Benefits of Kolang Kaling for Healthier Knees

Kolang kaling is a food that is familiar to us. Kolang kaling can be found easily in the market. This fruit, which also has another name, is often used as a mixture in drinks such as ice mix or compote. It tastes delicious and delicious, and is suitable when mixed with various drinks. But behind the delicious taste, it turns out that this food contains many benefits for the health of our bodies. Yes, many people have proven the benefits of kolang kaling for body health. There is even a cyclist association that makes kolang kaling their cycling supplement. How come? Here will be discussed about the benefits of kolang kaling.

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Kolang kaling is formed from palm trees. The palm tree will produce fruit that contains the kolang kaling. Sugar palm is a plant that is rich in important benefits other than coconut. In addition to producing kolang kaling, this plant also produces sugar (palm sugar) and also a delicious drink called legen (sap). This plant grows in tropical Asia, and spreads from eastern India to Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Palm trees usually grow to a height of 1400 meters above sea level. This plant is a source of income for the farmers who grow it. That’s the ins and outs of trees that produce kolang kaling. So we can get kolang kaling by looking for the fruit produced by the palm tree. If the tree alone is useful, of course the fruit will be useful too. The nutritional content contained in kolang kaling, among others:

  • water content of 93.8% per 100 grams.
  • Also contains 4 grams of carbohydrates.
  • 1 gram of ash.
  • 0.95 grams of crude fiber.
  • Protein 0,69 gram.
  • Kolang kaling also contains gelatin
  • Vitamins A, B, C are beneficial for the body
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With the composition of the nutritional content as above, of course kolang kaling will have many health benefits, including the knee. Then what are the functions of kolang kaling for the knees. Based on research from the Department of Agriculture, some of the benefits of kolang kaling for knees include:

1. Healthy bones

Did you know, it turns out that the amount of calcium that kolang kaling has is almost the same as pure cow’s milk. Based on research conducted every 100 grams of cow’s milk contains 125 mg of calcium, while every 100 grams of kolang kaling has 91 mg of calcium.

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With a fairly high calcium content, kolang kaling should be an alternative to milk because the calorie content of kolang kaling is less than milk, so we won’t be overweight or overweight like when we consume cow’s milk. As is known, being overweight or overweight will make the knee joint hurt because it works harder to support the body.

important about bones:

2. Treating arthritis

If a person has arthritis, he will tend to experience pain in the knee after walking or climbing and descending stairs for a few minutes. If you experience this, don’t worry, kolang kaling can be an alternative to relieve the inflammation you are experiencing. How come? Because kolang kaling contains galactomannan carbohydrates of 52.9% which can relieve pain or provide an analgesic effect. That’s what can reduce pain in arthritis. Then how to consume it? Boil the kolang kaling without being mixed with anything (including sugar). Once cooked, drain and enjoy kolang kaling as a snack.

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important about the joints:

Those are some of the benefits of kolang kaling to overcome problems that occur in the knee. So the opinion of consumers about the efficacy of kolang kaling for knees is clinically proven. This will certainly add information for us and can be useful when we experience the same problem later. Thus the article about the benefits of kolang kaling for knees. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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