24 Benefits of Red Galangal on Health

dc3517d9 manfaat lengkuas merahGalangal or many Javanese people call it ‘laos’, of course, it is already familiar to Indonesian people. Galangal is widely used as a cooking spice. Galangal which is widely known and used as a kitchen spice is galangal which has white fiber and flesh and is commonly known as white galangal. In addition to white galangal, there is also a type of galangal that has a slightly reddish leaf fiber color. This type of galangal is known as red galangal and is widely used as a natural ingredient for herbal or traditional medicine. In China and India, red galangal has long been used as a traditional medicine, because it has several ingredients in it that can help overcome health problems.

Red Galangal Content

Rhizome plant with the Latin name Alpinin purpurata k.schum This is already widely known, although its use is still less popular than white galangal which is widely used as a kitchen spice. While red galangal is known as a natural ingredient to treat several types of diseases. Benefits of galangal Red galangal contains several ingredients such as Basonin, eugend, galangal, alpinen, camphor, metyhl, cinnamatae galanol, flavonoids, phytonutrients, sodium, iron, quercetin, and there are several other ingredients contained in red galangal.

Benefits of Red Galangal

The content of substances in red galangal is very diverse, and there are also various diseases that can be overcome by using red galangal. Some of the benefits of red galangal include:

  1. Relieves Flatulence

Being exposed to the night wind or traveling long distances can cause flatulence which is then followed by nausea. In addition to using anti-bloating drugs, bloating can be overcome by drinking red galangal steeped water. Drinking a cup of red galangal at the time of bloating can relieve bloating quickly.

  1. Overcoming Leucorrhoea

An increase in fungal activity around the vaginal area can cause vaginal discharge. Usually, vaginal discharge is treated with betel soap. Not only benefits of herbal turmeric betelRed galangal can also be used as a natural ingredient to treat vaginal discharge, so that the feminine area becomes cleaner and more awake.

  1. Overcoming the Wind

Not only can overcome flatulence. Drinking a cup of red galangal can also overcome colds that are felt like ginger benefits. Colds that sometimes occur due to fatigue, can be overcome with red galangal, and will relieve fatigue experienced.

  1. Overcoming Epilepsy
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Epilepsy or more easily called seizures, is a type of disease that can recur anywhere. People with epilepsy should be careful when traveling, because at any time their epilepsy can recur. Preventing epilepsy, people with epilepsy can use the benefits of jasper stone taking red galangal, to help reduce the risk of recurrence of epilepsy.

  1. Relieves Diarrhea

The presence of bad bacteria in the digestive tract can cause diarrhea. Experiencing prolonged diarrhea can endanger the patient’s life because diarrhea can quickly reduce fluids in the body. Apart from using drugs, diarrhea solution can be overcome with red galangal.

  1. Overcoming Ear Pain

For some people who have experienced ear pain, of course, immediately take them to an ENT specialist. Handling before going to the ENT doctor can actually be done at home. By dripping a few drops of boiled galangal water on the sore ear. A few moments later, the pain in the ear can go away, however, if it still hurts, it should still be taken to an ENT specialist.

  1. Prevent Premature Ejaculation

More or less, sexual relations are one of the keys to a harmonious family. To maintain a good sexual relationship, men must avoid premature ejaculation to satisfy the woman. Prevent premature ejaculation can also usethe benefits of basil leaves for premature ejaculation and by utilizing red galangal.

  1. Overcoming Rheumatism

Gout that is not treated immediately can be one of the causes of rheumatism. Using rheumatic drugs available at Herbal medicine shops are starting to mushroom in Indonesia in the long term is not good for health because of its chemical content. Natural medicine that can be used as a rheumatic medicine is red galangal.

  1. Cure Spleen Pain

Spleen disease is a very dangerous disease. Although it rarely attacks most people, spleen disease must be treated immediately, one way is by drinking red galangal boiled water 2 times a day on a regular basis.

  1. Strengthens the Bile

Bile is a small part of the liver that is very risky and endangers the safety of the soul if it ruptures or is disturbed. Bile needs to be strengthened so that it becomes stronger and less susceptible to various disorders that can be one of the causes of bile damage.

  1. Preventing the Development of Cancer Cells

Red galangal contains flavonoids and antioxidants in it which can prevent the development of cancer cells. Consuming red galangal can suppress genotoxicity cancer solution. That way, cancer cells in the body cannot grow.

  1. Cure Chronic Cough
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Although it is considered as one of the mild and trivial diseases, coughing for a long time can cause bad effects to the body. Coughs that often attack over a long period of time can be said to be chronic coughs. Over time, chronic cough sufferers can cause other diseases. Chronic cough usually can not be overcome cough solution normal. Trying to use red galangal can be a natural remedy to cure chronic cough.

  1. Removing Toxins in the Body

More or less, in the body there is poison that enters. If the poison that enters the body is very much, the liver will work too hard to neutralize the poison. To ease the work of the liver, red galangal has antioxidants that can be used to help remove toxins in the body, so that the work of the liver does not become heavy.

  1. Solving Breathing Problems

Respiratory problems are indeed a serious problem considering that respiration is an important body activity for the survival of living things. Experiencing breathing problems due to obstruction by mucus in the respiratory tract or asthma, must be treated immediately and the healing process carried out, so as not to experience respiratory problems for too long. In addition to using ama, as a daily natural remedy to relieve respiratory disorders, namely by using red galangal for healing therapy for respiratory problems.

  1. Reduce Fever

Fever is also considered a disease that is not serious, but it is very disturbing activities. Taking too much fever medicine is actually not good because of the chemical content. Natural medicine that can be used is red galangal. Its antipyretic and analgesic properties can help reduce fever and relieve pain headache caused by fever.

  1. Remove Scars

Wounds on the skin usually leave black marks that can make you look unconfident. In addition to using skin care products, using grated red galangal and then applying it to the area where the scar is present can gradually disappear and the skin becomes smooth again so that it can make you look more confident.

  1. Inhibiting the Development of Microbes That Cause Skin Diseases

Not keeping the skin clean and also allergies that have an impact on the skin can cause itchy and irritated skin. Using skin medications that are not suitable is not a cure, but can actually irritate others. Overcoming skin diseases can actually be done by Jamaican guava benefits take advantage of red galangal, because the activity of compounds in red galangal can help inhibit the development of microbes that cause skin diseases.

  1. Maintaining Dental and Oral Health
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Keeping your teeth and mouth healthy is not enough just to brush your teeth. The rapid development of oral bacteria sometimes requires aging with an antiseptic to suppress the growth of bacteria that can cause bad breath. In addition to using antiseptics. Gargling with water steeped in red galangal can help keep teeth and mouth healthy because of the bacterial activity that can be suppressed by the content in red galangal.

  1. Overcoming Acne

Acne is not only disturbing appearance, but acne that is large enough can cause the skin to become sore and cause pain due to the inflammatory effect it causes. Overcoming acne can not only be done with facial laser benefits only, but can also be overcome by using red galangal. The content in red galangal can help overcome inflammation caused by acne.

  1. Overcoming Dandruff

Having scalp problems like dandruff can be uncomfortable due to itchy scalp. Use red galangal then mixed with benefits of olive oil for women and apply on the scalp regularly, and the problem of dandruff experienced can be overcome.

Other Benefits of Red Galangal

In addition to these benefits, red galangal has several other benefits, including:

  1. Helps the Skin Rejuvenation Process
  2. Increase Appetite
  3. Strengthens and Overcomes Hair Loss
  4. Grow Hair

Red galangal does have many benefits to overcome health problems. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the limits of consuming red galangal daily.

Dosage of Consuming Red Galangal

Red galangal is indeed used as a natural medicine that can overcome various health problems. Like chemical drugs, the dose of red galangal use also needs to be considered. Red galangal can be consumed 3 times a day with a dose limit of 6 grams. Consuming red galangal is also good to do half an hour before eating. For external medicinal treatment, red galangal only needs to be mashed and applied to external wounds.

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