Benefits of Kaneke Fish for Body Health

Kaneke fish is also known as fish sweetlips. This fish has a soft meat texture and is favored by grouper culinary lovers. No wonder this one sea fish is being hunted by tourists on the islands of Sulawesi and Papua.

Kaneke fish are also classified as marine fish which are quite rare in Indonesian waters. Reportedly this kaneke fish can only be found in the waters of eastern Indonesia such as Makassar and Papua. The characteristics of the kaneke fish are reddish-orange in color with brown spots and yellow fins. The length of the kaneke fish can usually reach 30 cm.

As a processed ingredient, many people say that kaneke fish has a unique and distinctive taste and is very tasty when consumed. But reportedly to taste this kaneke fish might be quite difficult. Because even if you go to the island of Sulawesi or Papua, you may not be able to find this fish because even the fish customer market can only sell kaneke fish at certain times.

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Nutritional Content of Kaneke Fish

At 100 grams of fish kaneke has 75 calories and 0 grams of fat. In addition, this kaneke fish contains several nutrients that are very beneficial for our bodies such as protein, omega 3, and minerals in relatively large quantities for marine fish.

Benefits of Kaneke Fish

This marine fish has several very good benefits for the health of our bodies. Here are the benefits of kaneke fish:

  1. Stimulate the Brain

The content of omega 3 in kaneke fish is very good for stimulating brain cell growth. Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) in marine fish are well known for brain development because the human brain itself contains mostly omega 3.

  1. Boost Immune System
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Other nutrients in this marine fish such as its mineral content are also very good at helping boost our immune system. Omega 3 is also believed to help boost the immune system so that it is less susceptible to disease and more immune to viruses and microbial infections.

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  1. Rich in Protein

Protein in marine fish can provide our body with energy to be able to carry out daily activities. Without increasing the risk of cholesterol, protein in fish is also very good for maintaining smooth digestive conditions.

Here are the benefits of consuming kaneke fish or sweetlips. This fish can be one of the menu choices if you go on a trip to the eastern waters of Indonesia. Tasting the taste of kaneke fish can be an experience and satisfaction in itself for travelers.

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