35+ Health Benefits of Watermelon – Diet – Fertility

Watermelon is one type of fruit that we can find easily in Indonesia. This fruit can be found throughout the season however, will usually be very sweet during the dry season. The original variety of watermelon has a red color and small seeds on the inside of the flesh. Watermelon contains water and has a very sweet taste. Now watermelon is developed into several types such as the type of seedless watermelon, yellow watermelon and other varieties. Although there are various types, each type of watermelon has a balanced nutritional value.

watermelon benefitsWatermelon Nutritional Content

Watermelon is a very fun fruit for everyone because watermelon is also very liked by children to seniors. The sweet, soft and refreshing taste of the fruit makes this fruit very popular. In addition, the benefits of watermelon have a lot of nutritional content. Watermelon contains minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and quite low calories.

The following table shows the nutritional value of watermelon per 100 gram serving:

  • Potassium 319 mg
  • Fosfor 31mg
  • Magnesium 30 mg
  • Kalsium 19 mg
  • Sodium 2,9 mg
  • Iron 0.98 mg
  • Selenium 1,2 mcg
  • Manganese 0.112 mg
  • Copper 0.15 mg
  • Seng 0,32 mg
  • Vitamin A 1630 IU
  • Thiamine 0.092 mg
  • Riboflavin 0,09 mg
  • Niasin 0.521 mg
  • Folat 9 mcg
  • Pantothenic acid 0.654 mg
  • Vitamin B6 0,123 mg
  • Vitamin C 23,4 mg
  • Vitamin E 0.15 mg
  • Vitamin K 0,4 mcg
  • Protein 1,74 g
  • fiber 1.9 g
  • Calories 85 calories

Watermelon is a fruit that contains many complete nutritional sources. In a piece of fresh watermelon then you can get a variety of nutritional benefits. That’s why watermelon is one of the fruits that can be used to maintain a healthy body. The following are some of the benefits of watermelon that you need to know.

1. Prevent Asthma

Benefits of watermelon is a miracle fruit to prevent asthma. This fruit does not cure asthma but only prevents the stage of symptoms or respiratory diseases that can become asthma. The high content of vitamin C in watermelon can effectively increase the body’s immunity so as to prevent respiratory disorders.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure

Watermelon is also very effective in lowering blood pressure. People who have hypertension or high blood pressure are advised to regularly consume watermelon. Watermelon has a very good effect on blood vessels and copes with too much pressure on the blood vessels in the heart. This is what makes watermelon a refreshing fruit for people with hypertension.

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3. Ward off Cancer

Watermelon is a fruit that has a high source of vitamin C and lycopene. Both kinds of substances are very important to protect the body from free radicals that cause cancer. The health benefits of watermelon are a very high source of antioxidants and are very good for people with prostate cancer and several other types of cancer.

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4. Overcoming Constipation

Watermelon is a fruit that is very high in fiber and water. The fiber in watermelon can overcome the problem of constipation, especially because of the lack of soluble fiber in the intestines. The fiber contained in watermelon can form a natural gel in the large intestine so that it facilitates the absorption of nutrients and facilitates bowel movements.

5. Prevents Dehydration

Dehydration is a type of disorder caused by a lack of mineral water intake in the body. Watermelon is a refreshing fruit and has a lot of water content. Lack of water can cause the body to become weak, lack of energy and lack of concentration. In addition, lack of water can also make the kidneys work harder so that it can cause kidney problems.

6. Prevents Inflammation

Inflammation that occurs in the organs of the body can cause very dangerous diseases. The content of choline compounds found in watermelon has a very important function to maintain the balance of the body’s muscles, help the body to create a relaxing effect, and improve brain memory. The choline compound in watermelon benefits also has a role to balance the health of body cells, helps send brain and motor nerve signals and helps the process of fat absorption in the body.

7. Makes Skin Soft and Smooth

Watermelon is not only a refreshing fruit and fulfills nutritional needs. But it turns out that watermelon, which is rich in vitamin A, can make the skin smoother and moisturized. This will prevent dull skin and lack of nutrients. Women who consume watermelon regularly can have skin that is more beautiful and not dry. Vitamin A in watermelon also improves the body’s cell tissue system in the hair and skin.

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8. Overcoming Muscle Pain

The citruline amino acid compound found in watermelon has a very good effect on relieving muscle pain. This compound is able to make the muscles of the body become more relaxed so as to relieve tension. This is what makes watermelon so effective for athletes after a match.

9. Natural Source of Collagen

Collagen is a compound needed by the body to maintain skin elasticity. The benefits of watermelon for the skin contain very high vitamin C. Vitamin C is a type of vitamin that helps the body absorb collagen so that the skin becomes softer. In addition, watermelon is full of water will meet the needs of water to maintain skin cells.

10. Maintains Heart and Bone Health

Watermelon contains lycopene compounds that function to help maintain heart and bone health. Watermelon is able to make blood flow in the heart more optimal, maintain body cells, reduce oxidative levels in blood vessels that often cause heart attacks. In addition, watermelon is also very effective for forming bone density so as to prevent osteoporosis. Lycopene will maintain heart health and maintain bone density by accelerating calcium absorption.

11. Fruits for Diet

The content of the amino acid citrulline in watermelon is also very effective for dealing with fat that accumulates in the body. This compound is obtained from watermelon after being converted by the kidneys and into arginine. The ability of this compound will be higher when it has become arginine, causing the body to weaken fat cells in the body and dissolve in the excretory channel. So, the benefits of watermelon for the diet are very good for consumption.

12. Overcome Inflammation

Several types of compounds found in watermelon are phenolic compounds, triterpenoids, carotenoids, and flavonoids. The lycopene in watermelon is very effective in fighting inflammation and preventing the body from being attacked by free radicals. Even watermelon also contains cucurbicatin which can be an anti-inflammatory agent, causing body cells to recover quickly. This compound will also help the body in creating a natural immune system.

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13. Discharge of Urine

People who have problems with diuretic and kidney channels can use watermelon as a natural therapy. Watermelon is very high in water and can increase the flow of urine in the body. Watermelon also helps make toxins in the liver so that it relieves the kidney system.

14. Prevents Fat Formation

Watermelon is also a very fresh fruit and can make the body feel the alkaline effect of the water contained in watermelon. By consuming watermelon regularly, it can make the body avoid various types of diseases caused by foods that contain fat and other acidic substances.

15. Maintain Eye Health

Watermelon is a fruit that contains vitamin A and beta carotene. Both of these substances can help the body in maintaining the health of the retina and eye lens. Watermelon can also help the eyes to prevent diseases caused by age such as cataracts and fall disease in the elderly.

16. Prevents Impotence

Efficacy of watermelon is very interesting is preventing impotence. The content of citrulline compounds that can be converted into arginine by the kidneys has played a major role, especially in preventing erectile dysfunction problems in men. The benefits of watermelon for fertility are able to increase sexual arousal, reduce weakness and lethargy and increase libido.

In addition to these 16 benefits, it’s a good idea to investigate the benefits and efficacy of watermelon obtained from potassium benefits the highest :

  • Maintain brain function
  • Prevent cramps
  • Avoid low blood sugar
  • Prevent stroke
  • Good for the heart
  • Good for kidneys
  • As electrolyte
  • Good for nerve function

Tips for Consuming Watermelon

To get all the benefits of a very broad watermelon, the consumption of watermelon must also be done according to the rules. Below are some tips for consuming watermelon to stay healthy.

  • Wash the watermelon before peeling to clean the skin of any bacteria or germs while the watermelon is in a container or store.
  • Serve watermelons peeled to avoid bacterial contamination.
  • Always consume watermelon that is still fresh or freshly cut.
  • Avoid using an old meat knife or other food to cut the watermelon
  • Avoid consuming watermelon that has been cut and stored for more than 24 hours.

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