Benefits of Plums for Gout

6 Benefits of Plums for Gout

Benefits of Plums for Gout – Many gout drugs are sold freely, ranging from ordinary stalls, drugstores to pharmacies specifically for health. But is it true that over-the-counter gout drugs have no risk at all?

Therefore, let’s look at a natural gout remedy, namely by using Plums. This fruit is usually dark in color but has fantastic properties, and Plum fruit efficacy, among others, can cure Gout.

According to an analysis in the United States, this plum fruit can stop the weakening of bones and overcome problems such as Gout.

How to Consume Plums for Gout

How to cure Gout, namely by consuming this fruit 50 grams a day, because 2 Plums contain 2.4 grams of fiber and this fruit also contains low purine levels, so it is good for consumption for gout sufferers.

But what are the contents of plums, so they are good for the treatment of Gout? The content of Plums is rich in nutrients, namely as follows.

Energy: 30 calories

Carbohydrates: 8 grams

Fiber: 1 gram

Sugar: 7 grams

Vitamin A: fulfills 5% of the nutritional needs

Vitamin C: meets 10% of the number of nutritional needs

Vitamin K: 5% of AKG

In addition, Plums also contain various types of minerals that are no less important for the health of the body, such as potassium, copper, and manganese.

And some health experts also say that eating 50 grams of Plums a day is as beneficial as consuming 100 grams of fruit every day.

According to work observers at Florida State University, who have tested many fruits for health. Saying that figs, dates, strawberries, and raisins, none of them come close in terms of having an impact on dry bone density while Plums have that benefit.

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Since all fruits and vegetables have a positive impact on nutrition but not in terms of bone health, Plums are amazing for this problem.

And according to a recent analysis of plums, this fruit can slow down bone damage and overcome all bone problems in the body.

Benefits of Plums for Gout

1. Calcium To Overcome Gout

Several health experts have observed 100 postmenopausal women during the 12-month study period. More than half of the women ate about 10 grams of prunes a day, while the other 45 women ate 100 grams of apples a day.

Based on the study, it can be seen that all participants got calcium and vitamins from both fruits. But women who eat plums have a mineral that can make their bones denser in the ulna than women who eat apples.

The ulna is one of the two bones in the forearm and spine. This is, of course, good for bone health and coping with Gout.

And according to the researchers, postmenopausal women in the first 5 to 7 years are at a high risk of bone loss of about 3 to 5% per year. But this does not only happen to women, but men aged around 65 years will also experience the same thing as women.

Gout signs include sudden and severe joint pain, which usually first occurs in the morning, and swollen joints, redness, and warmth and tenderness of the joints when pressed.

Therefore, there is no need to wait until you have osteoporosis or Gout to need a doctor’s help. Doing something meaningful and easy, such as eating plums and doing regular exercise, losing weight, and maintaining good posture, can help reduce the chances of developing this disease.

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This fruit can be eaten in any form and served in cake recipes, for example. Doing regular exercise, losing weight, and maintaining good posture, can help reduce the chances of developing this disease.

2. Able to Reduce Gout Symptoms

Plums are one of the fruits that contain unique phytonutrients, namely chlorogenic and neo-chlorogenic acids, which are phenol types. Phenol is a type of antioxidant to overcome harmful free radicals, and phenol content will also prevent damage to oxygen in the fat.

3. Prevents Gout

Making plums as a snack will provide many more benefits than other snack options. This is because regularly eating plums provides beneficial effects such as a feeling of fullness so that it can prevent gout and control appetite.

4. Reduce Body Weight So As Not Aggravating Uric Acid

Many studies state that regular snacking of plums can reduce body weight which is good not to aggravate Gout. So that is an average of 4.4 pounds compared to those who did not eat plums. But of course, the studies that discussed this had some limitations, so the studies weren’t placebo-controlled.

5. Controls Uric Acid Levels

In addition, prunes are also fruits with a low glycemic index content. This makes plums also help overcome uric acid while controlling blood sugar levels, reducing the risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes. Plums are also the best source of potassium which can help vital body functions work properly.

6. Reduces the Risk of Stroke Consequences of Gout

The mineral content in plums also helps maintain muscle contraction and, heart rhythm, nerve impulses and maintain blood pressure to reduce the risk of stroke.

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Regularly consuming plums will help meet the daily nutritional needs and potassium of the body. Moreover, plums have natural coloring substances, namely anthocyanins, which can protect against cancer because it successfully neutralizes free radicals.

Those are some of the benefits of plums in overcoming Gout. It is great for dealing with Gout, but it also helps in many things, from maintaining the function of vital organs in the body to warding off free radicals.

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