Benefits of Banana Peel for Insomnia

Banana Peel for Insomnia – Consuming bananas has very good benefits for health. They start from the skin to the fruit. This banana peel contains nutrients even though it has hard fiber because most people consume more fruit.

How to make a decoction of banana peel for insomnia

Eating bananas with their skins has enormous benefits. One of the benefits is to treat those who have trouble sleeping or what is commonly called insomnia.

This banana peel contains potassium and potassium, which can nourish the skin, improve sleep quality, and lose weight. Not only that, but this banana peel also contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium.

How to consume this skin is easy; all you need to prepare are:

  • organic banana,
  • A small pot already filled with water, and
  • A little cinnamon.

After the above ingredients are ready, you can follow the steps below to make them.

1. The first step in making a concoction of banana peels is to wash the banana peels thoroughly.

2. Cut both ends of the banana peel

3. Put the banana peel into a pot that already contains boiling water

4. Boil the banana peel mixture with boiling water for 10 minutes

5. After 10 minutes, you can filter the water

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6. Add cinnamon if you wish

Benefits of Consuming Banana Peel Decoction

For those who don’t know the benefits of banana peel stew, let’s look at some of the benefits of consuming banana peel stew below.

1. Boiling bananas with their skins makes the air release magnesium, tannins, and potassium. Tannins are substances in tea that have properties, while magnesium itself is another sleep remedy.

Consuming banana peel decoction to treat insomnia is an ancient herb. Consuming this herb will make your muscles relax and help you create a healthier and faster sleep.

2. Before boiling the bananas, you have to cut the ends first so that the inside of the banana peel is more exposed. Boiling banana peels can also help release the nutrients from bananas, commonly known as the best teas for sleep.

3. In addition to functioning for insomnia, it turns out that consuming boiled bananas is also beneficial for maintaining heart health. This is because banana peels cut high cholesterol in large quantities.

Thus, consuming boiled banana peels is very beneficial for those who have heart disease. Because banana peels also contain high potassium, which can help maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body.

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4. Banana peel which contains high fiber, can slow down the digestive process to provide a relatively longer feeling of fullness. This can prevent hunger and reduce food portions, which become smaller.

How to Consume Banana Peel Decoction

To consume the concoction of boiled banana peel, you can drink it one hour before bedtime. You can enjoy it with other foods, such as bananas, to make it more delicious. A good night’s sleep and consuming boiled banana peels also help keep the body healthy.

Side Effects of Consuming Banana Peel Decoction

In addition to having various benefits such as maintaining heart health and also treating insomnia, it turns out that consuming too much-boiled banana peel also has side effects that are not good for health. Here are some side effects due to excessive consumption of banana peels.

1. people living with Asthma

Consuming bananas was not recommended for people with Asthma. Because bananas are believed to block the airways and cause respiratory problems, consuming bananas can also cause inflammation and can also cause allergies. If this happens, it will make breathing more difficult.

2. Soaring Blood Sugar

These people suffer from high blood sugar because the body cannot regulate insulin levels properly. This can lead to coma caused by diabetes and even death. So, you should avoid consuming bananas in excess.

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3. Tooth Damage

One of the factors that can damage teeth is consuming sweet foods. Several studies have shown that eating large amounts of bananas can damage teeth more quickly than eating candy or chocolate.

4. Constipation sufferers

For those of you who have a history of constipation, some types of bananas are not recommended for consumption. This is because it can make things worse. You can consume ripe bananas for those who want to consume bananas.

However, it is not recommended to consume green bananas and unripe bananas, which can be because it will worsen the condition of constipation.

5. Migraine Sufferers and Nerve Problems

For those who often get migraines, it would be better to avoid bananas first because bananas contain tyramine responsible for increasing the frequency of migraine attacks and pain.

For migraine sufferers and nerve problems, it is better to avoid bananas. Consuming boiled banana peels can treat insomnia, but it is not recommended to consume too much, and that’s because of some of the side effects that have been mentioned above.