3 Benefits of Sunpride Cavendish Bananas for Health

Bananas are not a type of fruit that is foreign to the wider community. Many people consume bananas because they like the taste, or usually have a goal to improve digestion. For villagers, bananas can be easily obtained from their own gardens or from mobile vegetable sellers who usually carry all kinds of vegetables and fruits. In addition to bananas obtained from their own gardens, there are now many bananas on the market with the Sunpride label.

Sunpride bananas are known for their very smooth and sweet taste. Many people think that Sunpride bananas are obtained from imported fruits like some other fruits. when in fact, this Sunpride banana is a local fruit from Indonesia that gets treatment when it is fruiting. So that it has a smooth shape and skin, and the deliciousness of the fruit is guaranteed. The type of Sunpride banana was developed by Nusantara Tropical Farm using tissue culture method. In addition, the production process of Sunpride bananas is also carried out in a quality manner so as to get very high quality bananas.

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The Process of Getting Sunpride Bananas

Several steps are needed to get quality Sunpride bananas. The stages that are passed in order to get the Sunpride banana fruit include:

  1. Banana Plant Selection

Before producing quality Sunpride bananas, it is necessary to select the banana plants that will be used as seeds to produce Supride bananas. After getting banana plants that are considered to meet the criteria to be used as Sunpride seeds, then the banana supride development is carried out using tissue culture techniques.

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  1. Preparation of Superior Seeds

After the tissue culture technique is carried out, then the banana seeds that have been obtained must then be put into a special process called mother plan. From this process of the mother plan, Nusantara Tropical Farm can produce around 4 million superior Sunpride seeds every year. From these superior seeds, quality Sunpride bananas will be produced.

  1. Planting Seeds Into Poly Bag

Sunpride banana seedlings have already gone through the tissue culture stage, then they are stored in poly bags. Usually, from the tissue culture process, a tree length of 2 cm will be obtained within 2 weeks.

  1. Planting in the Garden

After the seedlings are ready to be removed from the poly bag, the Sunpride banana seedlings will be planted in the garden like a normal banana tree. Seedlings are removed from poly bags and then transferred in holes in the prepared garden. After planting in the garden, the fertilization process should also not be forgotten. Sunpride banana seedlings need 15 kg of manure per plant.

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  1. Banana Plant Care

Like plantation trees in general, Sunpride banana seedlings that are already banana trees need to be cared for. Some of the things that have been done include providing fertilizer, and providing sufficient water.

  1. Packaging With Wrapping Paper

In one year, the Sunpride banana tree can produce one bunch of bananas. Before cooking, it is necessary to cut the banana heart and wrap it in paper wrap while the banana is still on the tree. This is so that the bananas remain smooth, sweet and not damaged which can cause them to rot quickly.

  1. Fruit Selection

After going through the harvest stage, the bananas still need to be selected so that the bananas sold have a good shape and high quality.

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Several stages are carried out to produce good and quality Sunpride bananas. Bananas that have high quality certainly have very good quality.

Sunpride Banana Benefits

The benefits that can be obtained from consuming Sunpride bananas include:

  1. Facilitate Digestion

Like bananas in general, Sunpride bananas have benefits in smoothing the work of the digestive system. Sunpride Cavendish bananas have pectin substances that function in overcoming the problem of constipation. In addition, Sunpride bananas also contain antacids that can treat stomach ulcers.

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  1. Helping Healthy Eyesight

In addition to overcoming digestive problems, it turns out that Sunpride Cavendish bananas are also useful in reducing the risk of vision problems. Regularly consuming three servings of Sunpride Cavendish bananas can reduce the risk of macular degeneration that often affects some people who are elderly. The level of decreased risk of macular degeneration can reach 36% if you consume Sunpride Cavendish bananas regularly.

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  1. Potassium Source

Compared to other types of fruit, Sunpride bananas have a higher potassium content. The content of potassium in the form of potassium contained in this fruit can ease the mind when experiencing stress. Besides being able to relieve stress, the potassium content can also improve kidney function. Potassium can control the process of removing calcium in the urine. So with the fulfillment of potassium intake in the body can help the kidneys and kidneys to be healthy.

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Although some people think that Sunpride bananas are the result of imported bananas, in fact, Sunpride bananas are local products that have very good quality. Not only good in appearance and taste, but also has content that is beneficial in maintaining health.

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