17 Benefits of Sea Cucumbers for Health and Beauty

sea ​​cucumberThe benefits of sea cucumbers for health have been proven to be super powerful which can keep from various disorders and body fitness. Have you ever seen sea cucumbers in person? Yes, this is one of the wealth of marine animals that have the exact shape of a sausage. The difference is that sea cucumbers are not smooth but have small bumps like warts. Behind its unpleasant shape, it turns out that sea cucumbers are very useful animals. Marine animals belonging to the Echinoderm family group have a shape like a porcupine or starfish. Sea cucumbers have a habitat at the bottom of the sea and only a few will be at the top.

Animals that have a shape like a cucumber with a length of about 0.11 to 12 inches has been enjoyed as a special dish by the Chinese community. Sea cucumbers are not protected animals so they are free to consume. There are several benefits obtained by consuming sea cucumbers, as below.

  1. Prevents Cancer Cell Growth

Cancer patients are strongly advised to frequently consume sea cucumbers. Sea cucumbers are believed to reduce the growth of cancer cells and even fight them until they are destroyed. One study proves that compounds such as triterpene glycosides found in sea cucumbers are very good for fighting cancer cell growth. For cancer in the early stages can even receive a very good effect. Another thing is also proven that sea cucumbers contain philinopside E. This material can provide good stimulation for blood vessels and overcome the spread of cancer from blood vessels.

  1. Prevent Inflammation

Sea cucumbers have also been shown to reduce pain from inflammation and keep inflammation from getting worse. This is especially important for people who suffer from inflammation of the bones or arthritis. The content of several compounds found in sea cucumbers such as glucosamine, mucopolysaccharide, and chondrin is very good for increasing anti-inflammatory effects. The effect that is most often received by people who eat sea cucumbers is reduced pain and pain that is worse at first. Compounds in sea cucumbers can react by reducing the content of prostaglandins in the body.

  1. Overcoming the Risk of Blood Clots

The problem of blood clotting is very dangerous for the body. Your body can accept some of the worse risks such as blood clots in the lungs or blood vessels. If this happens it can cause the heart to not function properly. Consumption of sea cucumbers is very good for preventing the blood clotting process that occurs in blood vessels and all parts of your body. According to research conducted by researchers from Brazil, it is proven that sea cucumbers can fight the effects of freezing. Sea cucumbers contain chondrotin which can prevent blood clots.

  1. Treating Wounds

In ancient times sea cucumbers were one of the natural ingredients that could stop bleeding and treat wounds to dry or heal faster. Consumption of sea cucumbers is very helpful for people who experience wounds both internally and externally. Sea cucumbers will help your body get a better cell and tissue regeneration process. The content of several types of compounds such as arachidonic acid is believed to enhance this function.

  1. Fights Viral and Bacterial Infections
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Sea cucumbers are also believed to help the body to fight various infections caused by viruses or bacteria. Sea cucumbers will increase the body’s natural immune system. Even when your body gets nutrients from sea cucumbers, the strength of the cells in the body will increase. The regeneration process of healthy red blood cells will be better. This function is then able to make wounds or infectious diseases cured by eating sea cucumbers. This has even been proven by various residents who live in territorial waters in China. They rarely go to the doctor when sick, because eating sea cucumbers will help the body get better.

  1. Increase Immune in Cancer Patients

For people with cancer, the benefits of sea cucumbers are very important and can be very helpful. Cancer patients can experience immune problems, especially when undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Some healthy cells will also be killed when the strong drug enters the body. However, consuming sea cucumbers while undergoing chemotherapy will increase the immune effect and make the body able to fight the bad effects of chemotherapy. Sea cucumbers contain compounds that can make healthy cells in the body more active.

  1. Healthy Source of Protein for the Body

Consuming sea cucumbers will also help your body get healthy and sufficient protein. Protein is very important for the body because it can help build DNA synthesis, maintain energy in the body, improve body cell function and many other functions. The high protein content of sea cucumbers is very good for the body. Therefore, people who are sick and entering the recovery stage are strongly advised to consume sea cucumbers. That’s why in China many people eat sea cucumbers when they are sick or not feeling well.

Other protein sources

  1. Overcoming Impotence

One of the scariest things for men is experiencing impotence. However, in China the treatment of impotence with the consumption of sea cucumbers has been tested and has indeed proven to be very effective. Sea cucumbers will help increase blood flow in the blood vessels around vital organs. Then the high protein content will also maintain healthy sperm cells. Therefore, many men in China consume sea cucumbers more often than women. Even sea cucumbers have always been a special dish for men.

  1. Lowers cholesterol

The benefits of sea cucumbers for cholesterol also cannot be underestimated. Cholesterol is a bad fat that can cause several chronic diseases. People who have high cholesterol disorders are also at risk for heart disease and high blood pressure. To lower cholesterol, it is recommended to consume sea cucumbers regularly. Sea cucumbers contain healthy fats even in small numbers. However, the ability of sea cucumbers to maintain the regeneration of body cells can improve the function of lowering cholesterol.

Also good for lowering cholesterol

  1. Stopping Bleeding After Childbirth

The culture of consuming sea cucumbers after giving birth has been done since ancient times. This habit is mostly practiced by the Chinese and Malaysians. Mothers who have just given birth will be given a special dish with sea cucumber ingredients. Sea cucumbers will stop the bleeding naturally, restore the energy of the mother who has just given birth and provide a huge pain-reducing effect.

  1. Healing Wounds in Diabetics

Diabetics usually experience injuries caused by the death of certain nerve cells. This usually occurs in the legs. The most terrible thing is if the wound rots which must be amputated to reduce the problem of other complications. Consumption of sea cucumbers for diabetics who experience this can help treat rotting wounds. The ability of sea cucumbers to restore cell function and build skin tissue can heal rotting wounds. Therefore sea cucumbers can be a very healthy food for diabetics. In addition, sea cucumbers will also be able to regulate insulin levels in the body.

  1. Helps Kidney Function

Sea cucumbers are one of the food ingredients that can help the body improve kidney function. Sea cucumbers will increase the work of cells and the production of red blood cells. This process will also help the kidneys to function better when filtering toxins and fluids in the body. People who have a risk of kidney disease are strongly advised to consume sea cucumbers.

  1. Cure Toothache

Toothache that occurs due to cavities, gingivitis or other types of disorders can also be cured by eating sea cucumbers. Sea cucumbers can help fight bacterial attacks that often cause toothaches. When cavities or gums become infected, it can make the activity of bacteria very high. Sea cucumbers can help fight bacterial attacks, fight pain and promote better oral health. In tests using toothpaste from sea cucumbers, it can be proven that sea cucumbers are very effective in reducing toothache and fighting infections that attack the mouth.

  1. Increase Appetite

Sea cucumbers can also help increase appetite. Sea cucumbers have a very distinctive taste and can easily absorb various types of spices. When you are sick or have no appetite, sea cucumbers can be a menu of choice. The content of taste and texture is very very distinctive will help increase appetite. In addition, sea cucumbers contain compounds that can make the digestive tract more comfortable. When you are nauseous or always want to vomit because you are not healthy, sea cucumbers will help overcome this problem.

  1. Improve Metabolic Function

Sea cucumbers are full of important nutritional values ​​such as healthy fats, protein, minerals and vitamins. All these types of nutrients are very important to help increase the body’s metabolism. The habit of consuming sea cucumbers is also very good for supporting the work of body cells and increasing blood activity in the body. A good body metabolism will help the process of cell regeneration, absorption of nutrients, burning fat and can maintain health.

  1. Overcoming Respiratory Problems

The benefits of sea cucumbers for the next health are for breathing. Sea cucumbers are also one of the most effective medicines to treat various respiratory problems. The practice of sea cucumbers to treat respiratory problems such as shortness of breath, allergies, coughs and mild asthma has been applied in China. Sea cucumbers contain special compounds that can help loosen the respiratory tract. Even sea cucumbers will overcome some respiratory disorders due to allergies by increasing anti-allergic substances in the blood.

  1. Preventing the Effects of Premature Aging

One of the beauty secrets of Chinese and Japanese women is the habit of consuming seafood such as sea cucumbers. Even this custom is now developing in Korea and Taiwan. Sea cucumbers contain vitamin E and compounds that can increase the activity of collagen. Collagen is very important because it will make your skin more elastic and look smoother. The ability of this ingredient is also important to prevent premature aging such as wrinkles and dark spots. Flour that is processed from dried sea cucumbers can be used as a mask that can make the skin more beautiful.

Real Facts About Sea Cucumbers

  1. Sea cucumbers have an elongated and round body shape.
  2. The color of sea cucumbers varies greatly depending on the type of species. However, the most common types of colors found are blue, brown, green, red and black.
  3. Sea cucumbers have weapons to fight other predators which are located on the skeleton, shaped like a pointed thorn.
  4. The size of sea cucumbers varies greatly from 1 cm to 30 cm.
  5. Sea cucumbers look hard but are actually very soft to the touch.
  6. Sea cucumbers will secrete a poison, namely holothurin which is released along with other organs when it feels attacked by the enemy.
  7. Sea cucumbers have a poor sensory system because they do not have a brain.
  8. Sea cucumbers will breathe through the anus.
  9. Sea cucumber body shape can change to be smaller or flatter under certain circumstances.
  10. Sea cucumbers are very important in marine ecosystems because they will eat plankton and various remains of animals that have died in the water.

Sea cucumbers are indeed one of the most potential marine species. There is no prohibition to take sea cucumbers from the sea. But pay attention to take a sea cucumber that is not too small or too big. Sea cucumbers are very important for marine life habitat.

What About “Herbs” of Sea Cucumber Products?

It’s better to be natural, than “herbal” because there are many claims of herbal products today, so we don’t know anymore which ones are really herbal or not, imagine being able to get that many raw materials? we have to think again and see if the content does not do more harm than the benefits. Direct consumption or own use is recommended.

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