treat Eye Pain to the Heart

Maybe in urban areas they no longer know the name kalikiria plant because this plant is generally found in rural areas or plantation areas because it has a function as a protective plant.

What is Kalikiria?

Kalikiria is a herbaceous plant from the legume tribe which is also often known as the Gamal plant which has a scientific name Gliricidia sepium. This plant has many uses in agriculture and is often used as a cover crop for cocoa and tea plantations. The greatness of this plant is that it can grow on arid land and can be used as a natural exterminator of weeds, so it is often planted in plantation areas.

Benefits of Kalikiria Leaves for Health

Not only useful for agriculture, it turns out that plants which are also often known as live hedge plants as well as natural compost and animal feed also have many benefits for human health.

  1. Treating Jaundice

Jaundice is suffered by those whose liver function is no longer functioning normally. To restore liver function to return to normal, consuming a concoction of kalikiria leaves is highly recommended. The trick is to grow kalikiria leaves finely then mixed with green coconut water and then filtered. The filtered water can be drunk by adding honey.

  1. Reducing Pain in Rheumatism
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Consuming a decoction of kalikiria leaves can actually help reduce pain caused by rheumatism. This is because according to medical research, this kalikiria leaf contains anti-inflammatory which can reduce inflammation.

  1. Natural Remedies for Cough

For traditional medicine and cough solution, kalikiria leaves can also be used to shed phlegm when coughing. Cough is a condition that is not too dangerous but can be very disturbing, especially coughing up phlegm. Simply consuming boiled water from kalikiria leaves can help overcome coughing with phlegm naturally.

  1. Breastfeeding Launcher

As well as benefits of turi leaves for nursing mothersdrinking the boiled water of kalikiria leaves can also be a stimulant for breast milk, but with a note that you should not consume too much because the bitter taste can actually make your baby sick to the stomach.

  1. Reducing Pain During Menstruation

Kalikiria leaves do have many benefits for women’s health, especially reproductive health. During menstruation, pain can be very disturbing activities and to overcome it can be by consuming boiled water Kalikiria to facilitate menstruation and reduce the pain.

  1. Remove Black Spots on Face

Kalikiria leaves can also be used as a natural mask to make the face look brighter because black spots are reduced. This is because kalikiria leaves are also a good source of antioxidants.

  1. Natural Solutions to Overcome Anemia
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Not only does it contain antioxidants that can provide health benefits, but the benefits of iron contained in kalikiria leaves can also help overcome anemia naturally. Only by regularly consuming a decoction of kalikiria leaves can help increase the production of red blood cells and reduce the risk of anemia.

  1. Nourishes Hair

For parents, especially mothers who are worried about their children’s hair not growing or not as thick as their peers. Just like Benefits of basil leaves for healthy skin and hair You can use kalikiria leaves as a natural hair fertilizer. But it needs to be done regularly so that the hair grows thick, black and natural.

  1. Treating Sore Throat

Sore throat is not a dangerous disease but can be very disturbing. In some conditions, sore throat is also an indication that the body is not fit or the body’s immune system is decreasing. Treating sore throat is the right solution to prevent other diseases from arising and such as: benefits of saga leaves for coughKalikiria leaves also contain anti-inflammatory which can help overcome inflammation.

  1. Removes Skin Lice and Fungus

The benefits of kalikiria leaves which are well known by the people of Indonesia are their efficacy in overcoming several skin diseases caused by skin lice or fungi. Only by rubbing kalikiria leaves on the infected skin, the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal content will work effectively to kill and eradicate lice, bacteria or fungi that can cause itching on the skin.

  1. Treating Eye Pain
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Not only good for maintaining eye health, just like betel benefits for the eyes, it turns out that kalikiria leaves are also one of the well-known traditional medicines to treat eye pain or more commonly known as belekan. However, the good part for treating eye pain is not the leaves but instead the stem or roots, the liquid that comes out of the stem or roots is used to treat eye pain.

Kalikiria is not widely known, but people who live near plantation or agricultural areas are definitely familiar with this plant. It is also highly recommended for animal feed because the benefits of kalikiria leaves for livestock, especially ruminants, are very good and easy to digest. In the world of agriculture, kalikiria is known as a natural weed control so it is suitable to be planted as a living fence not only on agricultural land but also for the environment or home gardens.

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