Benefits of Water Pumpkin for Diabetics

Frequent consumption of sweet foods that contain high sugar levels is often accused of causing diabetes. Although there are actually several other factors such as heredity or genetics, smoking habits, age, and so on. As a chronic disease, diabetes is feared by many people because it is a deadly disease, it is stated that diabetes occupies the top 6 position as a global cause of death.

The most worrying thing about diabetes is the various complications that accompany it, such as stroke, heart disease, hypertension, nerve damage, atherosclerosis, damage to the legs, kidney damage, sexual dysfunction, eye damage, skin disorders, to miscarriage or stillbirth. Various complications can occur gradually if diabetes is not treated properly.

Therefore, various ways are done to prevent and treat this disease as soon as it is known. One of them is by consuming fruits, vegetables, or herbal plants that can maintain stable blood sugar levels. Among the foods recommended to prevent or treat diabetes are:

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Another type of fruit that can be an alternative in preventing and treating diabetes is pumpkin. It is known that there are benefits of water pumpkin for diabetes in helping to maintain blood sugar stability. This fruit, which belongs to the pumpkin family or cucurbitaceae, is not as well-known as other types of pumpkins such as pumpkin, melon, or cucumber in terms of taste. The young fruit is mostly consumed by means of vegetables, so it is often also called vegetable pumpkin, while the old ones are used as materials for making household appliances such as tubes, water containers, and koteka.

The fruit, which has the Latin name Lagenaria siceraria, is light green in color and is generally elongated in shape. Although it is not very popular as a consumable food, there are many the benefits of water gourd for body health. Consumption of this fruit can prevent and overcome various diseases ranging from heartburn, canker sores, to dangerous diseases such as cancer. In addition there are also benefits of pumpkin water for diabetes so that the blood sugar content of the sufferer remains stable. These various benefits can be obtained because of the nutritional content that is quite diverse, such as: protein benefits, the benefits of carbohydratessodium, potassium benefits, the benefits of vitamin Acalcium, iron benefits, the benefits of vitamin c, phosphorus benefitsand magnesium.

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Consumption of pumpkin water regularly is known to help lower blood sugar levels, so it is very suitable and recommended for diabetics or people who have high blood sugar levels who are required to maintain stable blood sugar. In addition, the content of vitamin C in water pumpkins is also useful for stimulating insulin secretion from the pancreas. As is known, the hormone insulin plays an important role in controlling blood sugar levels. He is the one who regulates the changes in blood sugar into energy that can later be used by the body. If the production is lacking or insulin resistance occurs, as in diabetics, it can harm the body’s condition. Therefore, the consumption of pumpkin water is very beneficial and recommended for diabetics.

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That’s the benefits of pumpkin for diabetes so that people who are at risk or already have diabetes are recommended to eat this fruit so that it can maintain the stability of blood sugar and insulin production in the body. In addition, diabetics are also expected to change their lifestyle to be healthier by eating healthy foods, exercising diligently, not smoking, and checking their health conditions regularly. Let’s take care of ourselves and our families.

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