Benefits of Ellips Hair Vitamin Based on Color

9 Benefits of Ellips Hair Vitamin Based on Color

Benefits of Ellips Hair Vitamin – Haircare is very important to do, not only for women but also for men. The goal is to improve the appearance of the hair and help restore the health condition of hair that is often damaged.

Many factors cause hair to become more damaged, ranging from styling or changing hairstyles using chemicals or electronic devices.—exposure to pollution and exposure to sunlight. One of the easiest and simplest treatments is to use vitamins.

A popular product that contains vitamins for hair and is widely used by Indonesian people is Ellips Vitamin. This product divides the color with different benefits and contents.

Elliptical products are divided into three types, natural series, Balinese series, and pro keratin complex. Each has a color and also the differences and benefits obtained.

Ellips Hair Vitamin Natural Series

Natural Series is the first hair vitamin elliptical product series with 5 variants.

  1. Shiny Black

The first color from the natural series that you can get is black, generally called shiny black. It contains a formula of Moroccan oil, aloe vera vitamins A, C, E, and candlenut to help nourish and protect hair.

Especially for users who have black hair. The goal is to maintain the shine and restore the condition of the hair to be healthier. So that the hair looks radiant and the black color in the hair will be more visible.

This vitamin is not recommended for users to change the original hair color using paint because it will fade easily.

  1. Smooth and Shiny
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The second variant that has a yellow color is Smooth and Shiny. Moroccan oil, aloe vera vitamins A, C, E, and provitamin B5 are useful for maintaining and treating hair moisture.

Not only shiny or shiny, but the hair also becomes easier to manage and softer. Suitable for those who have dry hair conditions or are difficult to manage because the hair has started to break. Long-term use can help nourish the hair longer, and the hair will be easier to get back to health.

  1. Hair Treatment

The third color used from the hair vitamin ellipse is pink, otherwise known as the ellipse hair treatment. As the name implies, this vitamin is formulated with jojoba oil, Moroccan oil, and don’t forget vitamins A, C, E, and provitamin B5.

It aims to treat hair damaged by chemicals; when used regularly, hair becomes healthier, luminous, and easier to manage. Using hair treatment itself takes longer than some other elliptical vitamins because it works by nourishing the scalp from within.

  1. Hair Vitality

Ellips The fourth vitamin has a brown color with the name Hair Vitality. Useful for making hair stronger but silky soft.

Because it contains Moroccan oil, ginseng, and honey oil, don’t forget to min A, C, E, and provitamin B5. This vitamin can treat hair that is easily broken and rough; used regularly, the hair will feel healthy and not stiff.

  1. Nutrition Color

Purple color, commonly called ellipse nutrition color, is a vitamin aimed at colored hair. Using paints or dyes, users who change hair color can use this purple vitamin.

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With a Moroccan oil formula and triple care. It aims to nourish hair so that it is not easily damaged and experiencing dull hair. Plus, if you use this vitamin, the color in the hair will last longer and maintain the shine of the hair.

Ellips Hair Vitamin Balinese Series

The next series is an ellipse Balinese essential oil, which has a black and orange color appearance and contains Balinese frangipani flowers and rosemary oil.

Useful for dealing with hair loss and stimulating the growth of lost hair. Using this product, hair conditions that often fall out easily or experience baldness can return to health and grow.

Ellips Vitamin Rambut Pro-Keratin Complex Series

The last series is called the vitamin pro-keratin complex or vitamins accompanied by keratin. This additional protein can help nourish hair to be healthier. 3 variants can be used, including:

  1. Silky Black

The first is black, commonly referred to as pro keratin complex silky black. Almost the same as the natural series, but this product contains a pro keratin complex and candlenut, which can nourish and protect hair from being healthier. Especially for those often exposed to sunlight, hair can return black and softer.

  1. Smooth and Silky

The benefits of elliptical hair vitamins based on the second color are smooth and silky. With a yellow, black color, it aims to help hair become softer.

Especially for users who have very dry hair conditions. It contains a protein complex, aloe vera oil, and extra vitamin E, which treats and maintains moisture and very dry hair—unfortunately not recommended for users who have oily hair and are easily limp.

  1. Hair Repair
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Lastly, a pro keratin product with a pink color, called an ellipse hair repair, can benefit from intensively nourishing dry and damaged hair. Ellips hair vitamin is enriched by pro-keratin and also jojoba oil.

This vitamin can help treat the hair in damaged conditions because it is often exposed to straightening, such as rebonding or smoothing, curling or curling, and drying using a hairdryer.

Damaged hair becomes healthier and softer. The use of vitamin hair repair pro keratin complex regularly and more often can nourish hair faster than the natural series.

The use of the benefits of the hair vitamin ellipse based on its color is expected to be used as needed. The existence of different colors and content helps users get the benefits they need.

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