13 Benefits of Rotten Young Dates for Fertility and Body Health

Dates Fruit with a sweet taste that is always present in the appetizer during the month of Ramadan is one of the fruits that has many benefits. Dates circulating in Indonesia are imported types of dates with various types of dates from several countries. Types of dates that are popular in the community are dried dates. Dried dates can be found easily in the market or in fruit shops. On the other hand, there are also dates which are known to have many benefits, namely young dates.

Young dates have the characteristics of dates that are still fresh and half-ripe. So you can see the difference in the color of the dates. In general, young dates are still not widely known because they can only be found in large fruit shops and specialty date shops.

Here are the benefits that can be obtained when consuming young dates:

  1. Increase fertility

Pregnancy programs or special programs are carried out for married couples who want to have children but have certain obstacles so that they join this program. The pregnancy program requires couples to carry out certain activities or consume certain ingredients, one of which is young dates. Young dates are known for their benefits for increasing female reproductive fertility, making them suitable for pregnancy programs.

Young dates contain the hormone botosin which has an important role in increasing peristalsis in the blood vessels and uterus (womb) in women, so that with this young dates can increase fertility.

2. Improve blood circulation

benefits of young dates The next step is to improve blood circulation. Smooth blood circulation will make the body healthier. Young dates can also prevent bleeding in pregnant women. Bleeding causing miscarriage is a risk that is vulnerable to occur in pregnant women. Regular consumption of young dates during pregnancy will bring benefits during pregnancy and childbirth.

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3. Streamlining the birth process

Still in the same benefits Young dates contain oxytocin which can trigger contractions in the uterine wall so that the delivery process can run smoothly and help the process of stopping bleeding during labor.

4. Prevents Cancer

Cancer is a malignant disease if not treated seriously. Cancer growth can be inhibited by consuming rotten young dates. Young dates contain high Vitamin A and a source of antioxidants, these two substances can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Alternative cancer prevention with young dates is an easy and efficient way, besides that the taste of young dates is also delicious.

5. Relieves Constipation

Constipation often makes the body feel uncomfortable because the waste in the body cannot be removed properly. Constipation is characterized by difficulty defecating. Constipation due to consuming less fiber foods can be overcome by eating rotten young dates. These young dates contain fiber benefits which will help digestion work properly. Fiber needs will also be met and help the body’s detoxification process because rotten young dates are rich in antioxidants.

6. Control blood pressure

If blood pressure is not normal, it will cause symptoms of health problems such as high blood pressure. High blood pressure Sometimes disturbances in blood pressure are not felt but if not prevented by a healthy lifestyle can cause severe disease. Consumption of young dates will help in controlling blood pressure, you can replace snacks by using young dates.

7. Maintain skin health

Healthy, well-groomed skin looks smooth and bright is everyone’s dream. The state of Indonesia’s tropical climate with sunlight that is always there throughout the year sometimes makes skin problems such as dry and dull skin. Skin that is often exposed to the sun will tend to burn and will turn dull due to skin pigmentation activities and exposure to sunlight containing Ultraviolet rays. Exposure to sunlight for a long time can cause skin problems due to UV radiation which can trigger cancer. Consuming rotten young dates on a regular basis can maintain healthy skin from within.

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8. Overcoming Anemia

Anemia is a disorder of lack of red blood in the body that makes sufferers experience signs of weakness, lethargy, weakness, fatigue, neglect, or 5L. Lack of supply Blood to the brain is the reason why people with anemia will experience 5L symptoms. Rotten young dates which have properties that can accelerate blood circulation also have benefits in overcoming anemia because these young dates have a high iron content. If the body has received enough iron, the signs of anemia will no longer appear.

9. Prevent Stroke

Stroke occurs due to lack of blood supply to the brain because there is a blockage in the blood circulation due to the accumulation of fat in the blood and there are ruptured blood vessels. Young dates can help prevent stroke because rotten young dates help to speed up blood circulation so that blood flow remains smooth and supply blood to the brain becomes normal.

10. Maintain eye health

Eye Health is a valuable asset because healthy eyes can see far objects well up to normal magnification limits, but if you are nearsighted, your vision distance will be short and far objects will be seen. blur. Visual disturbances are generally experienced by factors of bad habits and lack of nutritional intake in food for eye health. Vitamin A deficiency also affects eye health so eating foods rich in vitamin A can help you maintain health such as young dates. Young dates contain vitamin A and antioxidants which are good for eye health and healing therapy for vision problems.

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11. Maintain Bone Health

Young dates contain many vitamins and minerals. The mineral content in young dates makes them good for maintaining health and strengthening bones. Young dates can also help to weaken osteoporosis. The content of manganese, selenium, copper, and magnesium in dates makes this fruit good for bones. If bone health is maintained early on, it can prevent osteoporosis in the future and make you a more active person because there are no problems with your bones.

12. Increase energy

Young dates and ordinary dried dates contain natural sugar, the sugar content in dates can increase energy in the body. Dates contain natural sugar. This can be a reference for those of you who sometimes feel tired but don’t want to eat much or just want to eat a snack, so make young dates as a snack.

13. Streamlining breast milk

Young dates have many benefits for pregnant women to breast-feeding, if previously young dates have benefits for smooth delivery and help stop bleeding, young dates are also believed to facilitate the release of mother’s milk. Young dates can be used as a substitute for kathuk leaf herbal medicine because they contain oxytocin which helps in the flow of breast milk.

Thus the benefits of rotten young dates for health. Feel free to use young dates as a health snack.

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