6 Benefits of Dewa Ndaru Fruit for Health – Easy Guide 2022

benefits of Dewa Ndaru fruit – God’s Fruit Ndaru, better known as Ciremai London, is small but has great properties. The benefits given by the Dewa Naru fruit are not half-hearted, namely to prevent oxidative damage caused by free radicals that antioxidants cannot overcome in the body.

Free radicals are electron compounds that do not have a partner in their outer orbital, making them unstable and destructive. In addition to counteracting free radicals, this cute little fruit has also been proven to prevent the appearance of cancer or tumors.

To counteract these free radicals, antioxidant benefits are needed to consume fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants that are good for the body.

benefits of Dewa Ndaru fruit

Here are the benefits of Dewa Ndaru fruit:

  1. Antioxidant

This small and cute Dewa Ndaru fruit contains carotenoid compounds that are productive for antioxidants. The antioxidants in the Dewa Naru fruit itself work to fight free radicals that enter the human body. In addition to the fruit, the leaves can also be used because they have phenolic compounds, which have the same efficacy as antioxidants.

The environment we live in is filled with pollution, cigarette smoke, and food and drinks containing additional chemicals that can further strengthen free radicals and lower the human body’s resistance. Therefore this unique Dewa ndaru fruit can help us fight free radicals. in the body.

Counteracting free radicals is believed to be yielded to vitamin A, the benefits of vitamin A, It is effective enough to eradicate various diseases in the body, including counteracting free radicals. Not only that, but consuming fruit also has good properties for the body’s defense from free radicals such as:

  1. Antibacterial
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In addition to the fruit and leaves, it turns out that the seeds of this tiny Dewa ndaru fruit also have properties to treat diarrhea. The researchers revealed that the protein contained in the seeds of the Dewa ndaru fruit could inhibit various germs that cause diarrhea because the seeds of this fruit have antibacterial properties, including diarrhea germs. Treating diarrhea caused by bacteria in the body is also available in guava leaf benefits and benefits of grass jelly leaves.

  1. Overcoming Pain

The leaves of the Dewa ndaru fruit have other functions besides being an antioxidant and rheumatism. The essential oil in the leaves of the Dewa ndaru fruit can work as a pain reliever such as rheumatic pain, joint pain, etc. But many do not know if the benefits of beluntas leaves. It also has the property of overcoming pain caused by rheumatism.

  1. Blood pressure

The fruit and leaves of this Dewa Daru fruit can be used to improve quality astringent and reduce high blood pressure. In addition, Dewa ndaru fruit leaves can also lower cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce lipid metabolism, which is used as a protective effect. Use it to the benefits of noni fruit which is also believed to lower blood pressure.

  1. Anticancer

Various studies on the fruit of this god ndaru were fruitful. This fruit can be used for anti-cancer drugs. The efficacy of the Dewa Naru fruit leaves serves as an anti-cancer drug. Several studies on the leaves of the Dewa ndaru fruit are also reported to be productive for anti-cancer. However, until now, researchers are still conducting research on the leaves of the Dewandaru fruit.

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Don’t forget to eat garlic. Because benefits of garlic, have anti-cancer substances to prevent the growth of cancer in the body. To prevent cancer, cells are also found in:

  1. accessories

The fruit and leaves have benefits, but the wood from the Dewa Naru tree can also be used as accessories such as prayer beads, bracelets, stone rings, and necklaces. This tree is full of myths by the Javanese people, from its origins to its magical properties as magic wood. Therefore they make this Dewa ndaru wood as an accessory.

In general, consuming Dewa Naru fruit can gradually increase the amount of compound intake and maintain health. Dewa ndaru fruit can also be used as a medicine to prevent osteoporosis, damage to blood vessels, cancer, and even tumor prevention.

The development of the Dewa ndaru fruit is very useful and has many benefits. Moreover, this Dewa ndaru fruit can grow in various parts of Indonesia because Indonesia is famous for its fertile soil. It is hoped that the fruit of this god ndaru can be considered for its development. Thus the benefits of the fruit of the god ndaru may be useful and useful.

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