16 Benefits of Kluwek or Pucung

You must have heard kluwek? Yes, kluwek or kepayang is a fruit native to Indonesia and has long been used as a spice for a variety of delicious foods. Kluwek has many other names including kepayang in Malay and Javanese, kluwek/keluwek and kluak/keluak in Javanese, picung in Sundanese, pucung in Betawi, tree lunglai or kalawak in Banjar, panarassan for Toraja people. Europeans call this plant Durian, False Durian, Football fruit, Raual. In Latin terms this plant has the name Pangium Edule. Europeans call kluwek durian or false durian because of its pungent smell, so they misinterpret kluwek as durian. This pungent odor is produced by the hydrocyanic acid contained in the fruit. Called Football Fruit because the fruit of this plant is shaped like a rugby ball or american football.

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The kluwek tree has a straight trunk with a height of 60 meters and a tree width of 120 cm. The leaves have an oval shape with a width of 15 cm and a length of 20 cm. The leaves are glossy dark green on top and slightly whitish and hairy on the underside. The flowers are at the top of the twig and are greenish white like papaya flowers. The shape of the fruit is oval with a tapered tip and base, brown with a hairy surface. The size of the fruit is approximately 30 cm long by 20 cm wide. The flesh is white with a soft texture. The seeds are blackish brown with asymmetrical shells with a size of 3-4 cm. That is the physical form of the kluwek plant. So what content does it have? The kluwek plant contains many ingredients, including:

  • High concentration of cyanide acid. This is why the term infatuation appears. Because this plant contains high concentrations of cyanide acid which is intoxicating. Therefore, before being used, it is usually soaked for 10-14 days to remove this poison.
  • Iron ions
  • Vitamin C
  • Beta-carotene
  • Hydrocarpic Acid
  • Assam khaulmograt
  • Asam glorat
  • Tanin
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Those are some of the ingredients in kluwek. Although kluwek is intoxicating because it contains cyanide, it turns out that there are many other useful ingredients of kluwek. Therefore, by removing the cyanide acid contained, we can get the benefits of kluwek. What are the benefits of kluwek? The following will describe some of the benefits of kluwek. The benefits of kluwek include:

  1. The wood is used for matchsticks. Not only kluwek fruit and seeds can be used, it turns out that the stems are also used to make matchsticks. Kluwek trunks are considered suitable to be used as matchsticks, so many kluwek tree trunks are used as matchsticks.
  2. The leaves are used as worm medicine. It turns out that the leaves of the kluwak tree can be used as a worm medicine. So you don’t have to bother looking for worm medicine anymore, just use the leaves of the kluwek tree to treat intestinal worms.
  3. The seeds are used as an antiseptic. Kluwek seeds can be used as a natural antiseptic, so you can use them if you don’t like using chemical antiseptics.
  4. The seeds, if crushed, can be used to remove lice in the hair. For those of you who have problems with lice, then use kluwek as a flea repellent.
  5. Can be used as oil instead of coconut oil. It turns out that kluwek can be used as a substitute for coconut oil. So if in your place there is kluwek, then use it as a substitute for oil.
  6. Efficacious as a disinfectant
  7. The kluwek plant is useful for cleaning scabs on the skin. Are you having problems with scabs? Take advantage of the kluwek plant as a cleanser for scabs on your skin.
  8. Treat rheumatism
  9. Useful for skin diseases (itching)
  10. Treating scurvy
  11. As sleeping pills
  12. Used to facilitate menstruation
  13. Used to treat leprosy
  14. It can be used as a condiment for delicious dishes. Dishes such as rawon, bronkos vegetables, and konro soup are examples of delicious dishes that use kluwek as a condiment. So kluwek in addition to bringing benefits to health, kluwek also to give pleasure.
  15. Overcoming high cholesterol.
  16. Can be used as a fish preservative because it contains tannins. How to? Every 50 kg of fish, provide kluwek seeds that have been chopped and mixed with salt. The size of the mixture of salt and kluwek is 1 kg to 1 kg. mix and coat the fish with the ingredients then put it in a plastic bucket and close the lid tightly. This potion will be able to preserve fish for 6 days. And to make the cyanide poison, just open the bucket for 5 minutes every day to let the cyanide vapor out.
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Other fruit benefits:

Those are some of the benefits of kluwek. It turns out that there are so many benefits that we can get from this intoxicating plant. Yes, although it is poisonous, but if we remove the poison, we can get many benefits from this plant. Starting from health, hygiene, enjoyment and natural preservatives. So what are you waiting for, take advantage of kluwek. Thus writing about the benefits of kluwek, hopefully useful and thank you.

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