Benefits of eating apples at night

Apples are one of the most popular fruits and are consumed by many people. When it comes to apples, in Indonesia there are so many varieties of apples and the most famous one is the poor apple. Apart from being eaten raw, apples are also widely produced as processed ingredients such as apple jam or fruit juice drinks apple juice benefits. Apart from that there are also benefits of apple seeds and also apple leaf benefits.

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Nutrient content

Nutrition Amount % daily needs
Calories 0 g 1%
Fat 0 g 0%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 2 mg 0%
Carbohydrate 25 g 8%
Fiber 4 g 17 %
Gula 19 g
Protein 0 g
Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 14%
Calcium 1%
Iron 1%

Other ingredients found in apples:

  • foitonutrien
  • flavonoid
  • folifenol
  • B complex vitamins (riboflavin, thianmin, pyridoxine or vitamin B6)
  • potassium
  • Phosphor
  • calcium

Benefits of eating apples at night

Apple benefits for health has been known for a long time. So many benefits that apples have that there is a proverb that says that eating one apple a day can keep you from the doctor or “An apple a day keeps your doctors away“. The benefits of this fruit include:

  1. Fight free radicals
  2. Reduce the risk of lung cancer
  3. Reduce the risk of diabetes
  4. The right diet menu
  5. Prevent heart disease and stroke
  6. Smoothen the digestive system
  7. Improve memory
  8. Overcoming asthma
  9. Healthy mouth
  10. Healthy eyes
  11. Poison detox
  12. Boost the immune system

Then what are the benefits of eating apples at night?

Eating apples in the morning or evening is actually equally beneficial for health because the nutrients from apples will still be absorbed by the body whenever we eat them.

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But there is a belief that eating an apple at night or one fruit before bed can increase metabolism so that the body becomes slim. Is that right? According to a nutritionist, Amanda Ursell, actually eating an apple at night may be able to keep us awake due to indigestion. This is because apples are rich in natural fiber that can be directly dissolved in water or also called pectin.

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In addition, apples also contain natural sugars that can increase blood sugar slowly even though the calories in apples are small. If you believe that the calories we eat at night will turn into fat, that’s not true. Calories that turn into fat are calories accumulated from the total calories obtained from the body during one day. Calories will not immediately become fat after we eat.

However, Amanda also said that apples actually do not really play a role in increasing metabolism in the body. What is really effective for increasing the body’s metabolism is none other than chili sauce and mustard. This theory is supported by research by a scientist at Oxford Brookes University which proves that within two hours after consuming mustard and chili sauce, metabolism in the body can increase by as much as 15%. Research also shows that drinking 6 cups of green tea can help you burn 100 calories per day.

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So if eating apples at night is aimed at getting a slim body it probably won’t happen unless you have a diet trainer advise you to do so. Of course with a strict diet schedule.

The only benefit of eating an apple at night is that it is better than eating biscuits or other processed foods that contain carbohydrates. If you are hungry after dinner eating fruits such as apples will be healthier and will not burden the body with calories or carbohydrates because at night the body will not need a lot of energy. In addition, because apples are filling, just one fruit can make your stomach calm again.

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