15 Benefits of Kiwano Fruit for Health

Kiwano FruitKiwano fruit or horned melon has a unique shape unlike other fruits. This fruit comes from South Africa which is also known in several other countries such as New Zealand and Australia. The name kiwano was given because of the shape and taste of the fruit which is almost similar to kiwi fruit. The shape of the fruit that looks strange and unique makes this fruit named African Horned Cucumber, Jelly Melon, Blowfish Fruit and several other names, besides the taste of this kiwano fruit is also like a combination of banana, cucumber, zucini and kiwi. On the outside or the skin of this fruit is bright yellow equipped with a shape like a thorn but not sharp.

When it comes to nutrition, each fruit certainly has different beneficial content, including this kiwano fruit. Some of the nutrients in this fruit include iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, fiber and many others. Then what are the complete benefits of this unique fruit?, find the answer in the review we provide below.

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Kiwano Fruit Nutrition

  1. Protein
  2. Energy
  3. Air
  4. Lipid
  5. Carbohydrate
  6. Calcium
  7. Iron
  8. Magnesium
  9. Phosphor
  10. Potassium
  11. Sodium
  12. Zinc
  13. Vitamin C
  14. Vitamin A
  15. Vitamin B6
  16. Thiamin
  17. Riboflavin
  18. Niacin
  19. Folate

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  1. Strengthen bones

Calcium and zinc and several minerals contained in this fruit are very good for improving bone health and several other bone diseases such as osteoporosis as well as helping the development and repair of bones.

  1. Launching the Digestive System

The high fiber content in the benefits of kiwano fruit is also efficacious for digestion. Fiber will help peristaltic movement, protect intestinal performance, cleanse digestion while avoiding some digestive problems such as inflammation, constipation, cramps and bloating.

  1. Maintain Eye Health
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As a fruit that contains a lot of vitamin A, kiwano is also good for consumption as a way to maintain the health of our organs of vision. Vitamin A with this type of carotenoid acts as an antioxidant that will inhibit macular degeneration, cataracts and various other eye problems.

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  1. Increase Body Metabolism

One of the nutrients, namely zinc, in this unique fruit plays an important role in increasing the body’s metabolism and producing proteins needed to heal wounds and repair cells, organs, muscle tissue and blood vessels.

  1. Help Diet Program

When undergoing a diet program, the body really needs a lot of mineral water and in kiwano there are up to 80% of the mineral water content which is very good to enter your diet menu. Consuming kiwano fruit regularly every day will lose weight significantly while providing a feeling of fullness for longer.

  1. Sources of Antioxidants

Kiwano also contains alpha tocopherol which is very beneficial for the health of the body. While antioxidants obtained from vitamin E are also very important for maintaining healthy nerves and blood vessels in our bodies. As a good source of antioxidants, this fruit also has benefits as a preventative for cancer and heart disease.

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  1. Prevents Premature Aging and Removes Scars

Vitamin C, vitamin A and high antioxidants in this fruit are also efficacious to prevent premature aging so that your face can always look young from the outside and inside. Various facial problems such as black spots and wrinkles and scars will disappear when you consume this fruit regularly.

  1. Anti Stress Drugs
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We are always busy with various daily activities and congestion often makes stress and anxiety accumulate more and more. With research that has been done, this fruit contains a hormone regulation system that can overcome stress hormones and adrenaline so that the burden on the mind can be reduced.

  1. Protects Brain Performance

With a fairly high vitamin E content in kiwano, it can provide nutrition to the brain because the tocopherol content is also quite high. In addition, some diseases related to nerves such as Alzheimer’s can also be avoided when consuming this fruit regularly.

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  1. Overcoming Diabetes Problems

Diabetes is a disease that can arise due to too high sugar levels in the body. The content in kiwano fruit is very useful for lowering cholesterol levels in the body so that the problem of diabetes can be overcome quite well.

  1. Healthy Heart

In terms of benefits, kiwano fruit has very low cholesterol levels, while the seeds are very rich in linoleic acid and unsaturated omega 6 fatty acids. In addition, kiwano fruit also contains oleic acid, all of which are very good for maintaining heart health and making the heart muscle stronger.

  1. Maintaining Muscle Strength

Kiwano is also the best fruit choice for those of you who want to have strong muscles because this fruit is very high in potassium so that muscle strength can be further improved.

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  1. Maintaining Muscle Strength

Because this unique fruit is very rich in antioxidants, cancer caused by free radicals and cell damage in the body can be prevented. The content of vitamin E and vitamin A and high beta carotene will fight these cancer-causing free radicals.

  1. Sunburn or Sun Burn

Sunburn is very dangerous for the body because the body will experience dryness and excessive salt levels will also be released. This salt balance is very important to always be maintained and you can get this from kiwano because it contains sodium and water in fairly high levels.

  1. Nourishes Hair Growth

For those of you who want to have long hair but can grow strong, fertile and not easily fall out, then you must consume this kiwano fruit regularly. The content in this fruit is very useful for maintaining the health of your hair.

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Kiwano fruit that is not too ripe will have a bitter taste and contain chemicals that are quite harmful to our bodies, but when ripe, this fruit will lose these harmful substances and be replaced with many good nutrients for the body. Therefore, make sure you eat kiwano fruit that is completely ripe.

To eat this fruit the way is quite easy, namely by washing it first and then splitting it into two parts and using a spoon to eat the entire contents of the fruit including the seeds like when you eat a pomegranate.

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