7 Benefits of Eating Odd Dates That Are Good For Body Health

Dates are one type of snack that is quite popular when entering the fasting month. Dates have even become one of the favorite menus when breaking the fast or sahur while fasting. Due to the high demand in the community, dates can be easily found in large quantities in various places such as shopping centers, although normally dates can also be found in months other than the fasting month.

Dates are one of the typical fruits from the Middle East with a very sweet taste so they are one of the good menus for breaking the fast. As a favorite menu during the fasting month, dates are one of the fruits that have many benefits for health conditions and there are even many people’s beliefs that consuming odd amounts of dates can help provide more benefits. Here are some of the benefits of eating odd dates which are described in the review below.

1. Help provide energy to the body

The healthy sugar content in dates can help in providing energy needs for the body after undergoing a full day of fasting. Dates that have a sweet taste will indeed help the body have more energy after fasting by not consuming any food or drink. Breaking the fast using three dates is also an example of the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW which is certainly followed by many Muslims. Even though there are benefits of raw dates but the type of dates consumed for breaking the fast should be ripe dates.

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2. Maintain digestive health

The benefits of eating odd dates either during the fasting month or not is that it helps in maintaining digestive health. Digestive health is an important point that must be considered during the fasting month because the absence of food and drink that enters the digestive tract is one of the things that can cause problematic conditions. By consuming an odd number of dates at the time of breaking the fast and at dawn, it will still help maintain digestive health in the body for the sake of the fasting month of worship that goes well.

3. Reduces the risk of colon cancer

Another benefit of consuming dates with odd amounts is that it helps reduce the risk of colon cancer. Dates help in healthy colon because it is proven to increase the number of good bacteria in the body and prevent the appearance of cancer cells so that the risk of colon cancer can be avoided. Dates are also believed to help every digestive system in the body to function normally and optimally. This positive impact is the same as benefits of young dates.

4. Overcoming hemorrhoids as a digestive problem

In addition to helping in maintaining the health condition and performance of the digestive tract in optimal conditions, consumption of odd dates is also believed to help in overcoming problems in the digestive tract, one of which is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are inflammatory conditions in the veins in the anus and rectum that swell. Dates are one of the foods with high fiber content, so they are often recommended by medical personnel to help treat hemorrhoids.

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5. Maintain the health of the body’s important organs

Another benefit of eating dates in odd amounts consistently is that they help in maintaining the health of important organs of the human body and prevent the occurrence of various diseases that can be dangerous. Important organs that are kept healthy by consuming kurama fruit are the heart as the control center of the circulatory system and the brain which is the center of the nervous system and control of the human body. In addition to maintaining their health condition, prevention of dangerous diseases in these two important organs is also a positive impact of dates. Diseases that can be prevented by consuming dates include coronary heart disease to stroke. These positive impacts can be obtained from the benefits of soaking dates water.

6. Good for pregnancy and childbirth

In addition to some of the benefits mentioned above, another positive impact of consuming odd dates is that it is good for the pregnancy process and preparation for childbirth. In a study showed that consumption of dates in the last 4 weeks before labor occurs will help reduce the risk of induction and augmentation of labor in pregnant women and prevent babies born in conditions of birth defects. Consuming dates during pregnancy also helps meet nutrition during pregnancy. The positive impact of pregnancy and childbirth can also be obtained from benefits of red dates.

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7. Other benefits of dates

Some of the other benefits of eating odd dates that can be obtained if you do it consistently every day in addition to the benefits mentioned above include helping improve brain health and intellectualizing the brain, helping to overcome inflammation, reducing blood pressure, helping in weight loss, preventing impotence, the benefits of dates for anemiaas well as improve respiratory health conditions and also overcome constipation in the digestive tract.

Those are some of the benefits of eating odd dates that need to be considered properly and correctly because there are many positive impacts on health. Dates are indeed one of the fruits with nutrients that are good for health so they can be consumed throughout the day to get the benefits.

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