20 Benefits of Malang Apples for Body Health

The city of Malang which is nicknamed the city of apples does indeed offer views of apple trees that we can easily find on various roads in the Malang area. This Malang apple has a lot of nutritional content that is very beneficial for the body even though this type of apple is less popular when compared to other types of apples.

Many people prefer other types of apples because they are red in color and think that they have a sweeter taste and soft texture, which makes poor apples less popular than other apples. Some of the nutrients contained in poor apples include zinc, sodium, carbohydrates, phytochemicals, quercetin, tartar acid, D-glucaric acid, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, baron, flavoids, iron, fat, protein and magnesium. You need to get rid of this assumption far away, because it turns out that there are many content of apples that are very beneficial for the body, even higher in nutritional content compared to other types of apples.

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  1. Prevent Alzheimer

A study that has been done shows that poor apples are very beneficial in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and also inhibiting aging in the brain. By consuming apples regularly, the neurotransmitter acetycholine can be increased more than those who are not diligent in consuming poor apples.

  1. Reducing the Risk of Colon Cancer

The content in poor apples is much higher than other apples which are generally red, one of which is to reduce the risk of colon cancer and even kill the cancer cells.

  1. Lowering Cholesterol Levels

In poor apples contain low calories and high fiber. This fiber will help in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL in the body. By reducing cholesterol levels, it will avoid several diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

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  1. Helps the Digestive System

The high fiber in this poor apple makes the digestive system in the body work well and also helps the growth of good bacteria in the intestines. The good bacteria in the intestines will make the digestive system able to absorb all the important nutrients and will destroy the fat that has accumulated in the body while eliminating some digestive problems such as constipation, constipation and diarrhea.

  1. High in Antioxidant Content

Poor apples have a higher antioxidant content than red apples so they can ward off all kinds of free radicals from outside the body. This antioxidant will be very useful in preventing cancer and also damage to RNA in the body caused by free radicals.

  1. Make Skin Elastic and Smooth

For you women who want to have smooth and supple skin, then you must regularly consume poor apples. Due to the high levels of anti-oxidants in the poor apple, it will maintain healthy skin so that it remains smooth, radiant and elastic while inhibiting premature skin aging which makes the skin look dull.

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  1. Maintaining Dental Health

The high calcium content in poor apples will make teeth stronger and healthier. Calcium is also at the same time will nourish the bones so as to avoid osteoporosis.

  1. Overcoming Anemia

People who suffer from anemia prove that the body lacks iron as the main element in the formation of red blood cells. By consuming poor apples regularly, more red blood cells will be formed so as to overcome the disease of red blood cell deficiency or anemia.

  1. Body Stamina Enhancer
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So that the body is always in a fit state to carry out daily activities, it takes good stamina. This stamina can be obtained in poor apples which will meet the body’s energy needs while making the body not easily tired.

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  1. Lose weight

Poor apples are also very good for those of you who are on a diet program. The high fiber contained in this fruit will make the digestive system routinely remove various excess substances in the body such as fat.

  1. Improve Liver Health

Poor apples are also very useful for keeping the liver in a healthy condition. The natural nutrients in this apple will be absorbed by the liver so that it makes the liver work more effectively.

  1. Healthy Breasts

For women who want to have breasts that are still in good health, it can be done by consuming poor apples on a regular basis. Breasts will look firm, healthy and of course reduce the risk of breast cancer which is very dangerous.

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  1. Healthy Eyes

One of the vital organs in humans is the eye and so that the eyes can stay healthy, it can be done by consuming poor apples regularly to meet the needs of vitamin A in the eyes.

  1. Increases Blood Oxygen Levels

One of the good content in poor apples that is very useful for the body is high iron. This iron will make the circulation of oxygen in the blood to be smooth.

  1. Treating Diabetes

The high glucose in the poor apple will neutralize sugar levels in the body so it is very good for consumption by diabetics. The natural sweet taste of this poor apple is also a good carbohydrate intake for diabetics.

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  1. Increase Female Estrogen

The poor apple also contains a substance called baron. Baron is what will be very useful for maintaining estrogen levels in the body of every woman.

  1. Prevent Diabetes

The high fiber content in poor apples is very useful for lowering blood sugar levels. If blood sugar levels are too high, it can trigger various diseases such as diabetes mellitus and diabetes. The fiber in this apple is very useful for preventing diabetes.

  1. Treating Asthma

Asthma attacks not only children but also adults, women or men. By consuming poor apples regularly, asthma can be reduced from time to time and can be used as a natural treatment with a very delicious taste.

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  1. Prevents Gout

With an unhealthy lifestyle, various diseases can attack the body very easily, such as gout which generally attacks the elderly. Gout occurs because the body is malnourished and this can be prevented by consuming poor apples as often as possible and regularly.

  1. Reducing Fetal Breathing Disorders

Malang apples are also very good for pregnant women to consume. By consuming about 4 poor apples every week during pregnancy, it will reduce the child’s respiratory risk by about 38% when compared to pregnant women who do not consume poor apples during pregnancy.

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Vitamins, minerals and various important ingredients in apples are an important reason why you should be more regular in consuming this fruit. If you don’t really like eating this fruit directly, it can be used as juice so that the nutritional content can also be absorbed by the body more easily.

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