12 Benefits of Avocado Mask for Face and Hair Treatment

Are you still confused about whether or not the terms avocado and avocado are the same? Actually avocado and avocado are two terms that refer to one fruit name. The majority of people are used to calling this fruit “Avocados” while the term “Avocados” comes from the standard language according to the KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary).

Getting to Know Avocado

avocado mask benefitsThe avocado itself is a fruit that was introduced by one of the leaders of the Spanish troops in 1519 to Europeans which eventually expanded to all colonies in the world, including Indonesia.

Fruits that have scientific names Persea americana This is a fruit that has various properties and benefits. This green fruit can be used as the main ingredient in beauty and health products because it contains 11 vitamins and 14 minerals that are very beneficial for the human body.

Fat in Avocado

The myth circulating says that people who are undergoing a diet process are not allowed to consume avocados because of the fat contained in this green fruit, but is that true? Actually the fat contained in avocados is unsaturated fat and of course will not cause obesity or be the cause of the failure of the diet process itself.

In fact, there are several properties and benefits of unsaturated fats (vegetable fats) that are high in avocados. In addition to containing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances, this unsaturated fat can also prevent humans from getting stroke because this fat functions as a lowering of blood cholesterol levels in the human body.

Avocado Nutrient Content

Calories[/td][td]85.00 kal
Protein[/td][td]0,90 g
Fat[/td][td]6,50 g
Carbohydrate[/td][td]7,70 g
Kalsium (Ca)[/td][td]10,00 mg[/td] [/tr]
Fosfor(P)[/td][td]20,00 mg
Iron (Fe)[/td][td]0,90 mg
Vitamin A[/td][td]180,00 S.I.
Vitamin B1[/td][td]0,05 mg
Vitamin C[/td][td]13,00 mg
Air[/td][td]84,30 mg
Fiber[/td][td]1,40 g
Edible part[/td][td]61,00%

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Benefits of using avocado as a mask

As is well known that avocados or avocados are widely used as basic ingredients in making beauty creams that can rejuvenate the skin and add moisture and skin smoothness. Do you really understand what are the benefits of avocado masks? Here are the benefits of an avocado mask:

  1. Very Good for Smoothing the Surface of the Skin

Skin that is often exposed to direct sunlight will make the human skin peel and make the skin surface rough. The use of an avocado mask will help speed up the regeneration process that removes dead skin cells so that the skin will feel smoother.

  1. Makes Facial Skin Look Fresher

Avocado mask containing vitamins A and E will make dull skin fresher. In addition, black spots or blemishes on the face will be disguised.

  1. Facial Skin Looks Younger

The benefits of avocado masks are very good for disguise wrinkles on the face evenly. Wrinkles around the eye area will be very disturbing appearance, right? Because the high vitamin E content in avocados will tighten the skin and disguise wrinkles so that the face will look younger than its actual age.

  1. Overcoming Dry and Dull Facial Skin

Being in direct sunlight without UV protection (sunscreen) will make skin tone dull and dry. Biotin contained in avocados will support skin health. Lack of biotin intake will make the skin dry, rough and scaly.

  1. Make Hair Shiny

Avocado flesh contains high antioxidants and the compounds in it are able to repair damage to the hair shaft and help restore hair strength so that hair will look shinier.

Benefits of Avocado Mask for Face

Avocado or avocado flesh is certainly very popular for making facial beauty masks. The basic ingredients that are natural and do not cause side effects are the main attraction. Especially for those who have a dull and dry face. Various variations of ingredients that can be mixed into avocado masks will also increase the optimal efficacy and benefits of masks that are applied to the face.

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The following ingredients can be used as a combination of avocado masks:

The content of several compounds (vitamin C, catalase, pinocembrin, chrysin) which function as antioxidants makes honey can be combined with avocado masks. A mixture of honey and avocado will be able to maintain the elasticity and moisture of the facial skin.

  • Unflavored Yogurt (Pure)

This mixture of ingredients will help the performance of the avocado mask itself to smooth and tighten facial skin. Yogurt contains zinc lactic acid which is very useful for removing dead skin cells and reducing fine lines on facial skin.

To be combined with an avocado mask, choose whole milk that has not been added with artificial flavors or sweeteners. Applying this combination mask regularly will keep the skin moisturized because of the high moisturizer content in whole milk. Black spots on the face will disappear so that the face looks brighter naturally.

The high vitamin C content in tomatoes makes this red fruit very suitable to be combined with avocado. Tomatoes can get rid of excess oil on the face. This combination mask also contains vitamins A, C, and E which can make the skin relax (calm) and look naturally bright.

Benefits of Avocado Mask for Hair

Avocado masks can not only be applied to the facial skin, but can also be used as a hair mask to restore hair strength and repair what happens to the hair shaft and maintain hair moisture. Changes that occur in the tropics will cause hair to lose its softness which ends in hair loss.

So that the results can be more optimal, then make a combination of avocado mask with other ingredients that are suitable for the beauty of hair. That way, you will not only feel the benefits of the avocado mask, but you can also feel the other benefits of the avocado mask mixture for the hair.

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The following ingredients can be used in combination:

An unhealthy lifestyle will trigger hair damage such as hair loss which will lead to baldness. The antioxidants contained in olive oil are able to maintain overall hair health. When using a combination mask of avocado with olive oil, you should massage the scalp to improve blood circulation which will help hair growth.

Honey is a combination ingredient that is almost suitable to be mixed with any ingredients because of its function as a natural antibiotic. Honey will maintain healthy hair with the nutrients in it.

Hypoallergenic It is the nature of almond oil that makes this oil safe for use by all skin types, even baby skin. Almond oil is pale yellow in color because it is extracted from almonds directly. Massaging your scalp with almond oil will make your hair shiny. Hair roots will also be stronger because almond oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids such as oleic acid, omega 9, and omega 6.

Tips for Choosing a Good Avocado

Avocado is a fruit that is picked before it is ripe on the tree. This fruit must be stored until ripe (ripe) first. So that you don’t choose the wrong one, examine the avocado in terms of color and texture. Try not to choose avocados that are still light green in color because most ripe avocados will be dark green.

Next, touch or feel the texture of the fruit by pressing into all parts to make sure the soft texture doesn’t feel only in certain parts. Because a hard impact can make certain parts of the avocado feel soft even though the level of ripeness of the fruit is still very minimal.

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