Benefits of Monkey Meat for Health, Skin & Vitality

In Indonesia, monkeys are one of the protected types of animals, where we are not allowed to hunt this primate species, let alone make it one of the ingredients for consumption. However, in several areas in Indonesia such as in Sulawesi, Lampung, Medan, East Java, and even Jakarta, monkey meat has been widely traded, both in the form of fresh meat and after being processed into food such as baked or baked.

Monkey Meat in Restaurant

In some restaurants, monkey meat is cooked with various spices to add flavor. Not only in Indonesia, in various countries such as China and Africa, consuming monkey meat and other primates has become a tradition or habit. This is what causes primate habitats to decrease over time due to poaching.

Although the price is relatively more expensive, consuming primate meat such as monkeys is believed to be able to provide various benefits for the body. Then what is it really? Benefits of Monkey Meat if consumed? Before discussing the benefits obtained from consuming primate meat, it is better if we know what the law is from consuming monkey meat according to Islamic teachings.

In Islamic teachings, monkeys are considered as one of the wild animals. In addition, these primates are also considered dirty animals (khotibs), so these animals are haram for consumption. From Abu Hurairah, Nabi shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said,Every wild animal that has teeth, then eating it is forbidden.” (HR. Muslim).

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Various Benefits of Monkey Meat

Although for someone it is considered as a disgusting thing, but in some countries such as in China, consuming foods that are classified as extreme such as monkey meat seems to have become a culture or tradition. Because the protein content contained in this primate meat is so high that it has been widely used in the world of medicine, such as for

  • treat eye pain,
  • stomach upset,
  • to increase the vitality.

So even though a law has been issued regarding the prohibition of consuming meat, the demand for monkey meat in the market is still high. The following are public beliefs about some of the benefits that can be obtained from consuming monkey meat, including:

1. To Increase Vitality

Consuming meat, especially the brains of primates such as monkeys, for some people has been considered able to increase the vitality of the body, especially for men. But this is just a myth and there are no clear research results. Monkey meat and brains are usually processed into various types of dishes such as curry, satay, stir-fry, and various other dishes.

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Good for vitality:

2. Treating itching and ulcers

Some communities also believe that consuming extreme foods such as gecko meat and primate meat such as monkeys and monkeys will be able to help accelerate the healing of various skin diseases such as itching and ulcers.

Good for itching itching:

3. Treat stomach disorders and eye pain

In China, the high protein content in monkey meat is a reason to use monkey meat as a medicine for various types of diseases such as stomach problems and eye pain.

The Negative Impact of Consuming Monkey Meat

Scientists have warned that consuming extreme types of food such as monkey meat can have a negative impact on human health. Most likely there are many types of diseases that have been infected in these animals which will later affect humans, such as the HIV / AIDS virus. Not only HIV / AIDS, but some deadly dangerous viruses such as Ebola and Marburg can also attack humans due to consuming the meat of primates such as monkeys.

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As said by Ricard Prestone in his book Hot Zone which tells that there are two people who died after consuming monkey meat and antelope, they have been diagnosed with the malignant disease Ebola Zaire. In addition, in 1979 Africa was hit by an outbreak of a disease similar to Ebola called the Marburg virus. Although it still requires further research, the disease is caused by the habit of consuming primates such as monkeys in the country.

Although the pretext for using the meat of wild animals such as monkey meat is to treat a disease, according to the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) it is stated that the use of animal meat which is classified as disgusting and forbidden for medicinal purposes is allowed, provided that it is not found alternative medicine that is halal and safe for consumption.

In other words, as long as there are halal medicines, consuming meat that is classified as extreme, even for medical reasons, is haraam. For this reason, scholars strongly recommend that people stay away from or avoid consuming the meat of these animals.

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