12 Benefits of Chicken Meat for Health

The benefits of chicken meat that we feel directly are the presence of substances in chicken meat that can maintain the stability of our appetite. Therefore, it is natural that we become very obsessed with consuming chicken meat. Chicken meat is one of the most common side dishes consumed by the majority of the Indonesian population.

chicken meatIn Indonesia itself, chicken meat is divided into two, namely chicken pieces and free-range chicken. Kampong chicken does have very diverse benefits compared to beef chicken. Even so, any type of chicken meat has sufficient benefits for the human body.

Other benefits of chicken meat are still very many, therefore it will be very good if we discuss one by one in a brief discussion below.

  1. Contains iron (avoids anemia)

Chicken meat contains iron which is high enough to keep us from anemia. In addition, it would be very good if a woman who is menstruating consume chicken meat because it can help overcome anemia by helping the formation of red blood cells. In addition, there is vitamin B5 which can help us feel calm and prevent us from stress. This is also another reason why chicken meat is important to be consumed by women who are menstruating. And at the same time also very good consumed by women who are pregnant.

  1. Boost the immune system

Various minerals are contained in chicken meat, increasing the benefits of chicken meat which we have known before. This important mineral in chicken meat makes the human body more immune in dealing with various diseases, so if we have a cold or illness, which is related to the immune system, it is highly recommended that we consume chicken soup in warm or hot conditions to relieve the pain we experience.

  1. Maintaining Cholesterol Balance
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Many sources mention and believe as well and have succeeded in proving that this chicken meat contains more or less cholesterol which is not good for the body. That is true. Then why is this included in the discussion of the benefits of chicken meat? Because chicken meat contains niacin which can lower cholesterol levels so that chicken meat is safe for consumption by those who suffer from cholesterol. For this, it is recommended that those who suffer from cholesterol consume chicken by choosing lean chicken meat and cooking it by boiling it without frying it.

  1. Strengthen bones and increase muscle mass

There is no doubt that chicken meat can increase muscle mass as well as increase body weight. Those who do muscle building through the gym, will usually be advised by the trainer to consume only boiled chicken. It may taste a bit strange for those who are not used to it, but this chicken stew will help increase muscle mass with its high protein content. And of course keep in mind to buy lean chicken meat.

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5. Important for children’s growth

In addition, the phosphorus and calcium content is also very useful for our bodies, especially for the growth of children. Why? Because these two important substances can help the growth of bones and strengthen them, so it is not only good for children but also for you. In relation to men and their reproductive organs, chicken meat is also good for men to consume to increase one of the hormones, namely the hormone testosterone.

6. Increase appetite

The delicious chicken meat that is processed into a variety of dishes ranging from chicken rendang, soup, satay, and others may delay your diet. Especially to provoke a child’s appetite, chicken is very useful to increase his appetite.

7. Relieve Stress

Chicken meat contains vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, a substance that can have a calming effect on human nerves. When you are stressed, it’s a good idea to try delicious chicken dishes as a menu that has multiple benefits.

8. Boost the Immune System

Chicken contains so many vitamins and minerals that can boost the immune system so as to maintain health and prevent various dangerous diseases.

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9. Reduces the Risk of Arthritis

Chicken meat contains a mineral called Selenium, this substance can help prevent the development of arthritis, especially for those of you who are ‘aged’.

10. Maintain Teeth Strength

Chicken contains phosphorus, which can help maintain healthy teeth and bones so that they can help strengthen them into old age.

11. Increase Body Metabolism

The content of vitamin B6 (vitamin B complex) functions to encourage enzymes and the body’s metabolic processes whose effects can be used to maintain healthy blood vessels, energy sources, and burn calories quickly so that they can maintain weight.

12. Contains Niacin to prevent cancer

The deliciousness of chicken meat can also be a source of niacin, a part of the B vitamins that can help eradicate cancer and avoid DNA cell damage (cancer-causing).

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How extraordinary is not the benefits of chicken meat for our bodies and health? already delicious and nutritious again…

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