The Benefits of Avocado Seeds For Toothache The Most Powerful

Teeth are body parts that play an important role for our overall health. With the presence of teeth, it is possible for the body to get the nutrients it needs so that the organs of the body can function properly. So always maintaining healthy teeth is the first step for us to keep our other organs in order to work optimally. So what if we have a toothache?

Maybe many of us when experiencing pain (including toothache) immediately decide to go to the doctor or by consuming drugs on the market, even though these drugs are not necessarily safe and often cause side effects for sufferers. And many of us forget that, there are many other, safer ways to deal with the problem of toothache, one of which is to use the benefits of avocado seeds for toothaches.

Yes, avocado is a fruit name that is familiar to us. besides oranges, apples, mangoes, and other types of fruits, avocados are also a popular fruit and a favorite for many people to consume. Inside the fruit, which has green flesh and fairly large seeds, contains a myriad of benefits, both for health and beauty, such as reducing the risk of diabetes, cancer, and many other benefits. And it turns out, not only the flesh of the fruit, the seeds of the fruit also have many benefits, one of which is to treat toothache. How could that be?

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Utilization of avocado seeds to treat toothache

Basically, toothache is a sign of tooth decay, and this condition can be caused by many things such as infection, injury, or disease in our gums. Avocado seeds are one alternative treatment that you can apply to overcome this problem. The reason is because of the antioxidant content in the seeds of the fruit. we know that antioxidants are useful to help prevent and help relieve the onset of various diseases. In addition, avocado seeds also have strong antiviral and anti-bacterial properties, so it’s not wrong if it can help relieve toothache problems.

As for how to apply avocado seeds is quite easy, namely:

  • Take some avocado seeds, wash and clean
  • The next step is to dry the avocado seeds earlier
  • After drying, the next processing of avocado seeds is by roasting until the seeds are completely dry.
  • Mash or puree avocado seeds until they become a fine powder
  • Apply the impacted powder by inserting it into the tooth (for cavities) or by applying it to the aching tooth.
  • Cover with cotton.
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Facts about avocado seeds you need to know

Avocados have been known as a super fruit, where the fruit contains various kinds of nutrients that are needed by our bodies. as well as the flesh, avocado seeds also contain nutrients that are not less. Here are some facts about avocado seeds that you need to know:

  • When compared to the flesh and skin of the fruit, the antioxidant content in avocado seeds is around 70% more, while the flesh and skin of avocados have an antioxidant content of 30%.
  • Antioxidant benefits contained in avocado seeds in the form of phenolic compounds that are antiviral and antibacterial so that they can help relieve pain caused by various diseases, such as gastric ulcers, and so on.
  • Another antioxidant present in avocado seeds is a very good flavonol compound to help fight cancer.
  • Consuming avocado seeds can help relieve various complaints such as body aches, joint discomfort, bone problems, lose weight, lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and can help you feel full longer.
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Treatment tips for toothache

Experiencing a toothache is very uncomfortable. For those of you who are currently experiencing these problems, here are some treatment tips for toothaches, including:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Choose foods that are softer than usual
  • Gargle with warm water after eating food
  • When sleeping, keep your head elevated. It aims to help reduce pain
  • Avoid consuming foods that are too hot or too cold
  • Get plenty of rest and avoid stress
  • Use mouthwash every time you rinse
  • Avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking habits
  • Regular dental check-ups every 6 months
  • Change your toothbrush every 3 months.

Indeed, toothache is not a deadly disease, but if it is not treated immediately, many of our activities will be delayed because of it. The use of herbal medicines such as avocado seeds will be better than using chemical-based instant medicines that are widely sold in the market. The reason is none other than because herbal medicines are safer to consume because they do not cause side effects. In addition, herbal medicines are relatively cheaper with properties that are no less powerful than other medicines. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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